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Friday, 05/17/2013, 07:35 pm

Nate Diaz Suspended 90 Days, Fined $20,000 For Tweets About Bryan Caraway

The disciplinarians at the UFC are keeping busy this month.

After taking away Pat Healy’s UFC 159 post-fight bonus money for a failed drug test, the UFC awarded Bryan Caraway Healy’s $65,000 Submission of the Night bonus.

Fellow UFC lightweight Nate Diaz did not approve, taking to Twitter to express his thoughts on the situation.

“I feel bad for pat Healy that they took a innocent mans money and I think the guy who took the money is the biggest Fag in the world ..”

As a result of his homophobic statement the UFC has decided to suspend Diaz for 90 days and fine him $20,000.

Zuffa, LLC, owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship®, released an official statement on their website today:

“UFC lightweight Nate Diaz has received an immediate 90-day suspension and $20,000 fine for violating the UFC’s fighter code of conduct. The language used in his tweet was regrettable, offensive and inconsistent with the values and culture of the organization, and is not tolerated.”

“The money will be donated to charity.”

The tweet has since been deleted from Diaz’s Twitter account. He joins Matt Mitrione and Anderson Silva as the three fighters to be reprimanded by the UFC for not adhering to the organization’s Code of Conduct Policy.

The charity receiving the fine money has yet to be announced.


14 Responses to “Nate Diaz Suspended 90 Days, Fined $20,000 For Tweets About Bryan Caraway”

  1. Sasquatch says:


  2. The natural says:

    They should give the money to caraway too. Lol fucked up

  3. SinCe 2004 says:

    I hate what the UFC is turning into, i guess i cant really be surprised, as they say, all good things must come to an end…

  4. 757 says:

    That is over the top. Btw is Chael urinating on Wand’s vehicle violation of a code of conduct policy? Dana needs to get some equity in the enforcement of the policies. I don’t disagree with a policy, but I do think they are administering it unfairly.

  5. wtf says:

    Dana white is gay

  6. joe says:

    From Diaz’s point of view and also many others including me, the term fag means your’re being a jerk, not as you’re a gay faggot who loves to take it in the *** in public places and liivng their lives disrespectfully to others and disregard of others, just like when black people/rappers/entertainers say nigger…i meant nigga, it means a term of endearment, SAME THING CUZ

  7. Confucius says:

    UFC is trying too hard to be the nba or nfl. Wish it were like the old days when fighters came to fight and not score points and could say whatever they wanted. Too many events taking place these days. I don’t even get excited anymore. Dana should be fined for dropping the fag bomb too awhile back. Yeah Dana we havnt forgotten

  8. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Fukc Caraway! He’s a misogynistic womanbeater who shouldn’t even be in the UFC after he threatened to beat Rousey up. That little bitch should be removed instead of getting someone else’s bonus!

  9. Absinthe says:

    Mr. Tate hit a female fighter and that seems OK.
    Nate calls Bryan what he is and Nate is fined?

  10. Dee says:

    I’m getting ready to just stop watching the UFC. I’m not for exploiting athletes and I’m not for this BS. This is testosterone sport. It was meant for testosterone not GAY SOFTNESS. I’m done with Dana.

  11. Ddddddd says:

    The new man everyone loves to hate. Good job,way to wreck your career before anyone cares you exist.

  12. 123 says:

    i dont get why he got suspended & fined, the ufc is getting weird.

  13. JJ says:

    Lets all tweet Caraway and call him a fag just because we know we can’t get fined.

  14. Bob'O says:

    This is the price that is payed in order to watch free cards on FOX. It’s politics man, it’s the way it is. Fine is a bit harsh though in my opinion cause we all know what Nate meant by using the phrase. ~Bob’O

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