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Tuesday, 02/11/2014, 09:55 am

Nelson: ‘Big Nog’ Will Bring It, Unlike Daniel Cormier

“Big Country” Roy Nelson is a slugger. That’s just his style. He’s one of those guys that can take a beating and keep pressing forward. However, during his last outing in October for UFC 166 Nelson was a bit disappointed with the lack of action he saw when he fought Daniel Cormier.

Nelson has stated that “D.C.” is one of those of those fighters that plays it safe and sticks to his game plan to secure the victory rather than simply throw down.

Nelson of course understands that sometime that’s just how the game is played. And he can’t deny that it worked for Cormier who walked away with the “W” in Houston.

This, never the less, didn’t stop “Big Country” from voicing his opinion on Arial Helwani’s The MMA Hour that he’s not a fan of “D.C.”‘s fighting style and discussing how he is looking forward to his next match up against Rodrigo Nogueira.

“(Cormier) did his job, like I knew he was going to do, I just wanted it to be…kind of like Big Nog is going to be, he’s old school, he’s a fighter. He’s going to put on a show for the fans. I guess there’s a showmanship in fighting.”

He continues:

“I don’t prefer to watch (Cormier)’s style. I like it from a technical standpoint, but from that hardcore fighter standpoint where I want to see someone go out in a blaze of glory, he’s not going to be that guy. If he’s up two rounds, he’s going to play it safe. Stuff like that.”

“Big Country” is set to face off against Nogueira in the main event of UFC Fight Night 39 this April 11 at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. The two heavyweights are sure to bring fireworks and neither of them have been known to play is safe.

Rodrigo hasn’t been hesitant to let his hands go in his recent outings. However, with “Big Country” looking to go out in a “blaze of glory” Big Nog may have his hands full come April 11th.


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  1. Big Papi says:

    big country is such a sorryass human being how is he gona talk down on someone like Cormier who clearly picked him apart and used his athleticism to beat him not only with grappling but also in the standup? Is Miocic not a “real fighter” either for picking him apart? Not to mention both fights went to decision meaning nelson had 15 min to hit them with that right hand but still couldnt manage to and lost. Instead of trying to spark controversy or make excuses for pathetic performances just get your fatass to a better trainer and become a better athlete this is a professional sport not a bar fight.

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