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Monday, 10/31/2011, 10:28 am

Nate Diaz Books Donald Cerrone For UFC 141

Ask and you shall receive…

After last weekend’s destruction of Dennis Siver, surging lightweight fighter, Donald Cerrone proclaimed that he wanted to be included on a fight card this December. The UFC apparently took note and granted him his wish.

In his toughest test to date, Cerrone will take on Nate Diaz in a lightweight competition set for UFC 141.

UFC 141 is set to take place on Dec. 30 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The end-of-year pay-per-view event will feature a five-round non-title fight between former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and newly signed heavyweight stand-out Alistair Overeem.

After leaving the lightweight division for an extended time, Nate Diaz recently made a return to his divisional home at UFC 135 and completely dominated Takanori Gomi with a first round submission victory. The win stopped a two-fight losing streak that he suffered while in the welterweight rankings. Diaz has always been regarded as a top lightweight. Having given contenders such as Clay Guida and Gray Maynard all they could handle, Nate returns to the division with a chip on his shoulder and out to prove he belongs amongst the divisions best fighters.

Since leaving the WEC, Cerrone has looked like the fighter promised to us long ago. Currently riding a six-fight win streak that includes four-straight in the UFC, this Team Jackson product has never looked better. Most recently he took out top 10 lightweight, Dennis Siver with a first round submission at UFC 137.

The latest UFC 141 card now includes:
• Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem
• Donald Cerrone vs. Nate Diaz
• Jon Fitch vs. Johny Hendricks
• Alexander Gustafsson vs. Vladimir Matyushenko
• Dong Hyun Kim vs. Sean Pierson
• T.J. Grant vs. Jacob Volkmann

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35 Responses to “Nate Diaz Books Donald Cerrone For UFC 141”

  1. mpage says:

    this one has fight of the night written all over it

  2. Jujutsu Player says:

    This should be the best fight on the card. Cerrone looked outstanding demolishing Siver. I’m still pissed at Siver for taking that ridiculous decisoin victory from Mat Wiman, that was the shittest refereeing I’ve ever seen. Diaz belongs at 155lb and this is a tough test for both fighters. IMO Cerrone has what it takes to go all the way to the title.

  3. Stevo the great says:

    How come the UFC boots all the OG good fighters….but keeps this dumptruck “Vladimir Matyushenko”…that guy is a lame….and never wins fights. Why do they get rid of Cro-cop…and keep Vladdy & Tito? It’s a wonder what the UFC is thinking sometimes…..

    • Bobby Larson says:

      I don’t know where you get your facts from but Vladimir has only lost once to the elbows of Jon Jones since his ufc debut. No shame in that since well I don’t know he is the lhw champion. Not to mention Vlady’s knocked out his last two opponents. Only lame thing here is your uneducated brain and your inability to write a complete sentence correctly. Get your facts straight or don’t post at all. I wonder what you were thinking when typing over someone you had absolutely no clue about. Makes me wonder.

      • Joshua C says:

        right on Bobby Larson….right on haha

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Vlady is so friggen washed up he should stick with his day job of being a janitor. by thye way does your momma know how you talk on her computer. You sound like a10 year old little kid in everyone of you stupid posts. Everything i have ever seen you post is just nonsense, you need to have your momma tuck you in now ok little boy. I can tell your daddy ddin’t give you enough spankings because you are a littl;e disrepectful little bitch who will get his ass kicked your entire life. call me when you are 18 and i woluld beglad to give you the ass kicking you have been begging for on this website. fucking little bitch fuck. Bobby “spanky” Larsen momma’s boy

        • io31 says:

          Lol. That kind of trash talk/trolling isn’t good enough to rile up a typical third grader these days. Weak … Very weak…

        • Bobby Larson says:

          Was that an insult. Aside from making me laugh with that poor excuse of an attempt, still doesn’t change the fact that your a little vagina. Why don’t you go play with your little cunt to some Fitch videos. Your words don’t phase me. How old are you like 11? Alright alright maybe I exaggerated. More like 8 or 9 judging by the paragraph you wrote with some of the worst grammar I’ve seen since my little brother was 4. That was a compliment by the way but your probably too stupid to realize it so just thought I’d let you know. Get a life you little girl all you do is complain. BOO HOO!

  4. andyboy says:

    Cerrone’s style and technic match up perfectly with Diaz style. This fight is gonna be crazy, Cerrone’s game plan should be leg kicks! take away Diaz’s reach and power by hurting whichever leg he puts forward, if not Nate will move forward with Jabs and take away round by round. Nate wont be able to put Cerrone away, Cerrone has a chin but Nate could win a UD easy if Cerrone doesnt come in to hurt him early, leg kicks are the key to victory for Cerrone.

  5. Jmad says:

    Been hoping for this fight, I don’t want either guy to lose but I’ll probably lean towards Cerrone on this one. should be a crazy fight.

  6. Craig says:

    This fight seems like a young Diaz vs Penn too me. Both guys have great ground games plus good stand up…

  7. Epic fight, Cerrone fights more frequently for the UFC than any other fighter it seems

  8. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    This is a pretty strong card. I have to go with the Cowboy on this one. I hope Brock brings his A game because Overeem’s striking is dangerous.

  9. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Nate better dig DEEEEP into his bag of tricks, because Cowboy has been looking vicious lately! Good match, but I think Cowboy will be bigger and stronger, and will bully Nate. I think his ground game is good enough to defend any sub attempts, and his striking game is good enough to stand with Nate. Cowboy got this. Hate to go against a Diaz, but that’s my pick…

  10. Thomas v says:

    Nate all day

  11. Digs says:

    Definitely FOTN. Pretty sick card so far.

  12. El Charlie says:

    Gotta take Nate on this one. I think his hands are a lot better than Cerrone’s. Yes ALOT better, I said it. When it comes to technique Nate’s boxing looked crisp against Gomi. Spitting image of his brother in a way. I will give Cowboy the K.O power though. Those hands are powerful but nothing Nate can’t withstand. As far as groundwork goes I do too think Nate has a better ground game, not by much but it is better. Cerrone will be the bigger more powerful man but if Nate catches him sleeping for one second the night could be over. The way Cerrone’s been looking lately is nothing but phenomenal. If Nate comes to bang I see him taking a split decision, maybe even a submission late in the third. Otherwise it could be a repeat of what we’ve seen Cowboy do since his UFC debut. There’s fight of the night written all over this one.

    • BodPa says:

      His hands maybe a lot better, but what about the feet. I mean adepted kickboxing lends itself much metter to MMA than adepted boxing wouldnt you say. I mean one shin to nate’s head and you can have all the chin in the world but you will go down.

      • El Charlie says:

        Yes you are correct but I feel the only threat Cerrone possesses to Nate are his leg kicks. Head kicks are good if they land but you can see those coming from a mile away. Nate’s good at avoiding punches as well as he takes them. If Cowboy is able to take out his legs(which he more than likely will attack them) then I feel he can slow Nate down. I’m not completely ruling Cowboy out but I do think Nate has the advantage. Then again I wouldn’t be surprised if cowboy came through the way he’s been performing lately.

  13. sgt thai clone says:

    Nate better learn to check leg kicks real quick! If I were Cerrone I would keep it standing,Cerrone is no slouch on the ground,but Diaz has some grade A JJ SKILLS-This will be an epic war.

  14. io31 says:

    I am glad they are putting this together with Lesnar-Overeem. These two are fast and explosive , whereas Lesnar and Overeem are both cardio monsters who can go on forever. Wait, was that the other way around?…

  15. Respectexpected says:

    Nice to see them in the co-main event not the undercard

  16. Creature says:

    I think Cerrone is better than Nate in pretty much every aspect of the game honestly, striking Cerrone is more diverse, just as fast and has more power, ground i give Cerrone the slight edge just because he will be a bit bigger and stronger, cardio is even, experience is about even. but Cerrone just has too many tools to win i think. Im gonna make a bold prediction and say late 2012 or early 2013 we will be seeing Bendo/Cerrone 3 for the UFC LW title this time

  17. les says:

    Can’t choose. Two of my favorite fighters.

  18. Xaninho says:

    All great fights on paper, except Fitch-Hendricks.

    But that’s ok I can take a 14 min dump during that fight and come back the last minute and see a dude on top of another dude for the during of that last minute….

  19. Michael says:

    Getchu sum Donald Ce-Ron-Nee!

  20. The Beast says:

    This will be a good fight first where cerrone will go in probably not the better bjj guy but is the better striker should be a good one think cerrone speed wins him the fight but wont be shocked if diaz wins

  21. Nick says:

    oh damn, i read that wrong at 1st. i though they were talkin abt donald vs NICK diaz, and i was like, ok. should b obvious. but nah, this fight looks pretty evend out. cowboys been kickin ass latly, and diaz is good as always. i cant say who will win, but itll b ggood for sure. this fight icould realy boost cerrone’s already big name… still think itd b cool if he fought nick to, but idt hes ready. i hate nick diaz’s personality, but i gota say, the guys a beast

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