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Friday, 02/17/2012, 06:02 pm

Nevada Commission Says Nick Diaz Could Have Applied For Exemption To Use Marijuana

Whether or not he would have been granted the therapeutic use exemption is another story entirely, but the Athletic Commission in Nevada does have the protocol in place to where Nick Diaz could have applied and may have been granted permission for use of his “treatment” prior to his bout with Carlos Condit.

Let’s be real here for a second. Nick Diaz is a polarizing figure. Not only that, but he seems to have some sort of social disorder as well that is a big part of his appeal. Not a knock at him at all, but in the presence of the public and media it always seems just a tad bit awkward.

The argument here is that through use of medical marijuana, (A perfectly accepted course of treatment in the state of California where Nick Diaz lives in accordance with California PROP 215 and SB 420) Nick may be able to cope with whatever disorder he has in a better manner.

Too little too late though. According to a report from, who talked to Commissioner Keith Kizer, the opportunity for Nick to apply for such an exemption would have been prior to the bout and not after the fact. Meaning, there is no easy way out for the charges he has pending against him.

Here are some clips from that original report:

According to Kizer, though, Diaz had another option: coming to the NSAC weeks before fighting and applying for a therapeutic exemption (TUE) for his marijuana use.

Given that Diaz’ coach and manager, Cesar Gracie, has made a point of saying that Diaz has a legal right to use marijuana in California since a doctor prescribed it to him, one would have expected Diaz to have applied for the exemption with the commission.

But that did not happen Kizer explains, as no one from Diaz’ camp has ever attempted to explain any mitigating circumstances to him about the fighter’s marijuana use or tried to contextualize it to attempt for Nick to granted a therapeutic exemption. “I have no idea what [Diaz’s] marijuana situation is,” Kizer told CagePotato on Thursday. “No one from his camp has ever come to me or the commission and tried to explain it.”

Kizer says that therapeutic exemptions are made when fighters and their doctors can convince the NSAC and its physicians that a prescribed treatment is specifically needed to address a legitimate health issue of the athlete and that the medication does not put the fighter at undue risk as a competitor or give them an unfair advantage over their opponents. Sometimes, as in the case of some antidepressants, the NSAC and its doctors feel that a fighter’s condition is legitimate and that they do require treatment, but alternative medications are needed because the one initially chosen by the fighter and their doctors are deemed not safe for competitors to use by the Nevada commission.

Kizer also points out that each case is looked at individually and that if fighters approach the commission a few weeks before their fights to request a therapeutic exemption, typically that is enough time for the NSAC evaluation process to take place and for his governing body to make a decision on whether or not to grant the fighter the exception.

In the past fighters have applied for exemptions for the use of testosterone replacement therapy and more traditional prescription drugs for psychological issues, but Kizer said that no one during his tenure has ever applied for a therapeutic exemption for prescribed marijuana use. This includes Diaz.

“I’ve never had that – a fighter saying they want to use marijuana for medicinal purposes,” he said.

Although he says that he can imagine certain drugs never being accepted for therapeutic use in Nevada, like the anabolic steroid nandrolone, Kizer stops short of saying that medical marijuana would be one of them.

*Correction made at 1:23 pm ET on 02/17/2011: Mr. Kizer contacted to clarify that although a fighter can argue that he or she should be granted an exemption for a banned substance and that their fine and suspension be reduced due to mitigating factors that necessitated the use of the prescribed drugs, NSAC will not retroactively grant a TUE for a substance that was not approved prior to the bout in question.

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28 Responses to “Nevada Commission Says Nick Diaz Could Have Applied For Exemption To Use Marijuana”

  1. Jeff says:

    Oh, people still talking about that faggot?

  2. e says:

    shoulda coulda woulda.. yall shouldve informed him with that deali-o in the first place since yall know that niga blazes.

    • baldy says:

      diazs just needs better mangement. gracie comes out after the fact and start pointing fingers and deflecting responsibility (now we know where nick gets it). diaz needs someone who knows the in and outs of all the athletic comissions (rules, regulations,loopholes, how to deal with, ect), basically he needs a real manager. ceaser gracie is a great trainer (one of the best for sure), but not a very good manager. lets his fighter miss important pressers (had no idea where diaz was at the time), knows his fighter smokes weed and lets his fighter fail a piss test… twice! shouldnt have even happened once. (a little self control and good management goes a long way) all of diaz’s outside the cage problems are manageable with a good management team…

  3. juelz says:

    So stupid anyone can get weed card in Cali just tell then u have a bad back just a excuse to get blitzed

  4. DudeIncognito says:

    Why can’t he apply right now then? If he passes all the requirements or whatever then what’s the big deal? Nothing is different than before the fight, with regard to making an application.

    • baldy says:

      if he had a real management team they would have known about and taken care of that for him and let him know one way or the other. gotta remember, this aint the first time he’s failed a drug test. they cant change the rules just because diaz and his “manager” are too stupid to know/learn what the rules are… there’s more to mma than just training and fighting.
      also…gracie and diaz are pretty good at makin excuses…they dont need your help in that department…

  5. camelclutch says:

    Nick is not someone you guys want to fk with! As I know and everybody else knows your drug test policy is whack! You let 89% of your juice monkeys fight but not Nick who apparently has never touched the Shit along with Anserson. Here comes the demise..

  6. Chartmonster says:

    Marijuana for ADHD! Wtf is wrong w this world, only in Cali! This is why all the kids are fkd up today.

    • Matt says:

      I hear you. But the little kids are all on the prescription stuff too. And that’s everywhere. Just the world we live in Chart.

    • 2lowtoe says:

      and the faggot is keith kiser f this mfer and the fine.. people r so full of it .. i guess we need a clean as u wanna b ufc and a dirty as u wanna b ufc ..ufc cant make a fight 4 daiz out the country or even another state if u ask me they r all full of it and i give daiz champion status at least we know who the fag is

    • Wigler says:

      better than how the rest of the world, specially here in the US feeds kids with adderall (meth)

  7. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Nick Diaz avoided the bad crowd growing up by taking martial arts and I believe he takes medical Marijuana for his social disorders. This is like throwing salt in the wound. They should give him a 4 month suspension since he gets it medically and you have the ability to get therapeutic exemption anyways. If not, he should sue the shit out of NSAC because people have sued and won for less despite of their own stupidity.

  8. Dick Diaz says:

    even though he’s an asshole, he doesn’t deserve not fighting for one year (if that’s what he does want to do) because of marijuana… unless he was high during the fight.

  9. learntoread says:

    I’d like to hear Kisers explanation of what would have (hypothetically) occurred if Diaz’s camp had submitted the application for a therapeutic exemption and it was then denied by the NSAC…

    So what then, word gets to Zuffa and they need to consider canceling their PPV Main Event being that it’s a title fight and if Nick won he might very well have it stripped/fined/suspended by the NSAC?

  10. jonsey says:

    diaz should be awarded another other fighter could smoke joints and fight or smoke and train everday

  11. Xaninho says:

    It’s best if a person doesn’t take anything at all.

    But if someone has issues it’s less bad to smoke marijuana as a treatment then take those socially accepted prescription drugs like Xanax, Adderall, Valium etc., cause the socially accepted stuff made by the same big pharmaceutical companies lobbying against Marijuana are the worst damaging, addicting stuff anyone could take as a treatment.

    But along with the governments they don’t give a shit, cause the more addicting their stuff is the more money they will make.

    • baldy says:

      i aggree 100%….but his mangement team should have known about and applied for the “exemption” a long time ago. maybe they need to spend less time hittin the bong and more time studying the rules and regs of the nsac…
      2 failed drug tests = major league fail for that whole team….no need to feel bad for the dude.

  12. : ^ ) says:

    With Kizer saying all this crap, I don’t think Diaz will be suspended for a year. 1) he is legally allowed to use marijuana in CA; 2) he LOST the fight 3) protocol is in place for an exemption, so even the NSAC sees no fighting advantage to weed 4) why is it banned in the first place if an exemption exists?

    The worse thing against Diaz is that he failed to follow proper procedure. One year? Crazy. Six months? eh… Try 90 days, good enough.

    • Many Clouds of Smoke says:

      Not to mention the fact that there is ALSO medical use allowed in Neveda as well! It sounds like the NSAC is trying to cover their own butts, because they know the f’d up in throwing down such a hard sentence. I agree totally with what you said. Give him 90 days, not a freeaking year!

  13. Xaninho says:

    If Sonnen gets away with 6 months suspension for not properly disclosing his ‘TRT’ bullshit. Why should Diaz get a year?

  14. banks says:

    At least this muthaf*cka can avoid all this time and still get high.. haha hed be at the post fight conferance smokin fattys like dont ask me dumb questions hahaha

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