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Friday, 04/06/2012, 01:05 pm

PHOTO | Nate Diaz Awarded BJJ Black Belt From Cesar Gracie

Nate Diaz joined a short list of esteemed grapplers yesterday who can claim to be a Cesar Gracie black belt. He joins MMA standouts Nick Diaz and Jake Shields with his new rank in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


47 Responses to “PHOTO | Nate Diaz Awarded BJJ Black Belt From Cesar Gracie”

  1. Zack says:

    He deserves it. Some of the sickest bjj in his class

  2. Big B says:

    About time Cesar!

  3. Nick says:

    Congrats to him.

  4. John M says:

    I was wondering when Nate was going to get his BB, been long enough…he’s still a pile

  5. iStone247 says:

    congrats nate

  6. Mwill says:

    If Nate could stop acting ghetto, he would be one of the more popular and likable fighters in the UFC!

    • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

      why stop being who you are????

    • E716 says:

      What do mean stop being ghetto?

    • Xaninho says:

      You can take a Diaz out of the ghetto, but you’ll never take the ghetto out of a Diaz!

      • haywood jablowme says:

        They aint from noo ghetto…its an act…like eminem or vanilla ice (same dude right?) Ghetto is in style right now…keeping it real appearently is not…
        FWI…the bruvas be laughin they asses off at you fools…fo reals!

        • haywood jablowme says:

          And pull your fucking pants up!!!!

        • RHendO says:

          are u fucking kidding me? have u been to stockton? shit dont get any more ghetto than that its fucking neighbor city modesto was the murder capital of US for a long ass time these foos are hood

        • haywood jablowme says:

          Keep it real…nuff said

        • Zetoe R10 says:

          Stockton/Lodi is “ghetto” as it gets on the west coast. It’s essentially Oakland but smaller. You have no idea.

        • Dog chapman says:

          The bruvas? Gtfo wit ur fagg ass lingo brudda the brvasfck ur ass whole raw

        • haywood jablowme says:

          like i said…ghetto is in style right now…thats why all u guys are defending how ghetto stockton or lodi or whatever broke down shitty area theyre from is. being proud of how ghetto or dangerous or shitty your city or neiborhood is is weak. ghettos are the way they are because the people who live there dont care enough to clean it up. but they sure are proud of it…again, ghetto is in style right now…
          and yes dog…the bruvas. they think white boys like you, who try to act black, are funny as fuck…keep it real….bruva.

        • McCombski says:

          R u a idot!!!! First i cant honeslty belive you think vinilla ice is the same perosn as eminem. Next Eminem is more hood than diaz or prettty much any rapper these is or has been. Get you facts straight dip shit !! Em is from 8 Mile Detroit !!! go take a drive there and see how getto it is for you self !

        • haywood jablowme says:

          lol…i dont give a shit how “ghetto” detroit, stockton, oakland, comptom, harlem, brooklyn, or chicago’s south side is…who gives a shit! ghettos suck! only little white boys who grew up in the suburbs, and watch way too much BET, would think ghettos were cool.
          as far as eminem and vanilla ice being the same guy…obviously it was a joke…moron…they are similar though….both are white dudes who act black and play black music (on bubblegum pop radiostations)…
          oh and…PULL YOUR FUCKING PANTS UP!!!!!

  7. THOM BJJ says:

    grats homie, time to show the haters the difference between your jits and millers.

  8. aaxantonio says:

    good job nate.

  9. Jay says:

    Congrats Nate! you deserve it!

  10. joshua says:

    cesar dont just give black belts out… but its about time for nate to get his!!! great job nate!

  11. true mma says:

    All the bjj in the world won’t stop you from getting tossed around by Rory macdonald. How about working on your strength and wrestling and fixing that lisp you talk with.

    • brett says:

      How about realizing that the fight between Nate and Rory was at 170. Nate is fighting at 155 now and lookin tougher than ever!!

    • Zetoe R10 says:

      Roidy MacDonald you mean.
      Dude was juiced the fuck out.

    • Heath says:

      What belt do you hold besides the one you hold your pants up with.. A black belt under Cesar Gracie is an awsome accomplishment and took alot of hardwork and dedication to say the least. Well deserved for the time spent and the highlight reel of submission wins..
      I dont mind the lisp seeing he does all his talking in the ring with his ever improving Boxing game and slick ground skills… Haters gonna Hate..

    • allmightysandman says:

      that was awesome how rory tossed him around like a little lithping ragdoll!! lol now that nate run back to 155, i guess rory should throw his big brother around next.

      rory would take ’em both.

      he’s from ghetto kelowna bitches! (i think it’s kelowna) lol

      …don’t matter if you’re from the ghetto or from the hills…just matters how you fight…and rory is a beast.

      congrats nate. good for you. (just don’t ever poke your head back up into WW or someone will take it off)

  12. Xaninho says:

    Cesar Gracie is such an indian giver. He took that belt back right after the picture was taken….

  13. baldy says:

    Nice work!
    Now get that belt!

  14. Mwill says:

    No one will ever accuse the Diaz brothers of being businessmen, but come on Caesar, you (I think) are smarter than both of them put together so why don’t you hire them an image consultant and make 10x the money you are making off of them right now! Just tell them it is a new kind of MMA training and they will believe you because they believe anything you tell them!

    • Scotty says:

      Why change their image? They are who they are.. People are going to hate it and people are going to like it.. Even if they did change their image, it would be the same thing, hate em or love em.. People base there opinions way to much off these guys image especially Nick’s.. I can say i was one of them for awhile but then looked at it as how hard they work and come to fight every time.. Screw an image, Nick got title shots just the way he is and got paid, so isnt Nate..

  15. Jon says:

    I honestly thought he had it already lol. Good for him though, his ground game is immense.

  16. lex walker says:

    thats was up, does any body know how long it took him?

  17. upunk says:

    congratz to nate diaz !

  18. laura says:

    the question that needs to be answered is does nate puff the dragon with brother nick? or does nick slap him and force him to hold his blunt while he spars and takes it back inbetween rounds.

    these r the questions i ask myself at night

  19. Brian Eggiman says:

    Beat Tim’s ass 209



  21. Xaninho says:

    Nice to see my sarcastic comment had such an effect…But seriously I’m glad to live in a good neighbourhood. Had to work hard to get to where I’m now, not going back to the old hood.

  22. Jiu-Jitsu Is Life says:

    Beasssssssst. One day I want to train with cesar and the diaz bro’s!

  23. abomb says:

    congrads Nate uve been tapping black belts out in the ufc for years and u was a purple and brown belt i think u r the most well rounded 155 and i think u won those split decsion fights against Maynard ,Guida and a few others ur bjj is sick and show stopping ur stand up is great best boxing in the 155 and deserve a title shot after the miller fight ur bjj has been black belt status for a long time but Ceasar dont just give those out obv he has only gave like 5 or 6 out so u deff worked and earned ur black belt Benson vs Nate will be a great fight

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