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Friday, 03/16/2012, 11:02 am

Nick Diaz Lawyer Fires Back At Nevada For Calling Nick A Liar

Three days ago we featured a statement from the legal team of Nick Diaz. In the statement they stated their case for seeking no disciplinary action against their client for his failed drug test following his most recent contest against Carlos Condit.

The very next day we released a statement from the Nevada State Attorney General’s office that denounced their argument and called Diaz a liar in the process.

In this continuing public battle, only one thing is certain, the Diaz camp and the State of Nevada are preparing for a heated legal battle.

In this most recent comment (via Yahoo!), Nicks attorney fires back at the State of Nevada and continues to make the grounds for their case public. Check it out:

“Nowhere in there does it say that the attending physician is prescribing marijuana. And so, for obvious reasons, before you speak and call someone a liar, you think you’d do a little bit of due diligence and understand what the Nevada law actually says. Nick has a prescription for marijuana in California. He has had a prescription for the last couple years, so it’s a legal drug for him. He has the prescription for ADHD [Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder], and he says it helps him. It’s not like you walk into the pharmacy and start looking around on the shelves and hope to pick up a bag of marijuana. That’s ridiculous. No reasonable person would believe that medical marijuana falls under the category of over the counter medications.”

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92 Responses to “Nick Diaz Lawyer Fires Back At Nevada For Calling Nick A Liar”

  1. Donnybrook says:

    Fight the power!!!… Diaz FTW!

  2. EP says:

    i hope Diaz comes back Smashes Condit and gets that fight with GSP. that would be unreal if Diaz , his lawyers and UFC can pull that off.

  3. Bla DeBla says:

    Whats the problem ?

    He takes drugs , he admits he takes drugs , the drugs he takes are banned , he knows they are banned so whats the fucking problem ?

    Get yer shit together Diaz or start wearing a dress you whinging faggot .

    Nobody put a gun to yer head & forced you to take the fight under the rules you agreed to .

    • EP says:

      you should read the Nevada State Athletic Commission Fighter Contracts??? Medical Marijuana or using certain drugs/substances for medicinal purposes are the same as Marijuna, as defined in the contracts. Your just a closed minded idiot who is also prob a GSP nuthugger. FACT.

    • bla de bla is a fuckin idiot says:

      are u fuckin dellusional kid? Im pretty sure the drug he takes isn’t banned were he’s from he has done this for his whole fighting career cleanses out his system 10 days before a fight.. go fuck your mom you inbred piece of shit..

      • Bla DeBla says:

        Shut it you granny mugging junkie scum .

        When I wanna hear the whiney excuses of a drug addict I’ll ask Nick Diaz .

        • Eric says:

          stfu dipshit

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Fuck off Junkie , go back to suckin cock for drug money .

        • krafty11 says:

          Get hooked on phonics and learn how to spell as well. Or just take some remedial classes to further the 3rd grade education you obviously have. Have a nice day, and don’t forget to say hello to your pet rock.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          If I done all that would it qualify me to be as idiotic a junkie junkie as you are ?

        • K2 says:

          @Bla DeBla So when someone who’s high fucks up it’s cause he’s a stoner/junkey. But when you fuck up it’s cause you’re a dumbass. And he’s sucking dick for drug money while you’re just sucking dick for the enjoyment. DOUCHE

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Only in your excuse making drug fueled gaylord fantasy .

          See in the real world he fucked up because wanted to fuck up so he hid behind drugs as an excuse .

          If he won he wanted us to say , wow if he is that good while doped up how good would he be clean ?

          If he lost he can tell himself that he lost coz he was doped up .

          Its a low rent losers cop out , either way he doesnt have to face reality & answer to himself like a man .

          “Wheres my Mommy I want to stay hidden behind her apron !”

          All you fuckin junkies think yer invisible .

        • K2 says:

          @Bla DeBla No you little fuck, I own up to my mistakes. High or not. There’s no excuse for stupidity or ignorance. You have plenty of both and try and hide behind your “righteous, better than you junkies” attitude. Hope you don’t like music much you boring fuck cause most of them where high as fuck. So get off your pedestal you prick cause we want to hear your garbage as much as we want to hear some religious dipshit spouting his crap. DOUCHE.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Dry yer eyes you soppy junkie bitch .

          Did I ask you to get hooked on drugs ?

          Am I forcing you to read this ?

          I am reality you gaylord excuse making faggot .

          As for music yes I like music & I enjoy a good production every now & again but unlike you I am a slave to neither .

          I also acknowledge that certain artists may have done their best work while in an altered state however I am not a junkie , I am not a slave to any media promoted lifestyle or its sound track .

          If an artist decided to suffer for his art or get stoned for his art then that is a whole different conversation & even if it wasnt would I tolerate some stoned musician in my company , lowering the tone & the standard of the surroundings ?

          No I wouldnt & Why ?

          Because I’m not some media owned muppet like you who believes those faggots should be worshiped & live like fucking royalty .

          You stupid docile Farm Yard Animal Yank .

  4. slacker says:

    Whatever to this whole situation. Whereever, whenever he took it, medical or non -medical, he had it in his system in a state where it’s not legal. It’s his responsibility to clean it out of his system when coming under different sanctions. However, if it was a very small trace, maybe they should give him some kind of break. Maybe he actually tried to clear it all out but a very small trace was left. We don’t know. That will be for the medical people to figure out.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Fuck that soft shit .

      He shouldn’t be using recreational rugs when he is competing as a fighter .

      No excuse .

      • THOM BJJ says:

        you should mind your own fkn business.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          The information is being discussed in the public domain so how the fuck is it not my business ?

          Do you think I am a figment of your imagination & that I dont really exist ?

          Go smoke some more drugs Dopey .

        • yinyang says:

          Pot is not as addictive as opiates or even cigarettes. It also has a great deal of medical value. Funny thing, I’ve never seen anyone beat their family after smoking a joint, but have a few beers and POW! No-one is criminalizing alcohol? We should never preach about ideals we have not fully explored or educated ourselves on. People are all different – period. True wisdom is to know the limits of our own ignorance.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          So what yer saying is we musty poison ourselves with drugs instead of poisoning ourselves with booze ?

          Seriously you stupid junkie bastards are the best argument a holocaust ever presented before Mankind .

          Time to heed your own advice , dopey .

        • Donnybrook says:

          Hey Bla Defukinbla your drunk so STFU you piss tank!.

        • Bla DeBla says:

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        • Donnybrook says:

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          Dublin?… WTF are you talking about, goggle it again shitface… here’s a hint; it’s something you’d probably avoid because you can’t hide behind your keyboard.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Well of course its someplace I’d avoid if you are typical of the stupidity that comes from there .

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        • Donnybrook says:

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        • Bla DeBla says:

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          Make of point of let it die queer boy .

  5. joshua says:

    let him fight

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Didnt he retire ?

      Besides that no one is stopping him from fighting .

      However he is banned from fighting in promotions governed by a particular State Commission for defined period of time .

      The ancient Japanese Samurai had a phraze for Diaz’s situation & it roughly translated to …


  6. Nick says:

    If it’s prescribed and legal from where he’s from, what’s the problem? I mean it says you can’t take the substance 2 weeks before competition, it stays in your system for like a month.

  7. EP says:

    Bla DeBla currently has GSPs 1 incher jammed in his mouth right now. what a fkn loser man. get off this webpage and go cry about medicinal marrijuana to someone else who gives a shit. faggot

  8. cockring says:

    I think if the drug he was prescribed was legal then that should be it, that’s the problem with the US they have different laws in different states which really makes things difficult, I think Nick should walk without charge and concentrate on condit2 and gsp he’s to talented to retire now

  9. Brett says:

    He cleanses his system out for 10 days? so for 10 days he doesn’t have his medicine seem a little to odd to me

  10. Cagin says:

    I too use marajuana lightly for concentration problems. It really does help, despite all the bullshit stoney stereotypes out there. Difference is where Im from its ilegle for some shit reason.

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    • Bla DeBla says:

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      • Cagin says:

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        • Bla DeBla says:

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        • K2 says:

          Shut your cocksucker before we cross the pond and kick the shit outta your queer talking little island. DOUCHE. Keep smoking those fags.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Come on then !!!?

          Lets fuckin go !

          You got fuck all slave !

          All you got is a fuckin drug habit & an internet connection .

          You cant even rule yer own home let alone yer own community let alone a Country let alone an Island in the most powerful , richest Continental territory on earth or in the entire history of earth .

          None of us are speaking a North American or South American Language …

          All of you are speaking one European Language or another .

          The tail never wags the dog .

          Go console yerself with some more drugs & Ethnic music , boy .

  11. omgaghost says:

    Nick’s attorney sounds about as dumb as Nick.

  12. hahaha says:

    Who the fuck cares, diaz has never respected authority, dudes done now get on with it noone but the nuthuggers care

  13. Mat says:

    Well it all sounds to me like it hinges on this term “metabolites”. If that is what Nick tested positive for, and his lawyer is correct in saying that Nevada’s own rules don’t prohibit it, then sounds like he’s free.

    Marijuana is not a PED. It is legal for Nick to take. The drug stays in you system for a ridiculously long time due to the fact that it binds to fat. Even a ridiculously in shape person like Nick can’t get it out overnight. The truth is that it’s a hard position for both sides, Nevada can’t allow people to be stoned when they fight (honestly I don’t know why they care, my college doesn’t give two fucks if you’re stoned when you take a test), but if Nick is getting punished for consuming something he is prescribed more then 10 days before he fights then the rule is unduly harsh.

    The solution? More research, and outright legalization. As it is doctors struggle with prescribing the drug because the federal government doesn’t recognize medical marijuana. Pharmaceutical companies, the people who actually do tests on drugs, want to keep the drug illegal, so not nearly enough testing is done on Marijuana. This needs to change. Marijuana is the only drug I can think of in which the prescription is just to use it, not a dose that is measured out by a pharmacist. Nevada needs a threshold level they can more accurately say above this you were smoking too close to the fight. The information is not here to make this a possibility though, and until the taboo on this ridiculously harmless plant is finally gone it won’t be.

    So in the meantime Nick, and all the fans of the sport, suffer due to the fact that people don’t understand enough about the plant to make educated rules regarding it.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Junkie propaganda bullshit .

      Harmless ?

      What about the users who have developed paranoid schizophrenia from using it ?

      Their health doesnt matter just because you wanna get yer buzz on & chill out ?

      Its a banned illegal substance for a reason & asswipes like you who want it legalized can fuck off ,

      I say all junkies should be randomly arrested , lined up against the nearest wall & shot , then hang their worthless carcass’s fron the lamp posts for the insects & birds to feed on while the rest of us go about enjoying a healthy reasonably progressive society .

      • Mat says:

        Show me a documented case of someone developing ANY mental disorder from smoking pot. It just doesn’t exist. I’m not talking about pot causing symptoms of an already existent disorder to flare up, because alcohol and caffeine and really any other substance that affects the mind does that. I know you’re just an ignorant troll, but this gives me a good place to address some very backward propaganda that people still believe.

        I’m not for legalizing pot. Well I am, but that is because I believe that it is a much safer alternative to a host of other drugs. What I really think is that it should be regulated, taxed, and sold in liquor stores to people over 21. But first I think we need to do real research to find out if anything your ignorant ass believes is actually true. If pot is found by a legitimate research team, and REPRODUCIBLE results are obtained, which show it is dangerous then I’ll be the first to reverse my stand and say keep it illegal.

        On the other hand, guns are legal, and there certainly are people who should not be allowed to own one. Same with cars, knives, and anything else that puts people in a position to be able to put others in harms way. Alcohol is legal and it is accepted knowledge that it is a much more powerful drug than marijuana. If we believe that people have a right to have access to dangerous things, and have a responsibility to use them in a safe manner, then how can you way we should keep pot illegal? Even if some people do develop “paranoid schizophrenia” from smoking pot it still should be legal, because the majority of humans don’t (really no one does – again, find me that documented case please) and we do have a right to get high and chill out.

        I don’t want you to respond. This was a well reasoned and thoughtful post, and I truly believe in looking at this from both sides. Nothing you can say aside from agreeing that we should put the effort in to actually answer all the questions surrounding pot can be said without making yourself look like a complete cunt. Which of course you already have numerous times on this forum.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Spare me yer junkie psycho babble .

          In principle I have no objection to a government profiting from the taxation of a mind altering substance that is marketed toward specific sections of society in order to suppress , oppress & depress them into living out a state issued delusion .

          However I am against buffoons like you trying to implement such a policy upon the foundations of what remains a structure capable of building the worlds leading progressive society .

          Such a thing cant & wont be supported by me or mine until there has been a mass population cull , clean up & re education of the remaining population .

          Theres no easy out & all must pay me my due .

          Time to pay the piper .

          Until that time comes its time only to implement phase 1 of the plan & that is both identifying the undesirables , isolating them , persecuting them & then corralling them .

          1’st things 1’st so quit trying to put the cart before the house unless you want your card marked ?

        • K2 says:

          If society is culled it’d would the ignorant fucks like you that would be taken out and shot. You know nothing of society and what builds and maintains it. You’re a fucking troll and a douche. You’re a TROLL’S DOUCHE.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          You are wishful thinking .

          Unfortunately for you , you have made your decisions & are now living by them & as you well know wishful thinking does not pay the bills & as such , wishful thinking will not save you from me or my like .

          You are the Lamb , I am the Slaughter .

          The time is now .

          Pay the Piper & Give The Devil His Due .

          Tick Tock …

          Tick Tock .

    • slacker says:

      Well, if that’s true about the amount taken being prescribed not having any limits, then there is the problem right there. You can’t control what you don’t measure. That doesn’t seem quite right though. What about when he is driving in California?

      • Bla DeBla says:

        Jail tha bastard for driving under the influence & then take his driving liecence away .

        Fuckin menace to society , not safe for kids to play in the streets coz of irresponsible junkie bastards like Diaz driving around tha place off their heads on drugs !

      • Mat says:

        Driving is exactly my point. If it were better understood we could have some real laws regarding it. Until people with the equipment, training, and capitol have some reason to put serious resources towards understanding it no one has an answer for how high is safe to drive type of questions.

        In Oregon, the way medical marijuana works is that if you are prescribed it you basically have the right to smoke as much as you want whenever you want, they limit it with some ridiculously high limit you are allowed to posses at any time. To obtain it you have to grow it yourself or have a certified grower grow it for you. I talk about Oregon because that is where I’m from, but I have friends in cali with medical cards and I believe it is similar except they have shops it can be bought from. I’m no expert on medical marijuana, especially in California, though. I do know that nowhere is it prescribed in the way other drugs are, where you go to a pharmacist and get some specifically measured amount of marijuana that the doctor has prescribed you.

        I mean think about it, you only get so many of a certain dosage of anything else you are prescribed, why is pot different? Research really does need to happen.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          How many junkies would fit into one cattle cart before being transported to a gas chamber ?

          Is it cheaper to transport them by road , rail or air ?

          What is the least amount of time would we need to house them in Prisons before transporting them ?

          That is the research that needs to be done , the answers to those questions will provide us with all the understanding we require to implement a fair & humane solution to the problem of Junkies thinking they have the right to endanger the lives of innocent children & ordinary healthy living people whose environment has been polluted by anti social junkie scum .

        • K2 says:

          So you’re a straightedged english twat? No ciggs, no alcohol, no caffeine, no recreational sexual activities. Cause if you do anything of these then you are nothing but a HYPOCRITICAL TROLL’S DOUCHE and YOU should be the one taken out and gasses you Nazi loving cocksucker.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Coulda woulda shoulda …

          Sing me the Sesame Street Theme tune you fatherless drug addict clown !

          You know even less about yourself than you know about me & you know absolutely fuck all about me but heres a clue , Unfortunately for you I am not English , who prefer to rule .
          They are the day & I am the night ,
          They sustain Life while I am the cold chill of death .
          I have been here since long before The English were ever heard tell of .

          Pay the piper , boy .

          Your time is now .

          Tick Tock ,

          Tick Tock ….

        • Bla DeBla says:

          K2 , who is this “WE” you are referring to ?

          Coz if it is Americans you are referring to you were eating each other & throwing each other into Volcano’s as sacrifice to the weather conditions while we in Europe we were living in democratic society’s with indoor plumbing & central heating & enjoying art , literature & sport .

          The Romans were implementing a democratic structure throughout all of Europe at least 1700 years before Columbus landed out there which is when us Europeans took you from the stone age to the space age within 600 years .

        • slacker says:

          For sure. The problem may be in that society is still in the middle as to whether or not it is recreatiionally addictive, having more negative effects than positive, or whether it is relatively harmless, even outside of a medical licence. They need to do a comprehensive measure of it’s effects if what you are saying is true of most of the states and they haven’t done so already.

        • Mat says:

          Yeah I don’t even want to get into whether or not it’s addictive. Through my experience (a few years of smoking way too much) I think it is. I still think it should be legal, cigarettes, shopping, gambling, fuck even cheeseburgers can be addictive and all that is legal. I do know that there is undeniably a way to use it without becoming addicted and that the majority of marijuana users, including myself, have discovered that middle ground.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          WOW !

          A junkie has found out a way to continue to use the drug he is no longer addicted to !!!

          Fuckin Junkie Genius !

          Someone tell me how its fair that these stupid bastards have the right to vote in elections ?

        • slacker says:

          Well, harmfully addictive is one concern, as well as impairment in the operation of motor vehicles on the job and on the street, as well as to whether it is actually a PED or not. Doctor’s prescribe it to patients as a painkiller and it can numb parts of the body. Therefore, if there was enough of in it in a person’s body, that could possibly explain part of Diaz’ seemingly superhuman ability to walk through repeated strikes unflinchingly, as if he was made of stone. That would definitely give him an unfair adavantage against his opponents.

        • Gouldx87 says:

          Weed gives him super human ability to walk through punchs? ok you smoke a joint and i’ll punch you in the mouth and we’ll see how that works out for you lol

        • K2 says:

          @Bla DeBla Hey dumbfuck, we figured out how to use democracy and elections long before your ignorant English ass did. It should be the IGNORANT HYPOCRITICAL TROLL’S DOUCHES like you that shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Speaking proper English would help you dumbfucks out a lot, too.

        • slacker says:

          @Gould. I am not saying that IS the case. I am just putting it out there on the table. It has definitely been proven that marijuana numbs pain and is used as such for cancer, leukemia, diabetes patients and others…. etc…. . It all comes down to how much they found in his system. Metabolites makes it sound like there was not that much, but how much is not that much, in order for it to be minimal and unadvantageous, or proof that he tried to clear it from his body but just came up a little short? I have no idea. I suppose we will find out in the coming months as this case becomes more and more public.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          K2 , who is this “WE” you are referring to ?

          Coz if it is Americans you are referring to you were eating each other & throwing each other into Volcano’s as sacrifice to the weather conditions while we in Europe we were living in democratic society’s with indoor plumbing & central heating & enjoying art , literature & sport .

          The Romans were implementing a democratic structure throughout all of Europe at least 1700 years before Columbus landed out there which is when us Europeans took you from the stone age to the space age within 600 years .

        • Mat says:

          @slacker I don’t think weed numbs your pain in the sense that opiates do. Opiates work by numbing the pain reception nerves in your brain. It does not seem to me that this is the way marijuana works, I think it just helps you deal with the pain, and helps make it so you are not concentrated on pain. Big difference I would say. Who knows though, more research needed again.

          I have a problem with the term PED. PED stands for performance enhancing drug. What the fuck does that mean? I mean, caffeine helps you focus, should it be considered performance enhancing? What about ingesting large amounts of bioavailable protein? Research shows that consuming fish, eggs, and avocado gives you high levels of omega-3’s, are these performance enhancing? Should they be banned? IMO PED is the wrong term, and we should be banning ingestion of high levels of hormones used to increase muscle mass and endurance. Everything an athlete does is performance enhancing. It’s only the unfair increase of hormones (steriods) that gives an unfair advantage IMO.

        • slacker says:

          @Mat Well, about Marijuana, I have read that it can numb actual parts of the body, so I assume that the nerves of someone’s leg, for example, may be deadened for a time, numbing the feeling there, kind of like an anaesthesia when you are at the dentist, and then it wears off later.

          It’s true what you are saying about PED. With so many drugs, foods, stimulants, and sedatives out there, through which people incrementally improve their performance, where do you draw the line? And where sport is concerned, do we limit the principle of unfair advantage to effects on the body mainly, or the mind as well, as in the case of sedatives and stimulants? In competition (MMA), I want to see two people competing as close to the natural talent and hard work in their training efforts as is possible. To me, if you are short – cutting what your body could not do without the aid of that drug you are taking, then that is performance enhancing. So, for me, anabolic steroids is also definitely out. Protein supplementation might be okay as long as it is ingested and not injected, because at least your body has to take the time to process it, similar to if you were just eating tonnes more food with high levels of protein, such as chicken and eggs, etc… . But as soon as you start taking injections for things, you are drastically speeding up the process. Or, if you are taking something so artificially enhanced that your body could NEVER reach that kind of maximized potential without the aid of that enhancer, then I am against it for sport (maybe outside of body – building because that is the very nature of the sport). Sedatives and stimulants that greatly increase mental focus or may numb body parts I think are unfair too.

  14. slacker says:

    I seriously doubt the NSAC would call Diaz a liar unless they were sure that the amount of THC they found in his system did indicate that he could not possibly have stopped smoking marijuana before he left California.

  15. Gouldx87 says:

    WHAT!? for ADHD !? are you kidding me ? i need to see his doctor

  16. Dricky15 says:

    Bla DeBla you’re an idiot who knows nothing about medical marijuana. Calling people who smoke it legally junkies I have a family member who has cancer and smoke prescribed marijuana because it is less addictive and less harmful than other prescribed pain pills. Do your research about the benefits of marijuana and why it is actually illegal cuz it had nothing to do with the drug itself. So before you go calling people junkies who you don’t know or even know why they choose to smoke go do research on the subject.

    And before you call me a junkie I have never smoked before but have published papers and articles on the subject.

    Have a good day dumbass

    • Bla DeBla says:

      I dont give a fuck about yer cancerous cunt relations so go beg for sympathy elsewhere .

      I have an even more sure fire way to ease their suffering & it isnt one little bit addictive …

      Its called …

      Extermination .

      Te benefits are astounding & the results include educated girlish idiots like you who have written papers about why people should become junkies knowing their place & being subjected to the brutality of my Iron Fist .

      • Dricky15 says:

        Girlish idiots like me, I’m only 23 and I bet I make more money than your close minded bitch ass does I have two degrees and I actually do mma unlike your pussy ass who is more than likely some little wanna hard ass prick who walks around in tapout shirts acting like he better than everyone. People like you need an ass beating.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Being only 23 is no excuse for making a fool of yerself in public by trying to talk shit to a man who is clearly your intellectual & moral superior .

          So yer owner pays you money & you are proud of yourself that your kind owner rewards your efforts & that he values you in a basic system you can comprehend & attempt to boast about yer worth as you perceive it to a man on the internet you never have nor ever will meet .

          Much like the paper about drug use you wrote , you have absolutely fuck all experience with the subject matter at hand like a womin trying to explain the sensation of having an aching hard on that needs taking care of .

          You may practice a sport within the safe confines of a sporting environment as have I & there is absolutely no shame in it however be prepared for a rude awakening if you ever develop the courage to venture as a human being into the real world because I guarantee you that you do not have eyes on the back of yer head & that neither yer back nor yer fuckin throat is stab proof & if they are theres many a man who knows a man who can get a man with an untraceable shooter to either maim you , cripple you or if you insist on more …. execute you .

          Try again later but only if you are sure of the difference between yer ass & yer elbow .

        • Dricky15 says:

          Before you try to proof that you are my intellectual and moral superior learn to use English correctly, don’t talk about something you know absolutely nothing about, and learn to be a man instead of a bitch who would use a gun.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Wat tha fuck are you crying about now Womin ?

          I didnt make tha world !

          Besides when it comes down to personal preference Its shooters for show & blades for dough .

          As ya can tell I’m tha type O’Man that likes it up close & personal when its right down here in the nitty gritty .

          I was only giving a fair heads up , you should be thanking me for the wake up call .

          As for me trying to prove anything ? , much like that useless cunt that claims to be a father to ya , yer a day late & a dollar short , the horse has bolted , tha beans have been spilt & the cat is well & truly outa tha bag leaving you only with the odious task of removing that egg from yer face .

        • Dricky15 says:

          You have proved nothing except that you’re a ignorant asshole whom has no education on the subject you are trying to defend your position on. Go learn something so we don’t have to deal with your retarded ass.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Quit yer sniveling & get outa my sight womin !

  17. DroDiego says:

    Support diaz! realest fighter in the UFC! Come get whats yours!

  18. Enzolorenzo says:


  19. v says:

    watching one of his interviews makes you realize how bad he needs that medicinal marijuana to chill himself out….

  20. Larfreeze says:

    Nick is a punk with concentration problems and has a fine love for the weed. Must suck trying to make weight when you got the munchies!

    His whiny ass should just got to boxing. Have him go against PacMan. Then he can make the money that he is always crying that he deserves so he can buy a house!

    I wonder if his brother Nate has the same problem? Won’t know until he gets popped for weed.

  21. Ted Bell says:

    he just needs to step up and start doing coke!

  22. BlueDemonica says:

    Wow I’m late. Gosh, Nevada and Nick’s lawyers need to get it together. He’s either guilty or not. I’m a huge Diaz Bros fan, but seriously, if it comes down to it, fine him or jail him for a few days, fuck I don’t care, bend him over Dana’s knee and beat him with belt, just get him back to fighting! I’m sick of the politics and shit. Drugs are bad, weed is outlawed in some places, lawyers are liars, judges are too busy day-dreaming and wondering what else they could be doing with their lives than sit in a courtroom listening to bullshit all day.

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