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Monday, 04/23/2012, 08:46 am

Natasha Wicks | Former UFC Ring Girl Now Olympic Hopeful

By Jamie McAllister:
The one time UFC ring girl Natasha Wicks comments on getting over a devastating tailbone injury and making a return to running in an interview with

“It was bad enough to where it took me a whole season to have it completely realigned, and after that I was dealing with a lot of compensation injuries. So, it was just injury after injury, and it was really discouraging.”

“I was pretty burned out by the time it was all done and just wanted to take a break. I still raced here and there, but it was like nothing at a national level. And then just one thing led to another, and I started modelling, and everything just kind of shifted and other priorities took over the No. 1 spot.”

“After a while, I thought this is fun, but it didn’t bring me total happiness and fulfilment. It wasn’t until the end of this last year that I went to Hawaii and took some time to really think about what I love and what I’m the most passionate about, and that is definitely running for me. The running, and passion for running, I thought this is what I want to do. I never stopped dreaming about it. When I was in high school and college, I wanted to compete in the Olympics.”

“Now I’m in serious training for the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. My goals are to compete on a national and world level in the 5K, 10K and half-marathon and dominate the Olympic trials and then place in the Top Three at the Olympics.”

Wicks who has had to deal with multiple injuries after an accident in college where her tailbone was knocked out of alignment.Now after a six year break from running she now looks to gain a spot on the US Olympic team for 2016 in Brazil.


2 Responses to “Natasha Wicks | Former UFC Ring Girl Now Olympic Hopeful”

  1. michael de la Cruz says:

    Good for her. Be sick if she can make it happen. For real though, I was hoping to hear about how she ran a world class time or something. Instead, this article aint about shit.

  2. 808 says:

    Wicks and Logan were my favorite ring girls but then Dana went full retard, firing them both.

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