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Friday, 08/10/2012, 06:37 am

More on Batista's MMA Debut

Batista’s MMA debut for the CES promotion will take place from the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. As noted before, the October 6th fight will be against heavyweight Rashid Evans, not to be confused with the UFC fighter Rashad Evans. Tickets go on sale today through Ticketmaster and are priced at $20, $35, $55, $75, $125 and $250. The event will indeed air live on DirecTV pay-per-view.

Batista is currently training at his gym in Florida and highlights from his eight-week training camp will air in a four-part series on DirecTV beginning at 6am on October 6th.

Batista said in a press release issued Thursday:

“Fighting MMA is a dream come true. I’m very excited to make my debut in Providence with Jimmy Burchfield, who has so much experience putting on fights. CES treats me like family and I can’t wait to make my debut with them. MMA has been my lifelong dream and I’m glad to be able to do it with them on the East Coast.”



28 Responses to “More on Batista's MMA Debut”

  1. Me says:

    In before all the haters start commenting… Give the guy a chance at least.

    • Amen dude! Maybe he’ll be awesome and maybe he’ll be terrible, who knows. I haven’t, from anything I’ve read so far, seen where’s he’s walking into the sport expecting any big recognition for anything, so who cares? I hope the guy does great. Maybe he’ll go 15-0, or 0-15, or 0-1. He’s just another guy trying something new that he likes. Respect to the guy for having the balls to get in the cage to let someone hit him in the face.

  2. stephen riddle says:

    Hopefully better than bobby lashly|:

  3. S says:

    He doesn’t seem like a ceasar gracie fighter.

  4. xhoochiex says:

    I hope he Batista b

  5. xhoochiex says:

    I hope he Batista bombs someone
    That legitly looks like it hurts lol

  6. Aaron Doran says:

    i liked him in the wwe lets hope he is not a wash out like the rest ex: brock lesner bobby lashey, and bob sapp most of those guys only did good becuase of pure strength lets hope he uses more technique then brute force either way it would still be a good fight

    • DC says:

      Wait wait wait… Bob Sapp was not a washout. That man put more heart into his fights than Lesnar and Lashley combined. Sapp actually dedicated himself to the Kickboxing and MMA lifestyle, though he was just simply too big and too slow to keep up with the likes of Pride and K1 elites. I’m not saying he was awesome, but he wasn’t a pushover.

      “You teach me to football?”

      • Robert says:

        LOL dude bob sapp was a joke and only in it for the money. he hardly dedicated himself at all. He also fought in fixed fights and currently does and takes dives in fights just to collect paychecks. Thta much he has admitted to. Brock Lesnar was an NCAA Champion who went straight out to fight the best in the world. Became a champ and lost it to the very skilled Cain Velasquez. Bobby Lashley went out and did his best as well but without the same success as lesnar.

        • Mayor of Deviance says:

          Hey now I don’t like Sapp, and one of my favorite fights of all time is when CroCop busted Sapp’s eye socket, but that is an unfair characterization of him. He may be washed up and doesn’t put his heart into fights anymore, but there was a time when he was serious about fighting to become the best. Gotta at least respect his former self.

      • bunkylomax says:

        hahaha! bob sapp is the biggest puss! I watched him fight at a bodog event and get thrashed in 36 seconds by a former boxer he just came for a paycheck. eff you bob sapp!

    • Robert says:

      Bobby Lashley and Lesnar were not washouts. They jumped into the sport and did the best they could and had pretty good success. i doubt batista will be as successful considering he hsa no history in competition beyon da little tkd or karate or something he did. Lesnar was heavyweight champ. come on man.

  7. nooooooooo…. batista is a warrior of WWE….. this will not be good for he….

  8. Secludedly says:

    “My life long dream.” Lol.Batista is in his 40s, isn’t he? MMA has only been around for like 16 years. Anyway, would still be cool to see him fight. Not expecting much from him though but we’ll see.

  9. wayne says:

    not anotheer wwe guy! u cant do roids in MMA!

  10. Not to be picky but It’s Bautista not Batista. Batista was his WWE name Bautista is his real last name. WWE is obsessed with copy writing everything so most all there wrestlers have to change there names just saying. If he wins all the web sites will say WWE wrestlers beats Rashad Evans. Even though its a different Rashad Evans. LOL

  11. It’s Bautista not Batista. Bautista is his real last name. Batista was his WWE wrestler name because WWE likes to own copy rights on everything they use so most ever wrestler they employee uses a stage name even ones that used there stage name somewhere else first. Just saying.

  12. moron killer says:

    I would like to see him fight Paul the pheonix holt who is also just starting mma professionally. Would be good Paul is skilled. Expect to see him in the ufc in five more fights. You heard it here first.

  13. diesel says:

    Rashad…Rashid…Goldberg….Gilberg….big difference beyond the name LOL

  14. Jingo says:

    Damn his mini-series starts at 6am a bit early for my ass

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