June 8, 2013 10:01 am by Jake Chastain

UFC on FUEL TV 10: Nogueira vs. Werdum goes down today from the Paulo Sarasate Arena in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil.

To start things off a stacked six-fight preliminary event is set to go down on Facebook.com.

If you missed or cannot make the live feed from today’s preliminary card event than tune in below for all the play-by-play action starting at 2:10PM PT.


ROUND 1 -Braga Neto comes out and immediately tries to go for takedows, but eats knees and strikes. The two battle for a second and both land some more strikes, battle against the cage and then separate. Again Neto goes for clinches ad takedowns, finally gets his back and hits a nice trip. In a scrabble Braga Neto slipped down to a knee-bar and gets a submission victory in the first round!

Neto wins via submission (knee bar) in the 1st Round at 1:52


ROUND 1 – Magalhaes goes for a takedown, doesn’t get it and Vemola gets a clinch, presses Magalhaes to the cage and Magalhaes locks on to a standing guillotine. Vemola slams him down and starts landing big shots from the guard of Mag. Magalhaes goes for a triangle but continues to eat shots from Vemola on top. Magalhaes goes for a nice arm-bar, didn’t get it and Vemola gets back in to the guard of Mag. Vemola continues to land huge shots from  the top and Magalhaes looks like he’s already gassed out. Vemola is in total control and it’s getting ugly, fast. Magalhaes turns over and gives up his back but then gets back to his feet and goes for the standing guillotine again, but again is unsuccessful. The two battle in the clinch against the cage and once again Magalhaes goes for the standing guillotine. Vemola slams it again but it gets even tighter. Somehow he gets out and ends the round on top. I give the round to Vemola for more strikes landed, takedowns, and submission defense. 10-9 Vemola

ROUND 2-Magalhaes comes out and lands a big overhand but looks tired as he immediately goes to the clinch after the strike. He presses Vemola against the cage and gets a takedown. Now it’s Vemola that looks gassed. Magalhaes moves into side control and then takes the back of Vemola as he tries to roll out. Magalhaes puts a hook in from the back and goes for a rear-naked choke, but then Vemola spins out and the two are pressed against the cage. Magalhaes lands some huge shots as Vemola looks extremely gassed out. It looks like the exact opposite of round 1! Then Magalhaes gets the back of Vemola again, sinks in a smooth body-triangle and then submits Vemola with a rear-naked choke in the second round!

Caio Magalhaes Wins via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in the 2nd Round


ROUND 1–  The two men touch gloves and then Hirota hits a nice straight left following some faints. They feel each other out for a bit and then Damm lands a nice counter hook and a kick to follow. Hirota answers with a body hook and then the two strikes. Hirota charges in and presses Damm against the cage, they break and Damm lands a couple good shots that get Hirota backing up and falling down. Damm ends up on top and gets a body lock on the back of Hirota against the cage and Hirota tries to stand. Damm trips him back down before Hirota again comes back to his feet, gets belly-to-belly in the clinch and then they break again. Hirota lands a boy-had combo and ten Damm answers with a couple leg-kicks. They dance around and Damm lands a solid right hook. Hirota answers with a leg kick and then throws a couple hooks that miss. With a minute left they keep dancing with movement and Damm scores with another huge right hand that he set up with a fake leg-kick. Hirota lands a good body shot at 15 seconds left and then they both exchange to end the round. I give the round to Damm for harder, more damaging shots landed. Plus he was on top for a brief moment. 10-9 Damm

ROUND 2Hirota comes out throwing a couple bombs but they miss. Damm seems to be just a little more crisp which is allowing him to land the more damaging shots. Hirota is landing, but not as hard. They dance and faint for a moment and then Damm lands some good counter strikes followed by some big leg-kicks. Damm hits a nice 1-2 combo and then Hirota land a solid straight, but his shots are telegraphed a bit. Just as I said that he lands a couple nice, stiff jabs. Hirota is lighter on his feet, bouncing around and then he lands a nice combination that get Damm moving backward. He lands a huge left kick and then a right hand to follow. Hirota now seems to be landing more often and a little more cleanly. Damm shoots in for a takedown but is stuffed and Hirota stick another left jab to the face of Damm. Damm is landing some nice leg-kicks but with 20 seconds left the more fluid and successful striker seems to be Hirota. The horn sounds and I give that round to Hirota for a more controlled pace and a highly quantity of clean strikes. 10-9 Hirota

ROUND 3– Hirota comes out looking smooth but then Damm lands a big overhand right-counter that lands. Hirota’s faints look good and are keeping Damm uncomfortable. Damm takes another shot but is unsuccessful. Hirota lands a kick, and then another. Damm is throwing big hooks but they are slow and telegraphed so they hit only air. Again he shoots in but is stuffed, again. Hirtoa is starting to find his pace as he lands some nice body-head combos. Damm answers with some strikes and almost looks as if he’s finding his second wind. He lands a heavy inside leg-kick and then hit Hirota with a counter strike and snother kick seconds later. Hirota again goes for the body-head combo and the body strike lands. Damm goes for another takedown, but this time hits a duck-under to transition to the back of Hirota and then launches him with a beautiful suplex! Hirota comes back up though and the two are back to a striking match. The two turn it on with ten seconds left and it looks like Rodrigo Damm gets the better of the exchange! The horn sounds and both men raise their hands to the sky! Great fight, very hard to score. I give the final round to Damm for more of the control of the round, better strikes landed and the great suplex at the end of the round. 10-9 Damm

Rodrigo Damm Wins via Split-Decision


ROUND 1- The two touch gloves and Alcantara opens with a nice leg-kick. He backs Silva up against the cage and lands some nice, long strikes with Silva’s back against the cage. He then lands a huge knee. Alcantara throws a kick and slips and Silva ends up in Alcantara’s guard. He comes back to his feet and Silva locks onto a single but eats a strike as they break. A nice combo lands for Silva but Alcantara continues to back’s Silva up. They clinch against the cage and Alcantara lands a nice trip and is in side-control. Alcantara defends a sub attempt from Silva and lands a few shots from side-control. Silva goes for a knee-bar but its defended and Alcantara lets Silva back to his feet. Silva dodges a few strikes and throws a big overhand but it whiffs. The horn sounds and the grown boos for the first time tonight. I give the round to Alcantara for the takedown and better strikes landed, in addition to octagon control. 10-9 Alcantara

ROUND 2- Silva lands a combo to open the round and then Alcantara again backs him into the cage before landing a couple strikes of his own. Silva circles out and throws a couple kicks, high and low, but Alcantara walks though them. They momentarily dance and the crowd grows a bit restless, then Alcantara lands a nice knee to the body. Silva is at an obvious disadvantage with the reach and length of Alcantara. Silva shoots for a single-leg but doesn’t finish it and again the crowd boos a little bit. Silva keeps switching his stance as if he’s looking for something but he can’t get though the length of Alcantara with any of his strikes. Alcantara throws a quick, nice spinning back kick that is slightly blocked but it scored. Silva throws a nice leg-kick followed by a straight right hand and both land. Alcantara is still pressing Silva back to the cage and winning the octagon control game and I think that is limiting what Silva can throw. Silva throws a spinning kick of his own that lands right before the end of the round. The horn sounds and I again give the round to Alcantara although that round was very, very close with limited damage done by both men. 10-9 Alcantara

ROUND 3- The last round begins with Alcantara again taking the center of the octagon and pressing Silva back, making him constantly move backward. Not much happens other than a few unsuccessful strikes for the first two minutes of the round and the crowd again shows signs of boredom as the boo. Silva finally presses the pace more and pushes Alcantara against the cage, looking for a takedown. Then Alcantara, with his back against the cage, hits the same trip-takedown that he scored with in the first round. From Silva’s butterfly guard he lands some big shots from the top. Silva hits Alcantara with an illegal up-kick, they take a break and then Alcantara lets Silva back to the feet. Silva throws a big, looping hook and Alcantara slips under it nicely and lands a nice double-leg takedown. The two don’t stay there though as they come back up to the feet and throw a few more strikes at each other before the final horn sounds for the fight. The crowd shows their displeasure with boos as both men wait for the decision. I take Alcantara in all three rounds for more overall success in everything he did. 10-9 Alcantara

Ildemar Alcantara Wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27 X3)


ROUND 1- The two quickly take the middle and faint at each other before Pepey throws a combo and get a single leg against the cage. He  slips onto the back of Arantes but Arantes hits a nice head-and-arm wrestling throw that prevents Pepey from getting his back. In the  transition Arantes end up in Pepey’s full guard. Pepey lands some elbows from the bottom and Arantes answers with a few shots of his own. He stays active as Pepey plays defense from the bottom. Arantes lands a huge right hand before Pepey gets a sweep using a kimura. He moves right into mount before Arantes sweeps him and is back in Pepey’s full guard. From there he lands a quick barrage of solid elbows, smells the blood as Pepey’s guard loosened up a little bit and continued the elbows before Dan Miragliotta stepped in and stopped the fight! Great sweep and ground & pound from Felipe Arantes to earn win the win.

Felipe Arantes Wins via Referee Stoppage/ TKO (Ground & Pound) at 3:31 in the 1st Round


ROUND 1- They touch gloves and Assuncao throws a couple kicks and presses Lee back, throwing big lands but Assuncao is controlling the pace. He goes for a single but lets it go and then lands a big left. They dance a bit. Both men unsuccessfully fire off shots and Lee throws a couple combos but nothing lands. Assuncao is clearly the aggressor but neither man is putting too much together. Assuncao gets a body lock and takes Lee down but its short lived as Lee comes back up and they break. Lots of faints, movement from Lee, Assuncao throws and then shoots, lands a double-leg and slams him into half-guard. He moves into Assuncao and is looking to look for a mount and smoothly gets it. He land some shots with 25 seconds left and pounds him until Lee explodes out and protects himself on all fours until the horn sounds. Good round for Assuncao. 10-9 Assuncao

ROUND 2- They both come out throwing kicks and Lee keeps throwing looping overhands but they miss. Assuncao again goes for a double-leg against the cage and now we see that Assuncao has a cut over his eye. He hits a trip directly into mount and the transitions into a beautiful arm-bar. Lee defends for a moment but then they roll, Assuncao land on his butt, Lee on his back, and finishes the fight via submission victory in the 2nd round. Beautifully executed fight for Assuncao.

Rafael Assuncao Wins via Submission (Arm-Bar) at 1:51 in the 2nd Round



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