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Wednesday, 10/10/2012, 05:08 pm

Nelson: Dana Is Going To Say What He Needs To Say | UFC NEWS

“[Dana] never said I was the worst coach. He said I was the worst coach he ever had to deal with. If he was talking about the worst coach, it would be Shane, because he doesn’t even coach. Dana’s going to say what he needs to say, and I can’t help that. It’s just one of those things. We don’t really have libel or slander in our business.”

In a recent interview with Steph Daniels of, TUF 16 coach Roy Nelson put the UFC boss on blast by stating Dana White will just spout off with whatever needs to be said.

In this case, White has gone off on many tangents expressing his dislike and inability to work cohesively on the TUF set with the man called “Big Country.”


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