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Monday, 08/19/2013, 10:17 am

Murilo Rua Angered Over “Shady” People in Mauricio Rua’s Camp After Loss to Sonnen

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Mauricio Rua suffered his first two-fight losing streak of his career as he lost to Chael Sonnen last Saturday at the inaugural UFC on FOX Sports 1 card, on which he headlined. ‘Shogun’ didn’t resemble the fighter that made him a champion in Pride and the UFC. Instead, he was handled by Sonnen and choked out in the first round after threatening with barely any offense save for a takedown that resulted in little more than speed bump for Sonnen.

Now, Mauricio’s brother, Murilo Rua has come out and slammed ‘shady’ individuals in Shogun’s camp (via

“Shogun” changed his coaches, trainers and managers several times during his UFC run, and his brother believes that is one of the problems.

“He has a lot of shady persons around him, people trying to take advantage of him,” he said. “People from his camp said I wasn’t good for Mauricio because I made him nervous when I was on his corner, and he listened to that, so I decided to leave. If something is wrong I would point it out, I wouldn’t just lie to please him.”

Murilo stepped down from cornering his younger brother after receiving advice to do so. During his critique, he stated that Rua simply didn’t do the right things to defend against the attack of a wrestler and skilled grappler such as Sonnen:

“I was surprised,” Murilo said. “In my opinion, Mauricio played the wrong game. He should’ve moved more to avoid the takedowns. Fighting on half guard against a wrestler isn’t a good strategy. He should have brought Chael to his guard when he got taken down, tried to sweep him or land some punches. But Sonnen got his neck, unfortunately.”

Mauricio Rua is only 31-years-old but his continued participation in MMA wars was brought back in to the spot light numerous times during the build up for this fight and seemed to show that in MMA years, he is much older. As for a drop to potential change in weight class to preserve his career in what could be the latter stages of said career, Murilo seemingly throws that notion out the window citing his brothers natural weight of 230-pounds, making it difficult for his brother to drop to 185-pounds:

“My brother never went on a diet,” he said. “But I believe it’s hard for him to (fight at middleweight), he weighs around 230 pounds. I don’t know what he’s thinking for his future, I’ll talk to him when he gets back home.”

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0 Responses to “Murilo Rua Angered Over “Shady” People in Mauricio Rua’s Camp After Loss to Sonnen”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    What’s he talking about? When Sonnen was in the dominate top mount that’s all Rua tried to do was sweep!!?? I do agree though he should have tried to run away and kick him coming in instead of letting him close the distance. Nobodies winning that game against Sonnen.

  2. Mhencore says:

    I believe that the Shogun that I know is no more…
    The Shogun that I saw fighting nowadays is far to different from the Shogun that saw on Pride… He’s just like a typical mma fighter now… But still I want to believe that ther will be PrimeII… He’s still one of the best.

  3. 757 says:

    I think anyone knows that he can’t hit and he can only go to the ground so it is true that nobody should stand in front of hi. After all he isn’t going to knock anyone out so we all know what’s coming. That’s what makes Shogun’s plan so confusing. Chael is smart enough to know that he will get knocked out in a war on the feet

  4. squid says:

    i was wondering why i didnt see ninja in shoguns corner. aside from that fact, shogun should’ve known better. like i posted earlier, he should’ve concentrated more on his TDD rather than boxing with freddie roach. i mean, i love shogun and im a big fan of his fighting style but, why would he work on boxing? i said he should’ve worked on his wrestling, considering thats always been the weakest part of his game and hes facing one of the best wrestlers in MMA today in chael sonnen. i just don’t get it. what were they thinking? obviously not much of anything. congrats to chael though.

  5. stephen says:

    The main change that lost Shogun the fight was not walking out to Armin Van Buren

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