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Monday, 04/02/2012, 06:32 pm

Nick Diaz Attorney Goes On About Defense | Says Use Exemption Not Needed For Out Of Competition Use

In this case, Nick Diaz tested for the presence of its metabolite, called “THC carboxylic acid,” which is an inactive ingredient of marijuana metabolite, which can stay in your system stored in your fat tissues for weeks, up to months, after use of marijuana. Most people understand that [the] psychological effects of marijuana after smoking it wear off within two to six hours. That is what the commission, the regulatory agencies, are concerned about because you don’t want somebody fighting under the influence or impaired by a psychoactive substance. Once that active ingredient wears off within two to six hours of use, then all that’s left are the residual metabolites from the metabolism of the marijuana stored in somebody’s fat tissues, which is not a controlled substance, which is not psychoactive, which is simply an inactive metabolite which has no impact on an athlete.

Yeah, but Nick Diaz wasn’t using it in-competition, so it’s completely inapplicable here. What you’re talking about are prescribed medications that an individual needs to continuously use and therefore uses during competition. Nick Diaz has a general practice of discontinuing marijuana use eight days before a fight, so he wasn’t under the influence and he wasn’t consuming an illegal substance — whether you want to call it prescription medication or medical marijuana — in-competition. So there was no need for him to seek a therapeutic use exemption. And again, that’s why Nevada and the World Anti-Doping Agency say, “We don’t care about your marijuana use before the fight. We only care about it in-competition.” And Nick doesn’t use it in-competition. It would be foolish for him to use it in-competition.

– Ross C. Goodmam, Attorney For Nick Diaz vs.


45 Responses to “Nick Diaz Attorney Goes On About Defense | Says Use Exemption Not Needed For Out Of Competition Use”

  1. Briggs says:

    Craps hes got a Jewish lawyer you know this will be long and messy.

  2. ed says:

    first he bragged and laughed at the commission that he can smoke weed all he wants b4 the fight and then flush his system and not get caught. then he got caught and switched his argument to say metabolites shouldn’t matter. i love watching him fight and i know he don’t give a shit what i think, but doesn’t he ever get embarrassed about how dumb he makes himself look?

  3. UFC VIDEOS says:

    diaz, don’t retire man

  4. razz says:

    don’t be stoned, homie

  5. jd says:

    I dont think he makes himself look dumb at all. I think he just doesnt care if anyone can understand. hes actually extremly intelligent but is socially awkward and has a hard time verbalizing when hes on the spot. he sure as hell smart enough to pick the right lawer lol cant wait til he fights again. I dont think he would be fighting this so hard if he was gonna actually retire

    • Diaz pwnd himself says:

      Diaz is intelligent? wheres your source, or is this just one of your fanboy ideas. letting condit set a kick record on your legs without checking any, and then getting caught AGAIN for doing illegal drugs doesn’t sound very intelligent to me… sounds kinda FUCKING STUPID really….

      • Hen says:

        1. Nick Diaz does what nick Diaz wants. He follows the rule and does not cheat.
        2. Metabolites, he was not high during the fight. Even if he was you should know being high on marijuana is not beneficial during a fight.
        3. He’s intelligent. There’s different forms of intelligence. It’s not just humping the fuck out of a book and getting a 4.0 gpa.
        Step in the ring with him and he will show you why he’s intelligent.
        4. He didn’t check the kicks because they were pussy kicks that didn’t hurt. And I can imagine it hard to check kicks when you are chasing another person down for numerous rounds.
        5. Go fuck yourself. Nick Diaz is a real guy and not some fake ass pretend to be humble champion.

      • E716 says:

        That doesnt mean hes stupid…just stubborn….its disrespectful to call s.ome1 stupid that you never met.

  6. crh says:

    i dont get why they regulate marijuana in competition even. if anybody thinks you are gnna perform better stoned then you probably have already smoked your brain cells away. no way in hell you perform better in a fight when your stoned, maybe in BJJ compeition… not a fight

  7. jbeamazing says:

    this horse is so dead overroid is about to eat it

  8. Xaninho says:

    His attorney is right.

    The traces can still be visible after some time, but that doesn’t mean he was fighting high as a kite. The effects wear off after two or three hours for most people. I highly (no pun intended) doubt he was puffing and passing right before the fight.

    • Xaninho says:

      What part of effects wearing off don’t you understand? You’re trying to keep some kind of discussion going by ignoring facts.

      So once again: No it isn’t beneficial in any way once the effects wear off.

      • Xaninho says:

        No it’s nothing like radiation. Once it wears off, it doesn’t do anything anymore.

        But for the part it’s on the banned substances list and he knew it was, I have to agree on that one. Although it’s bullshit to have it on the list in the first place, he should have been more careful and maybe to play it safe he shouldn’t have used it at all.

      • zoeldog27 says:

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      • zoeldog27 says:

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      • Xaninho says:

        @ Bla DeBla,

        You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. You talk about Cannabis Cafes, they’re called coffeeshops and I happen to own two such establishments. I know my merchandise dumbass!

        It’s nothing like alcohol. The affects of alcohol last longer and alcohol isn’t traceable after 24h to 48h. Cannabis stops working after 2 to 3 hours for most people, but is traceable a week after. A person is NOT fucking stoned a week after using it stupid asshat!

      • Xaninho says:

        No hookers, I despise pimps.

        And cannabis is not a painkiller. For fighting it has no beneficial effects. It makes you hungry, kinda lazy and when you’re high you just don’t give a fuck. Only possible positive side effect could be the creativity enhancement, but that isn’t helping cause it also makes you slower.

        I’m convinced it shouldn’t be on a PED list. Unless it’s some sort of banned list to protect the fighter against going in high and get a beating because of that. But it’s not a PED.

      • Xaninho says:

        I gotta have a nice pile of money for when I retire, there’s no pensionplan in my line of business…

        And I dunno maybe it can take the edge out of chronic pains, but I broke my toe once while I was stoned and it still hurt like hell. So thinking of that I don’t see it helping when your opponent is smashing his elbows in your face.

        Ajax? No way! Haha I’m not in Amsterdam, but live in The Hague! I do like football but not Ajax.

      • Xaninho says:

        Yeah true I expect good stuff from there the coming years too. Johan Cruijff is doing the same thing he did at Barcelona and we can all see how untouchable barcelona is nowadays….. No fun for the rest of Holland but if it works out Ajax could dominate the national competition and play a role in the Champion’s league again someday.

        And lol @ Chernobyl! I like to keep my money close by.

    • zoeldog27 says:

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      • Troll Hunter says:

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        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

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        • Donnybrook says:

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        • Donnybrook says:

          First part of my comment was directed @ zoeldog27

  9. zoeldog27 says:

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  10. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    Bwahahahaha… Bla DeBla has disappeared! I obviously missed a great show here yesterday. All my answers to him in other threads look absolutely ridiculous now 😀

    Zoeldog27 obviously opened a can of whoop ass through is PC, that’s fucking amazing! Is this the first time to happen in the history of the Internet?

    Haha and was he bashing Aussie women, what a tool. How a British guy can bash women from other countries is beyond me. I’ve been to England 5 times and me and my mates we actually celebrated when we saw a beautiful woman there (I’m not joking). But of course we’re from Iceland so we’re used to the good stuff. Miranda Kerr looks like a bloke, did he actually say that? Haha this is priceless stuff.

    @Zoeldog27 I’m pretty sure he doesn’t live in Manchester because he’s a Liverpool fan and no Liverpool fan would do that to themselves, since they have a major inferiority complex towards Manchester United (at least some and would think that Bla DeBla would fall into that category).

    I would actually pay money to see Bla DeBla comments in this thread 😀

    Zoeldog27 and Xaninho my hat goes off to you for making this forum a better place.

    • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

      I hope nobody gets offended by my comment about women from England. It was very stupid of me to say that. I had no right to do that. I feel very bad about that, I just got a little carried away when I read through this forum.

      So I sincerely apologize in advance to anybody who gets offended by that, especially to any English women who might see this.

      • Thurgood Jenkins says:

        All good man, Bla Debla is gone. It’s a day of celebration and emotion, so people may go off and say something out of pure happiness that wasn’t meant to harm.

  11. Xaninho says:

    I think he was banned and removed.

  12. GreenTeaBagger says:

    I wonder if the Feds will bust down his door now??

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