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Monday, 01/27/2014, 10:10 am

Nate Diaz Blasts Thomson, Henderson & Pettis Following UFC on FOX 10

“Last night’s fight was whack, first of all these guys are here to cause confusion. I’m here to put these ass whoopins down to their maximum effect and you got these guys out here having a wrestling match, they’re smiling and shaking hands and having a good time instead of fighting for real. They’re play fighting and this shit is putting me to sleep that’s not what I signed up for, nobody wants to watch that shit and it’s definitely causing confusion to the fans and the fighters. I’m not sure who’s judging these fights they should have both lost the fight. Then you got this other motherfucker playing his Hollywood role on the sidelines in his #sillyasssuits getting paid to sit there and state his bullshit opinion like anyone gives a fuck you’ve been here two years and pulled out of half your fights so I don’t know why you think you’re calling the shots why don’t you win another fight or two and then maybe you can fight me motherfucker. P.S. I thought Thomson’s bitchass won the wrestling match.”

Nate Diaz, the younger of the two Diaz brothers, took to twitter to give his take on Saturday’s main event between Josh Thomson and Benson Henderson. Two men he has previously been defeated by.

The top UFC lightweight also blasted the UFC’s lightweight champion, Anthony Pettis, for his job as evening commentator.

Who doesn’t want to see Nate versus everyone? I know I do.


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  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I Love the Diaz Bro’s…That is some funny shit….”….Thomson’s bitchass won the wrestling match.”….. BTW Nate: That Thomson bitchass KYTFO…. Still I do love the Diaz bro’s…

  2. phil fioresi says:

    I like Nate but, it’s funny both these guys kicked his ass, right? He’s trying to be promoter to I guess.

  3. Nick says:

    The Diaz brothers do a good job of hyping up their fights.. but neither have worn a UFC belt… wonder why that is? Oh.. thats right.. neither of them are as good as they think they are.

  4. rory101 says:

    I was thinking exaxtly the same thing…Benson basically wanted thompsons dick in his arse – there fight was bullshite

  5. Stephen A. says:

    I Love Nick & Nate Diaz. Both are extremely talented but where I find fault in their game (and not just theirs) they don’t do what they are best at. They are best at Jiu Jitsu and just beating people up. When they decide to to become boxers is when they have trouble. If I were one of their boys I tell them, “Hey, you can take a punch, bum rush your opponent and submit them quickly.” That’s my opinion.

  6. garciagym says:

    Thank you Nate… Who cares if he’s lighting fires to get attention, the guy is 100% right. There’s an epidemic of fighters who train/gameplan point fighting and it’s killing off fan appeal. F**k letting those cross-eyed judges decide, fighters need to go hard to finish, that’s what’s called “putting on a show”…

  7. MannyUmana says:

    Diaz brothers are real fighters but they get their asses handed to them by top 5 fighters because they don’t lift weights evident from their physique. Also shun wrestling. Always criticize it because it is their biggest weakness. You need to develop your wrestling base. You can’t neglect a big aspect of the game and expect to b a champion nowadays. The new breed has to be well versed in all areas. His comments were very funny though. Still a fan. But remember Diaz brothers trash talking may get you the fight you want but never the victory. Man I’m good!

  8. chaos says:

    Gotta Agree Wit Him Like Henderson But The Match Was A Dud And Everything He Said About Pettis Is Tru

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