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Friday, 10/05/2012, 12:42 pm

Nate Diaz plans on doing everything Benson Henderson does, just better! | UFC NEWS

“I got a really good boxing coach in Richard Perez. He’s trained a lot of really good guys: Dominguez and Rodney Jones and my brother, Nick. He’s also been working with a couple other people lately. He’s the best boxing coach there is, in boxing. But, he’s in the MMA mix right now. Besides that, I’m at Cesar Gracie with Gilbert Melendez and Jake Shields and Nick. We’ve got good kickboxing dudes coming in from all over, so we’re trying to train hard.”

Benson Henderson will be without a doubt the toughest opponent to date for Nate Diaz. Nate’s Jiu Jitsu skills are insane and most his opponents are not on the same level as his, but that might not be so with Benson Henderson:

“I’ve seen him in jiu jitsu tournaments, also. So, I’ve kinda got an idea of what he’s got to deal with. But, I train with the best guys in the world. He’s really good. I’ve seen him in gi competitions. He gets out of stuff. He dominates people, real athletic guys. He’s definitely the champion for a reason.”


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