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Thursday, 11/10/2011, 08:30 am

Nick Diaz Critical of BJ Penn and GSP For Not Representing Gracie Jiu Jitsu

“Yeah, well, I looked up to him for his art and his style. I didn’t really look up to him personally. I think he is a good guy. He’s not a bad guy at all, but I didn’t look up to him personally like a teacher or something. Some of the things he did in the past, I didn’t agree with. He was originally a Ralph Gracie student, and what he learned there was some incredible things and that was 3 to 4 years before I even got put onto it. He was learning it from a real instructor and I didn’t have that at the time. I would have represented where I came from if I did have that. I just don’t think he put out the respect to Ralph that I would have. I was also a martial artist first before I started learning Jiu Jitsu and I just remember him because he came from Ralph Gracie Jiu Jitsu and that’s what we have in common. We learned the same Jiu Jitsu and it shows up; blocking high guard, being in bad positions, and still being able to fight because we came from the same background that I came from pretty much. I just have a little bit more respect for where I came from. You don’t see me going around saying, “Diaz MMA, Diaz MMA, Diaz Fight Gym and Diaz Training Camp!” I came from Cesar Gracie Jiu Jitsu when I was 16. I trained with Gil Castillo, Steve Heath, Dave Tirrell, and Jake Shields, and that’s who I am. That’s who I’m always going to be and that’s the reason why I am who I am today because I came from there. And where did BJ Penn come from? He came from BJ Penn Hawaii or what? He don’t come from nothing. None of these people do. You know where Georges St. Pierre comes from? I just had a conversation about this last night.”

Diaz Continues…

“He came from a Renzo Gracie Black Belt; I forget his name. He is a Renzo Gracie Black Belt though and this is the guy who taught Georges St. Pierre. So Georges St. Pierre wouldn’t even be capable of being a contender or choking anybody or knowing dominant positions or any of that if he didn’t have the same Jiu Jitsu that I learned from the same family. You only gotta go down a few generations to find out where this came from. We all got our Jiu Jitsu from the same place; BJ Penn, Georges St. Pierre and me. They gotta respect and understand where the martial arts that we use come from. They want to feel so special and important and say, “Look at me!” I’m saying, “This is Cesar Gracie Jiu Jitsu,” and I represent where my training comes from. I always represent my boxing trainer and who he…Richard Perez and the people that I train with, you know? The only thing that I’m going to ever represent is my team that helped me get there, you know?”

Nick Diaz talks to about his feelings towards BJ Penn and Georges St. Pierre, and the similarity in all their lineages. Diaz, who is coming off the biggest win of his career at UFC 137 over Penn, argues towards the importance of respecting your history and lineage, as he feels many fighters aren’t giving credit to where they came from. It would seem that Diaz is none too impressed with many of today’s MMA training facilities, but is he correct with his assessment?


62 Responses to “Nick Diaz Critical of BJ Penn and GSP For Not Representing Gracie Jiu Jitsu”

  1. dustin says:

    I agree….WAR DIAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nova Uniao Rules says:

      He started with Ralph but decided on going to Nova Uniao which was a great move. He got his black belt from Andre Pedeneras. He was the first American Black Belt World Champion under Nova Uniao. Obvisouly Nova Uniao gave him what he needed to accomplish this. No Disrespect to Ralph or Cesar, but Nova Uniao is showing they are one of the best BJJ and MMA teams. Now there are a lot of fighters who start their own gyms but keep their affiliation. Matt Serra, The Nogs, Anderson. Bj does the same so don’t hate cause he has moved on beyond the bjj rivaliries. He wanted the best training and he got it obvisouly. Again 1St American Born Black Belt World Champion under the Banner of NOVA UNIAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Brandon says:

        BJ also had a bad end with Ralph when he was splitting time at the Nova gym in Vegas and Ralph’s gym. For a while the Gracie’s hated BJ, and it was a huge controversy at worlds the year before BJ won because Ryan was being very disrespectful. I can understand some of Nick’s points, and lineage is important, but BJ didn’t train with Ralph for that long. At this point its funny too because non of the Cesar Gracie fighters even train at Cesar’s gym or under Cesar’s instruction. The Diaz brother, Melendez, Shields, ect all train at their own gyms, but keep Cesar as their fight MANAGER, not trainer, our of respect. While that’s admirable, it also shows that Cesar is not a high level trainer in the realm of someone like Greg Jackson.

    • MMA Doctor says:

      oh nick ur so holy….shut up u gay disrespectful punk…u make me sick and i hope gsp submits u so u shut up. it must be great knowing u train for all ur fights be being sweated on by ur brother and jake shields and spending countless days hugging gracie’s nuts

    • Oregon Dude says:

      dustin = A FAILURE AT LIFE, enough said…

    • J C says:

      That bitch has to have something to whine about. Wish he would take a vow of silence.

    • Nick says:

      Diaz is a clown. I don’t care if he’s down and will fight anyone. He’s weak minded and can’t control his impulsive behavior. Low class, good fighter, but douche.

  2. DaRuckuz says:

    808 all day…Nick just beat gsp and shut up already lol ..gracie dis gracie dat,whatevas already.

  3. i talk the truth ya herd! says:

    first hehe!!!!!!!!

    diaz is 1 of those guys when he has people around him that has been there done that and whore the right t-shirt he has so much respect!! he has gsp number the only thing gsp has over diaz is wrestling, diaz has better cardio, better stand up better bjj, better chin, anywere the fight goes diaz has better skills i hope gsp tries to lay and pray cause diaz will tap him out!!!!!!!!

  4. Lex w says:

    I agree with nick, low key him n bj been taking shots at each other I dnt c them teaming up anytime soon but I would love to c their first sparring session

  5. riDICKulous says:

    and dare he says he’s a martial artist! shame on you George!

  6. WarProdigy says:

    Diaz been doing a lot talking now that the fights over…was all respectful before the fight, now he’s saying BJ’s bitter, BJ’s not repping where he came from….
    Diaz won the fight, but it’s not like he has BJ’s number. He should becareful when campaigning for an ass whooping…he might just get elected.

  7. snoop froggy dogg says:

    This guy is awesome to watch an read about but BJ is LEGEND no matter what! an I think he will be too one day once he murders GREASE-S-P!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Nick Diaz is so stupid. Who gives a crap that GSP and BJ both took BJJ under the same family banner as Nick Diaz. To me GSP and BJ are more than BJJ under the Gracie family name. The commentators in a UFC fight tell their credentials before a fight and that’s all I need. In fact the reason why this statement is so stupid is because GSP wears a martial arts Gi (the martial arts outfit, might have spelled it wrong) before and after his fights. Nick primarily used boxing in his fight with BJ to trap and pound him into the fence. Unless they added boxing into the curriculum, this doesn’t represent Gracie Jujitsu either.

  9. Jacob says:

    Diaz woke up a giant in GSP.

  10. Leo says:

    First off, I just want to say that this has the WORST comment section I’ve ever seen. Like everyone is TRYING to be a fanboy troll.

    Second, I actually kind of agree. I wish more people would use and represent GRACIE Jiu Jitsu. GSP often calls Royce his idol, so I wouldn’t take issue with him, but like I said, I actually see where Diaz is coming from.

    • Tony says:

      If you went to community college for a year, finished your last 3 years and got a degree at Harvard would you say you graduated from the community college? Obviously wherever you get your black belt is who you should rep in my opinion.

      • Nova Uniao Rules says:

        Tony has it right. The black belt is the biggets accomplishment a BJJ artist can recieve.

        • Pitbull says:

          Depends on the trainer, some of them seem to just toss belts out. I trained my fair share of various martial arts, and some trainers seriously dissapointed me in the way they chucked out belts and grades.

          Not saying that Gracie and other serious people do this, but a belt is just a belt. Tae Kwon Do particulary disappointed me, and is also one of the few arts i seen black belts fall on their ass on a board breaking demo….

  11. Puna Boy says:

    My wife is from the Stockton and we now live in Hilo so I understand the culture. I dont think BJ is running or not recognizing his roots. On the flip side, people in HI are very proud of where they are from that most mainlanders dont understand. Diaz is reppin his roots which is typical and loyal according to the Mexican cultura. BJ is reppin his home and pride which is typical of the local culture. Just 2 different style, thatʻs all. Both are good fighters with Nick on the rise and BJ on the decline. Both in their prime would be a great fight. But its a young mans world so its time for BJ to step aside and let the young guns run…

    • ZONG says:

      well said my friend

    • Yarp says:

      Finally a post from someone who is not a complete moron. Very well said. Also what many people here dont know is this is extremely old and was taken just before or just after UFC 137 when asked what he used to motivate him for the BJ Penn fight.

      BJ and Nick are 2 great fighters and clearly MMA fans are some of the dumbest, angriest, ignorant, annoying fans on the planet. There is a reason MMA fighters would never talk to any of you online, just read your own comments.

  12. Anthony Santisteban says:

    Diaz, unfortuntly money makes the person into a more buisnes like kind of person. You still have a kid like mentality. Just like you blew the match with GSP by not showing up to any press conference. Yet, you seemed to cry and blame it on Dana, like it was some kind of setup or conspiracy against special you. There not paying you enough with in time your mentality will change and in a couple of years. You will see DiazMMA. Not Diaz & Gracie MMA. Im not bashing Nick. Just speaking reality with all B.S to the side. Nick is very talented and in my book will defeat GSP. But stop with this kid like mentality B.S.

  13. Matt says:

    I understand what Nick is saying, but Nick doesn’t understand the business world. It’s all about branding, and BJ is very savvy with this, as well as GSP.

    Maybe Nick learned BJJ from the Gracies, but he could pick up his black belt in branding acumen from BJ and GSP.

  14. Ryan says:

    Dissrespect the sport (Diaz), and the sport will dissrespect you!

  15. White says:

    I dont really like Diaz overall, but i gotta admit this is pretty grounded of him. Its important to remember why you are where you are. I believe he has a tremendous amount of respect for him coaches. Well done Diaz, but you still will lose to GSP. IMO.

  16. Anthony Santisteban says:

    Unfortuntly, money makes the person into a more buisnes like kind of person. You still have a kid like mentality. Just like you blew the match with GSP by not showing up to any press conference. Yet, you seemed to cry and blame it on Dana, like it was some kind of setup or conspiracy against special you. There not paying you enough with in time your mentality will change and in a couple of years. You will see DiazMMA. Not Diaz & Gracie MMA. Im not bashing Nick. Just speaking reality with all B.S to the side. Nick is very talented and in my book will defeat GSP. But stop with this kid like mentality B.S.

  17. stone cold says:

    that means bj penn should train with AKA lol nick diaz is saying bj should train with him lol

  18. stix says:

    umm, BJ hasn’t trained under Ralph in like 13 years and only went to purple there. he got his blackbelt and won the Mundials under Nova Uniao anyway. Ralph wanted to hold him back, NA wanted to propel him forward so he went with NA and obviously it was the right choice. then Ralph got bitter and called him names and sent Rodrigo to get revenge.. fail. beat up. so then they sent Renzo to get revenge. fail again. two fights at MW moving up from LW? no sweat. both of em got beat. you don’t get repped for shit now.

    Nick still trains under Cesar Gracie and has been for the past 12 years. BJ hasn’t trained with Ralph in 13 years. see the difference Nick? what a come on dude get it together. you know why he reps BJ Penn Fight Gym or whatever you want to call it? cause that’s his gym, that’s where he trains and that’s where he’s been training. you know why you rep Cesar Gracie JJ? cause that’s where you train. very simple.

    you don’t have your own gym where you train. cause if you did you wouldn’t have Cesar arranging sparring with guys like Andre Ward. Nick complaining cause he didn’t get to spar w/ Ward for this fight, lol who does he think his opponents are sparring with? NOT Andre Ward type guys that’s for sure. if you didn’t have Cesar you’d be doing exactly what Penn does. I’m a fan of Diaz’s fighting but the more he talks I just dislike him. dude is bordering on asperger syndrome.

    BJ also used to train at AKA w/ Frank Shamrock years ago. is he supposed to run around repping “Frank Shamrock Freestyle Fighting” for the next 10 years?

    holy shit Nick.

  19. Chartmonster says:

    I respect diaz’s skills, but he’s a Dirtbag! He reps gracie’s bc that’s all he has beside lil dirtbag nate. Cerrone and The Saint for the win over the Diaz’s! This stuff keeps heating up between Bj n Diaz..this might turn out to be WARRRRR!

  20. Kalani says:

    Respect? I don’t think the diaz brothers know the defintion of respect. Cesar Gracie isn’t the best role model for this either.

  21. Ironhaynsnake says:

    Never mind da critical comments. Homage can be given in different ways. No need join da Gracies’. You’ve earned your rank and title; and transcended. Just keep pounding da lau lau and more beer. Jack up da cardio little bit… Continue scrapping and being da inspiration to da people of Hawaii, as you have been. “Righteousness is a virtue”


    Nothing needs to heat up.. only thing that needs to happen is BJ training under the gracies again and especially with cesars camp..

    I see it as they were friends and we always be friends and BJ can improve a lot with them.

    Right now Cesar’s camp like it or not have some of the best fighters in the world. I personally think Jake is the worst one but the rest are very slick fighters in every aspect of the game.

    Nick just stated all facts here BJ forgets who first taught him that style BJJ and that’s wrong on a loyalty standpoint.

  23. Jdawgy says:

    There are two totally different dynamics involved…

    1) Bj Penn bringing the most well funded and mainstream MMA gym’s to the island. This gives many local kids a positive out for their energy and also keeps the natural Hawaiian Island pride that exists in Hawaii, in Hawaii. Any true local boy that doesn’t want to move to the mainland permanently would do this if he had the option.

    2) Nick Diaz was able to join an established gym and stick with it over the years because it was within an hour or two from where he grew up the whole time.

    Remember, Bj Penn had to fly to the BAY AREA which is where Nick Diaz always has and still does train to train his initial Jiu-Jitsu. This is because before all of the UFC hype there were only a few gyms on Oahu such as Relson Gracie that were established at the time. There wasn’t enough good sparring partners for Bj’s talent so he went to the Bay Area to train.

    If it were reversed, and there was a BJJ/MMA caliber gym right in Hilo, or even Oahu, i’m sure Bj Penn would still be repping it, along with Team Hawaii!

  24. Ironhaynsnake says:

    In combat, styles falls apart. Schools/camps have limits. It is da human spirit that will break the barriers. It’s in us all. Feel da MANA! Go train and “Just Scrap!”

  25. Unknow says:

    Where did BJJ come from? Gracie’s family? Really? Who did Gracie’s family learn Jui Jitsu from? My point is it’s fine to learn something and improve it.

    Nick is crackhead, he didn’t know what he was talking about.

    • Jensen says:

      That’s a good point about Gracie Jiu-Jitsu vs. Judo and where Judo got it’s origins is also another history lesson… The evolution of martial arts is apparent and you can see it so drastically with the popularity of MMA. Prior to MMA becoming so popular everyone used to think Karate or Kung Fu or those types of martial arts were the dominant martial art. Picture the early 90’s when Jason Scott Lee was popular and movies like Mortal Kombat came out lol.

      What MMA ( which is no holds barred minus the dirty stuff) has shown is that a combination of all styles is always best! Or at least being able to defend against all styles while be dominant in a certain preferences also works…

      But don’t forget that Nick Diaz is also talking not only about Gracie lineage but the original gyms that you started and what you rep now when you’re popular.. He has a point but his point isnt the only valid point.

      Bj Penn obtained knowledge and skill, proved himself, then wanted to bring it to Hawaii to create Team Hawaii. There’s nothing wrong with that as it is the evolution of martial arts, and NICK should know that as well.

      Maybe one day another local Hawaii fighter will become dominant and create his own “system.” Something like Eddie Bravo and 10th planet… He was possibly inspired by Bj Penn, and so the evolution continues… Everywhere else in the nation and world thata distinguished martial artist decides to bring his knowledge has the same potential of something like this happening.

      As long as the schools teach positivity and most likely any black belt will. Just like the Bj Penn gym in Hilo where on its website clearly states it is a positive environment…

  26. Nick says:

    shut the fuck up already, always yelling” stockton, stockton” this and that you’re the same as him, just with less class.

  27. TunisaMan says:

    I understand the point of Nick Diaz
    But the japanese can argue that Jiu jitsu is a japanese martial art.
    I think that the masters of martial arts have the right to revendicate their own styles without disrespecting their origins

  28. violin says:

    Only wanna input that you have a very decent website , I love the layout it actually stands out.

  29. ali says:

    Nick is right here, credit were credit due, if your instructor is still alive respect him or them when there gone still respect him we all put ourselves into our arts at some point.

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