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Monday, 01/20/2014, 10:53 am

Nate Diaz: ‘We’re Not Making Millions, We’re Making Pennies’ Fighting In The UFC

“I was actually thinking what the hell is wrong with this guy’s (Gray Maynard’s) corner and the ref for not stopping this fight because I was landing a lot of shots. I was kind of like ‘What the f—? Is this s— going to end? If he had experienced fighters in his corner and his coaches…those guys in his corner that Javier…Is it Mendez? Ok, so he’s in the corner and he’s supposed to be some pro? Some badass? He knows everything? Well if you know everything how did you not know your friend was getting his ass beat and just let him take those shots, you know?”

“We aren’t making millions of dollars. We’re making pennies for this fighting stuff.”

Critical of Gray Maynard’s corner in their last bout at the TUF 18 final event, Nate Diaz sounds off to Fight! Magazine, not only about the action’s of the AKA manned corner, but also on the amount they make inside the cage.

Nate’s disclosed payroll was $15k + $15k in his last few outings, though, Dana White, contests that he makes plenty.



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    Nick and Nate BOTH make fairly big coin. They own property Nick started his own Promotion (which take a lot of bucks to start) . The thing is they make coin from the UFC ,way more than what Nate is stating th 15k plus 15k win bonus. Most fighters want that income (mandatory listed income) to be lower than what they make in whole basically because it’s no ones buisness. Anyway, the other thing is being with the UFC, fighter sponsors are going to pay way bigger money than with smaller promotions because it gets their brand out there. It also gives them a platform to be noticed. All dpending how they use this it can and should allow the Diaz boys to MAKE BIG BUCKS!! If all they do is bitch and moan about how little they make … Bottom line , tehy make way more funds than most people AND if they didn’t fight in the UFC and still were trying to make a career fighting MMA they would be making WAY LESS.. Final thought.. SO if the Diaz Bros didn’t fight what else are they equipped to do for a living? Cuz I’m sure they wouldn’t be making more.

  2. garciagym says:

    Only a few UFC fighters are complaining about pay, the rest don’t want to bite the hand that feeds. Is MMA not the fastest growing sport? Are these not the -best- fighters in the world? They train their asses off to bring in the revenue… no retirement package, just accrued brain damage and a busted body when they leave.

    If more fighters spoke up, something would happen.

  3. Union Fighters says:

    Pay-per-view main events guys make the money. Thats about it. Live gate is $10 million, probalby another $51 Milion dollars in payperviews. And fighters get about $4000/4000 win to about what nick was saying 15000/15000, then some guys get 25000/25000 and headliners about 100,000 to 400,000 tops. UFC probably doesnt pay over 800,000 to fighters for complete events and they are racking in over 60 Million, not to mention the casino’s probably pay them to put an even on their big bucks, and their sponsors. One day a fighter who everyone wants to see fight such as GSP vs Ben Askren will host their own events and both rake in about 2 Mill each with opportunity to rake in 50 million combined. They will just have to promote the even for at least 6 months, and have one good game changing event. Just benchmark Mayweathers promotion and Goldenboy promotions. They do it. Why are we letting Zuffa be greedy?

  4. Martin Devaney says:

    dont follow boxings way those guys have been getting ripped since before time only the elite get the big paydays and they generally get shafted as well


    Dana should climb into the ring. They should find a contender for him! If he loses, he needs to double all fighters’ salaries immediately!

  6. Rob Lewis says:

    If someone like Vince McMahon, with deep pockets and experience, wanted to take on the UFC with a new promotion, they could easily put them out of business and own MMA, simply by giving the fighters a bigger piece of the pie.

  7. Razor Ramon says:

    I would like to see how much Dana makes from the UFC. He maintains a strong grip on MMA because he has bought out all of the competition. This is not good for the sport or the fighters.

  8. Craig Hitchen says:

    the live gate, PPV revenue, TV advertising, the licensed merchandise would be a very large amount, ive watched ufc since tank abbott did interview and said he would bitch slap jean claude van dam and steven segal at the same time on 60 minutes. i watch ufc because of the fighters not the brand. i watched pride because of the fighters not the brand. pay them more they earn it

  9. hy_voltj says:

    Something is gonna give when promoters start offering fighters more. UFC generates billions only to pay their fighters chump change. UFC is losing great fighters as it is, GSP , Silva. I don’t pay for fights anymore, boxing or mma. You all should do the same. You can find these events free online.

  10. Nick says:

    im tired of fighters bitching about pay.. did you start mma thinking youd never get kicked or punched in the head? if you dont want to take a beating for making a few dollars.. DONT FIGHT. Go become teachers, or firemen, or construction workers, or garbage men. I cant remember the last time I heard someone say “ya know what… I make waaaayyy too much money for what im doing.” as much money as the ufc makes.. they are no where near the level of the nfl as far as revenue… the sport is gonna have to become way more popular to pay your bottom of the fight card fighters 50K a fight.

  11. Anthony T says:

    That is okay. you have a load of world class fighters killing them self for next to nothing at a pro level. It wont be long until another fighting league comes out and pays them more and UFC will be gone. My prayers go out to the family’s of the fighters. Stay strong brothas .

  12. Marcos says:

    Someone needs to step up for the fighters to give them the money they truly deserve… just like Big O Oscar Robertson did for the NBA players. Im from the Philippines and I follow UFC religiously.

  13. Chris Reed says:

    Dana White pockets too much blah blah blah fighters dont make enough blah blah….
    #1- athletes in other sports get paid more because face it, every other sport is bigger than UFC. the fan base, the televised events, stadiums. every aspect. Thats why baseball and football are on TV rather than pay per view….they dont need it. The commercials you watch during the games make that possible.
    #2- every fighter in the UFC signed their own contract. They sign their own fight agreements.
    For fighters, the Diaz brothers are pretty good…but to piss and moan and continuously bite the hand that feeds them, they both starting to sound like a couple of bitches. Dont agree to the terms before the fight then bitch about it afterward.
    And the 15grand per fight on his last fights?? Thats what he got paid for LOSING!!! Lost to Benson Henderson and Josh Thompson before beating Maynard. Just like any other 1v1 sport, winner gets paid more than the loser. Shit, give me 15Grand to lose a fight, just dont spell my name wrong on the check.
    But hey, heres a comparison for ya…. you think Tom Brady or Peyton Manning make as much as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell?? Nope, sure dont. Brady’s new 5year deal is worth 57million…Goodell took 29.3million to the bank this year alone.
    Lemme guess though… y’all think thats backwards too huh.

  14. RealityBites says:

    Lets get a perspective here. Dana White is the boss and he pays what he pays…if you don’t like it, don’t work for him. You can make endorsement deals, careers after you get well known. I thoughts the Diaz brothers started a fight league? hows that going? Not well if those 2 are still bitching about title fights they’ve had and got paid and lost. Maybe if either of them won a title fight in the UFC, they might think different. I don’t think Dana White likes the shit talk attitude, especially to give a fighter money after he criticizes him or the UFC. Go play another game if you don’t like the rules. The world isn’t changing because the Diaz brothers aren’t getting paid, join the real world boys. You had your 15, now shut up and go away.

  15. Nick says:

    Nate has a net worth of about $700,000

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