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Monday, 09/26/2011, 04:18 pm

Mousasi Gives American Trained Fighters Huge Advantage In Preparation

“As far as technology and how they do it, like weight cutting and stuff like that, I’m way behind them because I don’t have those contacts. I don’t have those people around me that can help me with those things. … In the U.S., it’s a lot more professional what the athletes do there. The nutrition, the trainers, the people that they work with there, it’s much more professional than what I do. If you compare me to the U.S. fighters, I’m just an amateur the way I prepare for my fights. I give [up] a lot of advantages there. I understand that, but for me, yes, I’m learning but slowly.”

Former Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion Gegard Mousasi tells the guys over at that he definitely thinks American based fighters have better training.

With that being said, the highly touted Mousasi has still had a very successful career and is highly regarded as one of the sports best fighters. Knowing the training is better in the states one would think he may venture out and dedicate himself in the same manner his American peers do.



12 Responses to “Mousasi Gives American Trained Fighters Huge Advantage In Preparation”

  1. charty sucks it says:

    I agree..moussassi needs to come stateside and start training…since he has a pretty good style and always come to fight I think Jacksons camp would be good for him ..but they’ve already got a few ligh heavy’s in the stable including the that might be an issue..maybe even ATT or AKA..

  2. Xaninho says:

    He knows how to fight, he has great skills and techniques. The dutch martial arts culture is worldfamous….Dutch Thaiboxing style is arguably the best in the world….

    The physical preparation is where he can improve…And that is something American gym’s have the edge on. American Gym’s are far more advanced in that particular aspect of fighting.

  3. The Dude says:

    He forgot to mention that huge advantage of knowing who to wrestle.

    it’s the elephant in the room

    Mousasi with wrestling would be a top 10 p4p fighter and in the mix for a title. Without it…. not so much.

  4. jonesy says:

    mousis could easily make middle if he had proper training or weight cutting,…he is a small lhw and i have only heard of him talking at fighting lhw or moving up to hw ,..he would do well against anderson at middle,,

  5. Terrance says:

    Mousasi is a bad dude, an makes no expression when he steps into the cage.

  6. Random Person says:

    Sounds like exuses. He makes a statment like this so that he can look like a badass because he does not have the pro resources that America has, and to have a reason why he loses a fight.

    He should just train in the USA for the last month or two of his camp. Then he can cut weight better.

    But, you know. Whatever.

    • bjs will lose to diaz says:

      Making up excuses? Everything he said was right unless you think that Japan has better training for MMA than America? If you do “urine idiot”. Quit thinking everyone is crying all the time. He is not making any excuses, he is simply giving credit to how in depth America is with MMA and forever evolving. You need to look up the definition of excuses and “giving credit”. Dont put a comment down then say ‘whatever’.

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