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February 16, 2013 10:34 am by Christopher Murphy

The UFC on Fuel TV 7 Main Card is being aired live from the Wembley Arena in London, England.  The main event features the first title fight on Fuel TV, a bantamweight matchup between Interim Champion, Renan Barao, and challenger Michael McDonald.

The broadcast begins Saturday, February 16 at 3 pm ET/12pm PT.  Refresh this page for live updates and results.


(Welterweight, 170 lbs.) Che Mills vs. Matt Riddle

Rd 1: As would be expected, Matt Riddle received vocal “boos” from the UK crowd during introductions.  The two slap hands, and immediately begin to find their range.  Kick from Riddle.  Exchange ends with Riddle finding a single leg.  Che Mills jumps with a knee.  Riddle pushes it to the cage.  They clinch, Riddle with two underhooks.  Knees to the legs from Riddle.  Riddle drops back down to a single, switches to a double and drives it to the mat.  Che Mills is able to get back to his feet.  Mills separates them, lands a jab.  Mills throws a high kick, misses, and a jab that Riddle counters with a takedown.  Mills gets it quickly to the feet, and they tie up against the cage.  They separate.  Mills lands an inside leg kick.  Mills is peppering Riddle with leg kicks, lands some punches and Riddle is forced to shoot in and tie up against the cage.  Riddle gets a double and takes Mills down around the 1 minute mark.  Riddle advances to half guard, Mills has good head control over Riddle.  Riddle throws some elbows to the body.  The round ends with some elbows to the head from Riddle.

I’d score it 10-9 Riddle because of his control and takedowns

Rd 2: Good leg kick from Mills.  Riddle gets a single, takes down Mills and winds up in north-south position.  He’s setting up the choke with his hands, but Mills is fighting it.  Riddle lets it go and ends in side control.  Strong knee to the body from Riddle on top.  He’s landing short punches to the head.  Riddle has good top control, landing more short punches.  A few more knees.  Mills begins to tie up Riddle’s left leg with his own, but Riddle lands some punches and readjusts.  Mills turns to face Riddle and gets half-guard.  Riddle smothers Mills and begins to work for mount.  Gets mount with just over a minute.  Mills turns and Riddle almost takes the back.  They roll to the cage and Riddle gets the hooks in.  Working on a rear-naked choke.  Riddle gets a body triangle.  He moves back to mount as Mills avoids giving up his back.  Round ends with Riddle on top.

I’d score this another 10-9 round to Riddle

Rd 3: The two fighters shake hands and hug.  Che Mills looks more aggressive.  They’re keeping the distance.  Shot from Riddle, sprawl by Mills, and the two exchange some big hooks.  Crowd responds with cheers.  Riddle throws a right hook and shoots for a single.  He pushes to the cage and switches to a double. They move along teh fence, Mills keeps an underhook.  Riddle switches to a double and Mills defends the takedown pretty well.  Mills uses a whizzer to almost get a takedown of his own, but Riddle pushes it back to the cage.  Riddle uses his double and turns Mills to the mat.  Riddle lands a quick elbow from full guard.  Mills lands an elbow of his own.  Riddle lands another elbow.  He advances to half-guard.  Mills is holding on tight to Riddle’s head.  Riddle attempts to work a kimura and Mills sweeps.  He’s in Riddle’s full guard, postures up and throws some heavy shots.  Ref stands them up, just over 20 seconds.  Riddle shoots a single and drives them to the fence.  Round ends with the two tied up.

I would give it once again as 10-9 to Riddle.  The takedowns were this name of this fight.  We’ll have to wait for the official announcement.

OFFICIAL DECISION: 29-28 Riddle, 29-28 Mills, 30-27 Riddle;  winner by split decision, Matt Riddle.  It seems that Riddle made good on his promise to take Mills down, but it was certainly enough to beat the hometown favorite.



(Light Heavyweight, 205 lbs.) James Te Huna vs. Ryan Jimmo

Rd 1: Quick jab from Jimmo and Te Huna ducks under and drives it to the cage.  Te Huna has double underhooks and is landing quick knees to the legs.  Ref separates them after only twenty seconds or so on the fence.  Jimmo lands a huge left kick that drops Te Huna.  He starts pounding from the full guard.  The storm finally calms around 3:15 in the round, and Te Huna is bloodied up and holding on to Jimmo.  Te Huna gets the neck and fights back to his feet.  Te Huna tries a guillotine but Jimmo slams him back to the mat.  Te Huna tries an armbar, Jimmo pulls his arm from danger and ends up in side control.  Te Huna turns to face him, gets half-guard and recomposes full guard.  Jimmo is throwing a lot fewer punches.  Te Huna’s guard is wide open, but Jimmo seems to be content where he is.  Te Huna lands a few big elbows from bottom.  The round ends with Jimmo in full guard.

I’d give a 10-9 to Jimmo

Rd 2: Te Huna comes out and takes the center of the cage.  Missed kick by Jimmo.  Another left kick from Jimmo, this one to the body.  Te Huna shoots, sprawl from Jimmo, and they hit the cage.  Te Huna uses a single and picks up Jimmo, but Jimmo is able to defend and get position.  The continue to battle in the clinch, Te Huna gets on Jimmo’s side and slams him to the mat.  Te Huna lands in side control.  Short elbows from Te Huna on top.  Te Huna continues to throw short punches, Jimmo is continuing to hold on.  Te Huna gets the mount.  Jimmo bucks quickly and gets half-guard.  Te Huna continues to smother Jimmo and begins to land some big elbows.  Postures up and lands some big right hands to Jimmo’s head.  He looks rocked.  Te Huna moves down to half-guard and continues to rain down punches.  More big punches from Te Huna, missed upkick from Jimmo.  Round ends with Te Huna standing and throwing punches down.

I think we have an even score going into round 3, 10-9 Te Huna.

Rd 3: Te Huna again takes the center of the Octagon.  Lead left hook from Jimmo.  They clinch, Te Huna attempts a throw, but Jimmo avoids it.  The clinch on the cage, Jimmo is pushing Te Huna back with an over-under.  Knees to the body and legs from Te Huna against the cage.  Te Huna switches them and gets position, uses dirty boxing to land some good shots.  They separate, moving around the mat and then back to the cage.  Te Huna throws short knees to the legs from the fence.  The ref tells them to work.  Big takedown from Te Huna with the body-lock, lands in half-guard.  Te Huna starts to land short punches.  Jimmo looks to be cut.  More grinding from Te Huna.  Jimmo is just defending and avoiding punches.  He replaces a butterfly-guard, eats some elbows, and the round ends.

I give this one 10-9 to Te Huna.  Official decision coming up.

OFFICIAL DECISION: 29-7, 29-28, 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, James Te Huna

In the post-fight interview, Te Huna talked about getting rocked and being able to come back against a tough opponent.  He said he doesn’t do too much wrestling, but was able to utilize it tonight.  He’s hoping for a top-10 light heavyweight in his next fight, where he will come out looking stronger.



(Welterweight, 170 lbs.) Gunnar Nelson vs. Jorge Santiago

Rd 1: Santiago comes forward agressively, Nelson counters.  They’re finding their range, Nelson in his southpaw, Karate stance.  Santiago lands a knee to the head.  Santiago lands a good straight right.  Missed high kick by Santiago.  Side kick from Nelson.  Another side kick to the front leg from Nelson as the two continue to circle.  Left high kick just misses from Santiago.  Left kick from Nelson blocked by Santiago.  Nelson shoots a double and takes the fight to the ground.  Nelson stays back in the open guard and works on advancing position.  Santiago landed some good punches from the bottom, and gets back to his feet.  Quick side kick from Nelson as Santiago moves in.  Nelson looks calm as he back away from Santiago’s punches.  They continue to circle.  Santiago comes forward and lands a straight right in a three punch combo.

Tough round to score, I would give it 10-9 to Santiago for better work standing, though I could see the judges scoring more for Nelson’s takedown.

Rd 2: They circle and Santiago takes center cage.  Good lead left hand from Nelson, follows it up with another as they move toward teh cage.  Slip by Santiago and they separate.  Nelson lands a big right and follows it up with a combination against the cage.  Nelson shoots a double, they’re against the cage.  Nelson drops levels and pulls Santiago away from the cage and to the mat.  Nelson is in half-guard, throwing some short punches.  Nelson is working with Santiago’s right arm.  He moves to Santiago’s open guard and lands some punches.  A left hand and short right elbow as Nelson moves into the full guard of Santiago.  Right hand from the bottom lands for Santiago, Nelson responds with an elbow of his own.  They separate and Santiago throws the heel to Nelson’s chest.  Nelson quickly passes the guard of Santiago and ends in side control.  Switches to full mount with 45 seconds left in the round.  Santiago hugs the body and Neslon responds by some elbows to the face and posturing up.  Nelson is choosing his punches and elbows from the top.  Elbow from Nelson after the horn as the ref steps in to end the round.

I give this round 10-9 to Nelson.

Rd 3: Santiago comes out with energy, utilizing head movement.  Nelson keeps his calm.  Santiago throws a combination of punches while rushing Nelson to the cage.  Nelson lands a solid right leg kick, follows up with a lead side kick.  Head kick from Nelson is blocked by Santiago.  Good lead right from Nelson catches Santiago.  Santiago throws a three punch combo, but misses.  Santiago ties up with Nelson against the cage and throws some strong knees to the legs and body.  Santiago is throwing with some desperation behind his punches.  Nelson lands a straight right.  Right leg kick lands for Nelson.  One-two from Santiago misses.  Big right from Santiago.  Lead uppercut from Nelson lands.  They’re exchanging blows against the cage, and Nelson is getting the better shots in.  Santiago looks tired with a slow left jab.  Another uppercut from Nelson.  Another just misses.  They clinch, Nelson driving into Santiago with a double.  They separate and Santiago throws a right on the way out.  Lead right hook from Nelson lands behind the ear of Santiago.  One-two lands for Nelson.  Santiago lands some punches.  Wide punches.  Huge right hand lands flush on Nelson’s chin to end the round with an exclamation point!

This is another really close round.  It could go either way.  Nelson landed more, but Santiago ended it with that big right.  I’ll give it to Nelson, 10-9, but I expect a split decision from the judges.  Official decision next.

OFFICIAL DECISON: 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 for winner by unanimous decision, Gunnar Nelson.



(Light Heavyweight, 205 lbs.) Jimi Manuwa vs. Cyrille Diabate

Rd 1: They touch gloves and Manuwa take center cage.  A feint from Manuwa and Diabate quickly moves back.  Manuwa moves forward with a right hand that’s blocked and they clinch against the cage.  Diabate pushes Manuwa against the cage.  As Diabate is working knees, Manuwa grabs the leg and turns for a take down, landing in side control.  Diabate works to half-guard.  No punches from the top so far, and Diabate begins working to his feet.  He eats a knee from Manuwa on the way up.  Manuwa is pushing Diabate into the cage.  They separate, Manuwa throws an elbow on the way out.  High kick from Manuwa just misses.  Trip from Manuwa, lets Diabate stand up.  Manuwa throws and misses a straight right.  Lead left hook is blocked by Diabate.  Leg kick and side kick from Manuwa.  Manuwa throws a straight left counter to a Diabate knee.  They clinch, Diabate throws a knee and Manuwa rushes his opponent back with some punches.  Clinch and a solid knee to Manuwa’s ribs, to which Manuwa responds with a takedown.  Round ends as Manuwa backs away from the open guard of Diabate.

I’d give round one 10-9 to Jimi Manuwa for the take downs.  Both fighters landed good strikes, so the takedowns were the difference in this one.

Fight is called as Cyrille Diabate is unable to continue!  Big John McCarthy is waving his hands to signal the fight is over.  Manuwa by TKO.  Some injury to the leg or foot of Diabate.  Official decision coming up.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Winner by TKO at 5:00 of the first round, Jimi Manuwa

No more information was given on Cyrille Diabate’s condition.  Be sure to watch the post-fight press conference here on BJPENN.com to find out more.



(Featherweight, 145 lbs.) Cub Swanson vs. Dustin Poirier

Rd 1: The two touch gloves and begin to circle the center of the cage.  Quick kick from Poirier, both are finding their range.  Big right hook from Swanson that makes Poirier stumble.  Swanson is throwing hard punches.  Poirier shoots a takedown that drives Swanson across the cage, but Swanson sprawls well and keeps it on the feet.  Good left hook, right kick combo from Poirier.  Good one-two from Swanson.  Swanson comes rushing in and a good counter from Poirier.  Combo from Poirier is blocked but he finishes with a good leg kick.  Swanson then responds with a combo.  Poirier drives it to the cage, he has an underhook on Swanson’s left arm and is working some knees.  They break.  Swanson throws heavy punches.  Big uppercut from Swasnson lands.  Flying knee from Swanson.  Poirier takes him down, and wisely so.  About one minute left in the round.  Poirier sits in full guard, landing short punches from top posiiton.  Swanson stands with a guillotine and begins punching.  Round ends after a missed front kick from Poirier.

Good round!  Tough to call, but Swanson landed the bigger shots and neutralized Poirier’s takedown.  10-9 Swanson.

Rd 2: They meet again in the center of the Octagon.  Neither look tired as they’re throwing fast and hard.  Hooks to the body from Swanson.  Poirier lands a big left kick to the body.  Swanson responds with a left hook that meets Poirier’s chin.  Stiff jabs from Poirier are countered by a stiff left from Swanson.  Poirier pushes forward.  They separate and Swanson lands a big kick to the body.  Poirier shoots for a double that takes Swanson to the cage.  Some elbows from the head by Swanson.  Poirier drops to the knee, but is still unable to get the takedown.  They separate.  Quick lead right from Swanson.  Left kick to the leg by Swanson.  Head kick by Swanson blocked.  Spinning back fist by Swanson just missed!  POirier counters with a takedown but Swanson throws on a gogoplata and transitions to an omaplata!  Stands with it and twists Poirier’s shoulder, but Poirier pulls his arm out of danger.  They circle and Poirier drives it to the cage with a double.  He again goes to his knees to get low for a takedown but Swanson’s takedown defense is strong.  They end with some exchanges of blocked punches.

I give it again to Swanson, 10-9.  Great fight so far!

Rd 3: They touch gloves and start to circle again.  Swanson lands a left hook and Poireir responds with a right of his own.  Swanson slips, might have been from a punch, and Poirier drives it to the cage.  Again, Swanson is able to stuff the takedown and keep his back against the cage.  They separate and Poirier begins to land some big punches on Swanson’s chin.  They separate and Poirier is landing a lot.  One-two from Poirier.  Stiff jab from Poirier gets Swanson looking at the ceiling.  Swanson shoots a double and takes the fight to the ground.  Big elbos from Swanson on top.  Swanson stands, Poirier rolls but Swanson takes his back.  Poirier is fighting the hooks, but Swanson is tight on his back. Poirier tries to stand, but Swanson stays tight.  Poirier is standing near the cage, but he cannot shake Swanson from his back.  Swanson is near falling off, posting his arm.  They scramble and Swanson ends up in mount.  They scramble and Swanson lands some big shots on the way to the feet.  Swanson lands a big throw and transitions beatifully to the back.  Begins transitioning to try and take Poirier’s left arm.  Poirier just gets out, jumps to land a big punch and ends up Swanson’s triangle, but the round ends.  What a fight! Fight of the Night candidate for sure!

I’d give it to Swanson 10-9.  Official decision to come next.

OFFICIAL DECISION: 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 for winner by unanimous decision, Cub Swanson.



(Bantamweight, 135 lbs.) UFC Interim Champion Renan Barao vs. Michael McDonald

Rd 1: They touch gloves and circle the center of the Octagon.  Feints from both fighters and Barao leads with a spinning back kick that misses.  Barao lands a quick takedown and lands in side control with over 4 minutes left in the round.  McDonald recomposes full-guard.  McDonald is controlling Barao’s arms.  McDonald kicks Barao away and stands up.  Barao avoids punches by McDonald.  McDonald rushes again and Barao backs away.  McDonald counters an attack from Barao.  McDonald attacks.  Barao shoots for a double and McDonald stuff it with a strong sprawl.  Barao lands a counter left hook as McDonald lunges in.  Good left hand from McDonald and Barao pushes it against the cage.  McDonald lands punches on Barao to stumble the champ.  Barao responds by shooting for a takedown against the cage, lands some solid punches of his own to McDonald’s chin.  Barao gets a takedown and starts throwing punches from full guard.  Round ends with Barao sitting in full guard.

Tough one to score.  Barao got two takedowns, but McDonald dropped the champ with some solid shots.  I give it to McDonald, but could go either way.  10-9 McDonald

Rd 2: They meet in center cage, but both fighters are weighing their shots.  Quick exchange.  McDonald comes in with right uppercut, follows with combo, but blocked.  Barao misses with a spinning back punch.  McDonald comes in with a left hook, they clash heads.  Right hook from McDonald backs up Barao.  Barao shoots a double, they scramble, Barao gets the takedown but can’t control it.  McDonald lands an upkick and backs away to get back to his feet.  Barao misses a combination.  McDonald takes a thumb to the eye, ref calls time.  They resume, McDonald landing a right and Barao landing a counter as he backed away.  Right uppercut from McDonald gets countered by a quick hook from Barao.  Lead left from Barao and follows with a  leg kick.  Barao front kicks McDonald in the face.  McDonald catches a right kick from Barao and tags him with right that backs up the champ.  Barao is cut over his eye.  Spinning kick from Barao ends the round, but misses.

I give it 10-9 to Barao.

Rd 3: Barao starts with a front kick that misses.  Feints from McDonald set up a lead left hook that misses.  Barao counters an attack from McDonald with a clinch and a knee.  They exchange a number of short hooks near the cage.  Bara feints a left kick.  Good three punch combo from Barao that pushes McDonald to the cage.  Barao gets a body lock and takes McDonald down, landing in side control.  McDonald sweeps and pushes Barao off of him.  They stand back up.  McDonald misses a couple punches.  They start exchanging, Barao lands a good counter up the middle.  Switch kick from Barao is blocked.  Combination from McDonald misses.  McDonald lands a lead left hook.  Barao pushes forward.  Spinning back kick glances the chin of McDonald.  Push kick from Barao.  Round ends with both fighters standing.

I give this one 10-9 to the Interim Champ, Barao.  He’s varying his attack and looks fresher than his challenger.

Rd 4: We enter the championship rounds and Barao takes center cage.  Feinted flying knee turns into a left hook that catches McDonald as he moves away.  Barao shoots for a takedown, McDonald stuffs it.  Barao throws several kicks and a flying knee.  McDonald throws a counter, but misses.  The knee seemed to have opened up a cut in McDonald’s nose.  They trade blows against the cage, then separate and take center cage.  Front kick and high kick from the interim champ.  Spinning back kick again from Barao, glances off McDonald’s face.  McDonald ducks a right from Barao, but misses the counter.  They clinch, McDonald attempts a throw but Barao has got too far behind him.  Barao takes the back and drags McDonald to the ground.  Barao gets an arm triangle and begins squeezing.  McDonald gives a thumbs-up.  Barao continues squeezing.  McDonald taps out to the choke.  Barao wins via submission!  Official decision coming up.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Winner by submission at 3 minutes 57 seconds of the 4th round due to an arm triangle choke, and still UFC Bantamweight Interim Champion, Renan Barao.


Be sure to check out the post-fight press conference right here on BJPENN.com!

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