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Monday, 02/10/2014, 04:42 am

Mousasi: ‘I’ve studied Machida’s striking very well, I can deal with it’

“…I understand better now how he fights. I would say he is much more of a smart fighter. He lures you in, he feints, so I studied him very well. I can deal with it. I’m getting the chance to fight Machida. I’m excited, you know, because maybe I can get a title shot after this. There’s not many contenders at middleweight at this moment I believe. This is a fight I must win. With that mentality I’m going to go into the fight. I’m more relaxed than I was a year ago. You have to be smart and make no mistakes. He’s dangerous if you lose your control and you get too aggressive or leap into your punches. That’s when he’s most dangerous, so you have to fight smart.”

“I think I’ll do fine. I did a lot of sparring for this fight, five rounds, five minutes per. I tried to replicate the fight. Of course, it’s going to be in Brazil with a hostile audience, but other than that I just need to be smart and keep my cool and everything will be just fine.”

In a recent interview with ‘The MMA Hour‘ this weekend’s main event fighter, Gegard Mousasi, discussed his fight against Lyoto Machida.

Should the winner get a title shot?


5 Responses to “Mousasi: ‘I’ve studied Machida’s striking very well, I can deal with it’”

  1. team backfist says:

    Title shot? I don’t think so. After Souza and Rockhold massacre Carmont and Boetsch, they’ll be ahead with Souza leading.

    • Xaninho says:

      So you think beating guys like Carmont and Boetsch is held in higher regards than beating Machida? I’m not saying Mousasi is going to win, but I think beating Machida would be a much bigger accomplishment.

      • team backfist says:

        No, but title shots aren’t given to no-names for beating a somebody. Those given title shots are familiars that will draw the $$$, especially in the MW division… If Moose floors Machida, then yes, there’s a claim. However, #3 Souza, who happens to be Brazilian ($$$), is the rising talent and is primed for a contendership, especially if both Lyoto loses and Weidman wins.

        Like I said, Gegard will not only have to win, he’ll have to prove he’s champ material and is overdue. I doubt that will happen. If it does, I’ll be happy for Moose and eat my crow.

        • Xaninho says:

          no-name? I get your point, but Mousasi is not a no-name. He has fought and beaten much better competition than Jacare and Rockhold combined. In fact he has a win over Jacare.

          I do agree that Brazil is economically probably more interesting for the UFC because Holland is just a small country and MMA in a cage isn’t even legal here.

          I guess we will just have to wait and see. After the Machida-Mousasi fight everything will be clear.

        • v says:

          Not a Mousasi fan. But I just watched him knock Jacare out with a upkick cold. At minimum they should rematch for a title shot if they both win. Which is unlikely against a beast like Machida. Lyoto’s size advantage at his true weight class of middle weight is a huge unspoken advantage as well.

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