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Friday, 05/11/2012, 08:46 am

NASCAR Driver Kevin Harvick Will Corner Donald Cerrone

By Evan Stoumbelis:
Lightweight UFC fighter Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone will be cornered by NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick during his fight against Jeremy Stevens on UFC on Fuel TV 3 this upcoming Tuesday.

VFD Sports (Cerrone’s management team) struck a long-term deal with Harvick recently, so fans might catch Cerrone at some of Harvick’s races in the future. Cerrone had this to say about the deal with Harvick.

“I’m pumped to have Kevin as my sponsor and part of my fight team,” Cerrone said. “We are big fans of each other. I love going to his races and am honored that he will be helping me in my fight.” Harvick will be escorting Cerrone to the cage on Tueday. Harvick’s twitter and facebook will be displayed on Cerrone’s banner during the event.


20 Responses to “NASCAR Driver Kevin Harvick Will Corner Donald Cerrone”

  1. Lol says:

    Who the hell cAres about weak ass nascar. Only drunk hill billys.

  2. Dick Diaz says:

    damn Donald Cerrone is a redneck lol just kidding. what’s with all these random celebrities in all these fighters’ corners now?

  3. Brend0magic says:

    Might as well be Steven “Master” Seagull.

  4. Keep goin around that ring u got 15 to do 5000 laps around dat ring boy

  5. Aaron says:

    The worst thing about this article is that he didn’t even spell Jeremy Stephens right.

  6. jrog says:

    this smells like a cross promotion by Fox. Bad idea Kevin is a great driver but come the hell on.I want to see great fights not an add campaign to boost ratings by running out NASSCAR drivers

  7. MMACRAVER says:

    Nascar… what a sport..

    You will never see a faster left turn in your life guys….

  8. Baki says:

    Makes you wonder how serious he’s taking this fight. What use is Harvick in the corner? What sound advice could he possibly give between rounds?

  9. your mom says:

    Diaz must have knocked him silly

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