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Monday, 02/24/2014, 06:17 am

Nick Diaz Calls Himself ‘The Only Draw’ Wants Immediate Title Shot Or Nothing

Oh Nick…

“I’ve been fighting for 11 years. I already did all those [contender] fights. I don’t have to take a warm-up fight. Why would I take a warm-up fight? To help somebody out? To bring them to my level? I’ve already been through all that and you still didn’t see me take an ass whipping. I don’t care, I’m talking about a title fight match-up. Bottom line, I’m the only draw here. Bottom line. We had like the third biggest [pay-per-view]. That wasn’t just because of Georges St-Pierre. And these guys aren’t doing that. People want to pay to see me fight, they want to see someone get knocked out or someone get tapped out, or they want to see me get my ass whooped like they’ve been waiting to see but they still don’t get to see.”

Sure he’s a draw, when either Diaz brother fights people tune in. But stop selling us ‘Wolf Ticket’s Nick and come back to the UFC and earn another shot at the belt!

(Quote via FOX SPORTS)


24 Responses to “Nick Diaz Calls Himself ‘The Only Draw’ Wants Immediate Title Shot Or Nothing”

  1. magoo says:

    I’m not sure if this has to do with Melendez staying put and facing Pettis in the next tuff competition or what! Now all of a sudden you want back in, with an automatic title fight….wtf?I thought Ceasar was taking you all over to, anyhow how were your ppv #s in strikeforce against guys like Lawler and Daley??? Nothing great right? ….You got your freebie against GSP and blew it! And now you think you deserve another smh.
    Earn your right to fight for the title just like Robbie and everyone else at 170 you self entitled freak.

  2. Bob Cook says:

    holy christ does this pot head need to shut the fuck up. every wrestler with a bjj game would beat him. if he did win the belt, like say by beating lawler he’d duck every wrestler till the end of time.

  3. c mac brown says:

    Give him a fight against Lawler or Hendricks cause he would destroy either one of them

  4. c mac brown says:

    Even rousey says he’s the best, which is prbly why she wants to act like him and go out of her way to train with him

  5. Don Bongo says:

    Nate Diaz !!!!! against Connor Mcgreggor !!!!!!

  6. zack says:

    nick diaz vs rory mac for title shot

    • UFC Chat /Post says:

      nick diaz VS rory macdonald then if he beats rory he gets a title shot he lost his last 2 fights weather you think he won he didn’t I love both fighters love to see THIS IT WOULD BE A SCRAP RORY WONT RUN NICK

      • UFC Chat /Post says:

        @nickdiaz209 your vary scared of Rory Macdonald if not take the fight homie then you get your title fight

      • cmacbrown says:

        Idk rory ran away from Ellenburger, he would prbly come in with the same gsmeplan against nick, I’m telling you right now no one in the world wants to go toe to toe with Nick diaz, everyone who tries to gets finished, coaches would not let their fighters try and do that with nick, although it would be very entertaining to watch, fighters can’t afford to lose these days, so instead of fighting to win, they come in and fight to not lose. Everyone except nick, nate, and gil, those three guys don’t give a fuck they will stand and trade with anyone, win or lose they will continue to fight the same way, which is why I respect them all so much as fighters. Some of the only true warriors left in the ufc.

  7. UFC 84 Forever says:

    He hasn’t earned shit. Go earn your shot Nick, don’t be scared homie.

  8. cmacbrown says:

    Rory needs to fight Jake shields. Cause for some reason I think Jake would win lol, some how some way shields always pulls it off

  9. cmacbrown says:

    And ya like it or not nick diaz is the biggest name in ufc right now and he’s not even in the ufc lmao, he’s the biggest star, and 10x more ppl would rather watch him than rousey, he’s the biggest name in the welterweight division, and more people talk about him and silva than any other fighter in the world. Sorry dana but you need nick in the 170 div, plain and simple. There’s millions of haters that want to see nick get knocked the fuck out, and millions more that want to see him win. Time dana starts sucking off the gracie boys, cause there all he’s got now

  10. team backfist says:

    He’s up there, but not a contender. I wish he’d come back already.

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