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Monday, 01/13/2014, 12:51 pm

Nate Diaz & Management Waiting On UFC Title Shot


“We could be looking at a title fightI think it’s a smart business decision to sit around for a little bit… Pettis already said he wanted to fight Nate. Why does he want to fight Nate? He knows it’s a money fight. That’s the name of the game. Who else would bring that much money? (Benson) Henderson? F–k no.”

In a recent interview with, Mike Kogan, manager to Nate Diaz, expressed their teams desires for the Stockton based fighter.

It’s true, following his complete and utter dismantling of Gray Maynard, Nate was called out by Anthony Pettis.

But will the UFC bite on this idea seeing as Diaz is just 1-1 since losing his first bid at the belt to Benson Henderson?



4 Responses to “Nate Diaz & Management Waiting On UFC Title Shot”

  1. Bob'O says:

    Shout out to my boy Pedro! Yeah but Pettis vs Diaz does make sense brah, Nate and his crew are correct. I love both fighters so much, but sometimes you have to just sit back and watch it just like we all did back with BJ & Nick. ~Bob’O

  2. Daniel Calvario Ramirez says:

    he lost a title fight and the fight after that… why should he deserve it???:::

  3. garciagym says:

    Thomson, Henderson, Melendez, Grant are ahead of Diaz right now….. Fighting Khabib to keep in the mix would be wise; however, his contract with the UFC is a joke and needs revamped ASAP. Don’t blame him a bit.

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