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Monday, 02/17/2014, 09:12 am

Mousasi: ‘Machida Was Always One Step Ahead’

Rhythm always helps, but I felt good in the fight. I don’t think [ring rust played a factor]. He was always a step ahead. I just couldn’t get started. I don’t know about the scoring. Maybe I had one round, maybe two…”

Following his unanimous decision loss to Lyoto Machida last weekend, Gegard Mousasi told the media at the post-fight presser that Lyoto was just one-step ahead of him during their fight.


11 Responses to “Mousasi: ‘Machida Was Always One Step Ahead’”

  1. Rafael Mendonça says:

    Machida clearly won, but I’m looking forward to see Mousasi fighting again, he is a great fighter

  2. StaalOntwerp says:

    I’ve never seen a fighter who is as aloof (for lack of a better word) as Mousasi. He shows no emotion before, during or after a fight.

  3. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Mousasi was and is so much more superior striking technician than Machida was or ever will be. Matter of fact, most of these European kickboxers are the best strikers in mma. Machida was wide open with his wide stance for leg kicks and why a kickboxer didn’t kick, who knows??!! Crazy. Rua showed the blueprint for this mediocre fighter. He sucks at boxing with his rock’m sock’m double pump style. Shit, Weidman will kill this guy. Machida and his feinting hand waving bs will get destroyed by Weidman. Just remember what Jones did to Machida, that will be compounded with Weidman. Machida nor Souza deserves a fight with a champion. Be it Weidman or if Belfort gets lucky again.

    • Hello Matsumoto says:

      What a fan boy. I don’t know what fight you watched but Mousasi didn’t do anything. I guess you can call doing nothing superior striking! LOL. I could only guess why he didn’t throw a kick, maybe he was scared of getting tripped or getting countered. I would love to see Weidman fight Machida, that would be an interesting fight. I don’t think Weidman can touch Machida but we won’t know till they fight.

      I have give it to Mousasi though for his rock hard head. Got kicked in the head twice and not a flinch.

      • Rishab says:

        True that. Mousasi’s head is an anvil it seems 😛
        and Mousasi was not the superior striker in this fight. Only a blind person would state otherwise. And about the open hand fighting thing, what about Ali in Boxing?? Didnt he just punk everyone even without raising his hands, he slipped strikes likes an old lady in a bathroom rubber with Vaseline.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          You two tools obviously have not seen the FightMetrics on this fight. Mousasi out struck herky jerky avoid a fight Machida bigtime Yep, you two know what’s going on???? Nope….

    • NotMachidakun says:

      Doesn’t a fight kinda decide who is the superior striker between the two?

  4. swaxbagga says:

    I hadnt seen a lot of mousasi before this fight but he made a fan out of me. He took the loss like a man, totally agree that he lost but reading reviews makes it sound a lot worse than it was. I would be interested in seeing him agaist a pressure fighter like sonnen at 85.

  5. Mousasi is the type of fighter that will do well against Machida if they get a rematch.
    Machida is by far the most complex puzzle in terms of fighting style, you need to fight him to a decision, lose, and learn from them. Only Jones managed to beat him but mainly due to overwhelming physical advantages.

    A non-prime Shogun got Machida figured out. He found holes and worked on them, knocking him out. IMO, Machida is a special fighter but I bet he cannot adjust like other fighters. He fights and will fight like he had always fought. If you got him figured out, you are likely to win against him 4 out of 5.

    Mousasi had taken notes. He will let his knee injury recover more, fight lesser fighters, climb up the ranks, and probably meet Machida again and beat him.

  6. swaxbagga says:

    Id like to see machida vs rockhold if he is gonna have to wait around for a title shot. Thats an interesting machup to me

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