“UFC on Fuel TV 1: Sanchez vs. Ellenberger” Play-By-Play

February 15, 2012 3:11 pm by Pedro Carrasco

UFC on FUEL TV is set to take place in Omaha, Nebraska tonight from the Omaha Civic Auditorium. A welterweight clash between Jake Ellenberger and Diego Sanchez is set for the evening’s main event.

Use this thread to cast your comments, debate the fights and follow along with the action as it goes down tonight. The Preliminary card kicks off at 6:20pm ET and the action will follow on all the way though on FUEL TV until the culmination of the main event.

If you can’t catch the live broadcast due to network limitations then you can at least tune in here and see how the action is unfolding!

Bernardo Magalhaes vs. Tim Means | Play-By-Play:
These two fighters kick off tonight’s action and off the bat the first thing you notice is a huge size advantage for Means who is six-foot-two- inches and he uses that size well against his five-foot-nine opponent.

The first round starts off with a long feeling out process. Means uses his reach and striking advantage well to set the pace of the fight. About three minutes in he lands a big knee and drops Magalhaes. He followed him to the ground and tried to slap on a choke but his Brazilian counterpart defended well and got back up. The round concludes and the damage delivered by Means is starting to show via a bloody faced Magalhaes.

The second round opens up very much like the first. Means using his reach and superior striking to land shots from the outside and keep his opponent backing up. Two minutes in and no real significant action taking place. Magalhaes then shoots for a takedown that Means defends and the two reset back in the center. Two minutes left and Means yells at his opponent to “Come On!!” However it’s obvious Magalhaes isn’t comfortable with engaging.

With 30 seconds left Means lands a big body shop that drops his bloody opponent, follows him to the mat once more, but unable to finish. The round ends. This fight is so far, about as one-sided as you can get.

Means open up the third with a bit more pressure. Magalhaes has no answer for the range and striking. A minute into this final frame and Magalhaes shoots for another takedown but Means sprawls out of it. More of the same throughout the course of the round. With two minutes left in the fight Means lands another big body shot that drops his opponent, but he decides to do nothing with it and asks for Magalhaes to be stood back up. Magalhaes shoots for a takedown but pays for it big with some huge strikes (elbows and punches) from the position, drops him but allows him once again to get back up. This fight is going to decision and Means is the obvious victor. Final score from the judges is 30-27/30-26/30-26 for Means.

Anton Kuivanen vs. Justin Salas | Play-By-Play:
The two start the round with a touch of gloves and Salas seems to be the aggressor early. 30 seconds in Salas shoots for the takedown but it’s stuffed. Around the four-minute mark Kuivanen starts to loosen up and finds a home for a high kick. More kicks and posturing from both until Salas lands a takedown around the two minute mark but can’t capitalize. Kuivanen gets back up with a minute left and the two return to the striking game. Salas closes the round with a solid double with about five-seconds left on the clock, but the buzzer sounds. Overall an uneventful but competitive round.

Second round opens and a lot of movement but the first punch doesn’t land until 30 seconds in and it’s delivered by Salas. Salas drives forward with a takedown attempt and instead pushes his opponent to the cage with four-minutes left. Kuivanen able to circle out and they go back to striking. Punches from both sides thrown, but none landed and they now enter the midpoint of the round. A little short right hook lands for Salas and he seems to be the more accurate puncher of the two in this round. Salas lands the takedown with two-minutes left but his opponent gets right back up. More posturing, but no real notable action for the remainder of the round. At this point you have to give the edge to the more aggressive Salas, but still, this fight is nothing to write home about.

Salas opens up the third with a big body kick. Salas seems more aggressive once again. 30 seconds in and he lands a big double leg against the cage and follows his opponent to the ground. Kuivanen uses butterflies but can’t get Salas off him. Salas finds himself in a heel hook but escapes and gets back on top of his opponent. Salas continues to land punches from top position and we are two minutes into the final frame. Kuivanen stands back up but Salas uses a front headlock to bring him back down. They stand midway through the round and Kuivanen’s face is bloodied. A left, right combo thrown by Kuivanen but Salas ducks under for the takedown, he is not successful and the two return to the center. With one minute left Salas lands another huge takedown and lands in side control. Kuivanen gets back up with 10-seconds left, but it’s too little too late. Salas walks away with an easy win in the third round. The final score on the judges’ scorecards are 30-27/30-27/29,27 for Salas

Sean Loeffler vs. Buddy Roberts | Play-By-Play:

Jonathan Brookins vs. Vagner Rocha| Play-By-Play:
Rocha throws a kick to the body to start the round but Brookins catches and goes for the early takedown. A brief scramble and the two go back to the standup. Both fighters keeping a good pace but Brookins is the one backing his opponent up. Rocha goes for a body lock to take him down but forced to pull guard. Brookins landing punches from the top and knocks Rocha out a few right punches later. The bout ends officially at 1:32 with Brookins hand raised via knockout.

John Albert vs. Ivan Menjivar | Play-By-Play:
The two fighters touch gloves and waste no time getting things started. A minute in and punches in bunches are being thrown and landed. Menjivar throws a spinning back fist and it lands; Albert gets taken down but from bottom starts throwing up submissions. From triangle to armbar, but Menjivar gets out of it. Again a triangle to an armbar thrown up by Albert, but Menjivar escapes. They scramble until Albert works his way back up. Albert lands a big high kick and swarms an obviously injured Menjivar with a huge barrage of punches. Albert can’t finish though so he grabs the neck and pulls guard. Menjivar escapes, reverses position, takes Albert’s back and chokes him out. What a huge turn of events and a very exciting and action packed first round to start the main card off. The official result is Menjivar def. Albert via rear naked choke Round 1, 3:45

T.J. Dillashaw vs. Walel Watson | Play-By-Play:
Before the fight, Bruce Buffer announces T.J. as a “Monkey Style” fighter. It’s an obvious stretch at a comedy.

Dillashaw lunges in off the bat with a superman punch off the bat. Goes straight for a single leg trip, it lands, but barely and his Watson gets back up. Dillashaw doesn’t let go, lands a double but Watson gets up, lands another double and gets good position. Dillashaw now on top working position. Watson does a good job of tying TJ up but Dillashaw able to take the back in a scramble and sinks both hooks in. This might be over fast. Rear naked choke in. TJ goes palm to palm but Watson defending. He releases the choke and starts dropping elbows but Watson turns and regains half guard. Watson stands back up but TJ transitions again to the back and sinks that RNC in one more time. It looks deep but Watson defends. TJ transitions to full mount. More elbows landed by TJ, punches and goes for another choke. There is just 1 minute left at this point and what a dominant performance from Dillashaw. TJ will end this round on top if he can’t get the finish. With 20 seconds left TJ lands punches from mount. Watson gives up his back but just keeps getting punched. Round ends, both fighters head back to their corner.

Second round and TJ lands a right hand off the bat. Watson says “Come on Come on” and waives TJ in. TJ goes straight for a single and gets top position but Watson scrambling well. TJ stays heavy and takes all of Watson’s options away. TJ punching and elbowing from half guard repeatedly and there is 3 minutes left in the round. TJ transitions to the back once more but Watson would rather give up the mount and turns in. TJ unloads punches and Watson gives up his back again. Watson can’t get comfortable and just transitions from stomach down to back down but TJ remains in mount throughout the course of Watsons scrambling. With two minutes left TJ grabs another choke but Watson won’t relent and gets out of it. Watson has no answers and is just taking a beating with a minute left in the second frame. TJ has the back and goes from choke to elbows, just doing whatever he can. TJ lands repeated big strikes from the top until the buzzer sounds.

Third round and they touch gloves to start it off. Watson is desperate and starts throwing flying knees and big kicks but none land and TJ remains composed. TJ finds a home for the right once again. He’s just faster than his opponent. He grabs a single, and scrambles straight to side control. Watson is in trouble yet again with his back on the mat. He scrambles and is able to get the fight back to its feet. A leg kick from TJ and Watson resets. TJ seems content to wait for Watson to come in and the action stalls. TJ goes for a takedown but Watson jumps in to a triangle choke, Dillashaw briefly in trouble, Watson goes for the armbar but TJ circles out. Watson grabs a leg, goes for a heel hook and its close, but TJ looks OK. He escapes and enters in the guard of Watson with just a little over a minute left. After a few scrambles TJ gets the back once more. Choke sunk in again but Watson defending Dillashaw lets go and resorts to big punches from top position. As the round comes to a close TJ in mount but with the 10 second warning sounding Watson throws punches from bottom and TJ responds from top.

The fight is over and it’s a lopsided win for Dillashaw. The judges score it 30-25/30-25/30-26

Philip De Fries vs. Stipe Miocic | Play-By-Play:
The round opens up and DE Fries lands some big punches. Over and over again De Fries landing and putting Miocic on the defensive. This fight won’t last long, Miocic in big trouble. But wait, Miocic lands a big shot of his own, he sends DE Fries back, Miocic lands again, and again De Fries drops to the mat, covers up but Miocic is all over him. The ref steps in and stops the onslaught. What a turn of events, Miocic wins via KO 0:43 into the first round!

Ronny Markes vs. Aaron Simpson | Play-By-Play:
Markes opens up the bout with really heavy hands. He is finding his mark and backing Simpson up. With Simpson’s back against the cage Markes shoots for a takedown but Simpson shoves it off and turns the position around. Ref stops the stalemate and they reset back in the center. Simpson throws a big overhand right but it misses. Markes lands a few solid leg kicks but neither fighter engaging, we are two minutes in. Markes resorts to that big power and lands, Simpson moves back. They reset and Simpson lands a huge uppercut that drops Markes this looks like it could be over but Markes gets guard while getting pounded by Simpson. Simpson slows down; the finish isn’t there, stands up and lets Markes up too. One minute left. Markes chasing Simpson around the cage but not landing any shots. They clinch against the cage with Simpson grabbing a right under hook to control position. A few short elbows from Simpson and the buzzer sounds.

Second round begins and Markes lands more hard leg kicks. Simpson’s leg is noticeably red and swollen from them. A minute in and not much action. A few more leg kicks but both fighters standing in the center. They trade, Simpson shoots for a takedown but doesn’t get it and there are three minutes left. Big head kick by Simpson but it doesn’t faze Markes. Simpson grabs a body lock but gets pushed against the cage. Simpson switches to over under but it still getting controlled. They remain in the clinch against the cage fighting for position, 1:30 left in the round at this point. It’s Markes who wins the battle, gets the takedown on Simpson and lands in half guard. Simpson just holding on, not giving Markes any space to work. Markes breaks free and lands a few big shots but Simpson gets back up. 20 seconds left and the two are back in the clinch, this fight is headed to round three.

Round three!
They don’t waste any time. Simpson throws, Markes throws they both clinch and let go. Back to the center. One minute in and not much action. Markes shows off his power once again and rams Simpson against the fence. Simpson trying to fight it off but his back is stuck against the cage. The ref calls for action, but he doesn’t like what he sees so he breaks it up. Body-body-head combo landed by Simpson and the two reset. Markes stalking but Simpson unfazed. They go back to the clinch with Simpson against the cage. Markes resorts to repeated foot stomps and Simpson tells the ref to “come on”, annoyed with the stall. The ref listens and breaks them up. Simpson on the attack. He lands over and over but Markes is unfazed. A big right thrown by Simpson, but Simpson slips and falls. Markes capitalizes and takes Simpsons back on his way up. He pushes him back into the fence, still on his back. Simpson reverses but it’s too late, Markes grabs a double leg and takes him down. 10 seconds left and Simpson gets back up but the round is over. Its close, but I give it to Markes two rounds to one. Let’s see what the judges say.

Final decision Ronny Markes def. Aaron Simpson via split decision 29-28/29-28/29-28

Dave Herman vs. Stefan Struve | Play-By-Play:
The two heavyweights enter the center of the cage but Herman slowly notches Struve back with foot work alone, no strikes. Struve opens up the action with a big head kick that’s blocked by Herman. One-minute in and Herman throws a big right that lands, but it doesn’t faze “The Skyscraper”. Herman throws to the body, Struve counters with an overhand right that misses. Two minutes in and it’s a pretty slow start. Herman lands two more big right hands and then backs up. The two trade body kicks and reset. Herman definitely the aggressor but nothing he is throwing is fazing Struve. Flying left kick from Herman misses. Struve seems tentative to engage, and instead seems to just be countering. You would think that Struve would use his length and reach but he isn’t. Herman keeps lunging in and out with the right hand. One minute left and this is a slow paced kickboxing match. Noting to really say here, it’s more of the same, 10 second warning and the round ends without any action, the two fighters left just staring at each other in the center.

The two take to the center once more, but this round starts where the first round ended. Struve latches on to the body, takes Herman down and lands straight into the mount position. They scramble, Struve gets the back but Herman is too explosive and completely powers out of it. They return to their feet and trade strikes, but that last flurry was the most action we have seen all fight. There is three minutes left in this round and Struve lands a thudding body kick. Body-head-uppercut landed by Herman and he is obviously landing at a higher volume. Struve landing big shots now and backs up Herman. It looked like it hurt Herman but he circles out and seems OK. Upon further inspection Herman has a mouse and a cut under the eye from that last flurry. Struve lands an uppercut and drops Herman, follows him to the ground and gets into the mount where he pounds away for about 30-seconds. Herman just covers up but he has no answer and the ref is forced to stop the fight.

Herman not happy with the stoppage but he was not getting out of that mount. Bout officially ends at 3:52 of the 2nd round.

Jake Ellenberger vs. Diego Sanchez| Play-By-Play:
The two run in and immediately engage but the pace slows quickly and the two begin to just feel each other out. Ellenberger countering Diego’s strikes effectively but Sanchez doesn’t seem to be fazed by the power Jake is throwing at him. Ellenberger threw a big knee on the mark while Diego was coming in at the midpoint, but again, doesn’t faze Sanchez and Diego still moves forwards with punches in bunches. Diego comes forward with about a minute left with a good flurry but Jake counters, they both trade in the exchange with big shots and then the pace slows. Diego comes forward with a punch but Jake again, counters well with a one-two and drops Diego. Sanchez gets right back up and shakes it off. Diego still moves forward up until the sound of the bell. Ellenberger displayed the big power we are used to but Diego still in there.

Between rounds it appears as if Sanchez has suffered a broken nose. If it isn’t broken it’s damaged. Its cut, it’s bleeding.

No touch of gloves to start the second round. Jake takes center and Diego circles around. One minute in and the two are in the “feel out” phase. Diego lunges forward with a left that misses, another one-two from Diego that lands, a spinning back kick from Diego but Ellenberger unfazed. Jake is waiting to unload, but Diego moving forward and being the aggressor. At the midway point of the fight now and it’s more of the same. Jake seems to be waiting for the counter strike while Diego keeps throwing shots, most of them missing. Diego is finding a home for his right hand with two minutes left over and over but still, not altering Jakes strategy in the least. With one-minute left Diego comes in again with punches but Jake ducks under, grabs a double leg and completes the take down. Sanchez now working guard but Jake is staying heavy with top control. A huge elbow from Ellenberger lands but Diego still aware and the round ends.

Round three starts and Jake opens up with more big power that lands on the chin but Diego still standing and moving forward. Diego now in the center with Jake circling on the outside. This round is more of the same though, Diego engaging, Jake countering and to this point this fight is all Ellenberger. Three minutes left in this round and Diego is bloody but still hanging in there with the same pace and aggression as the first. Diego starts landing and Jake forced to go for a single but Sanchez shrugs it off and the two reset. Jake now bleeding from his nose too. This is the dog fight that Diego promised and he is really turning it up here. Jake seems tired and Diego is going to work with a relentless pace. One and a half minutes left and Ellenberger out of desperation takes him down. Diego reverses and takes the back. He is pounding away at Jake and Jake has no answer. Both hooks in and punches in bunches landed from Diego. It’s intense but Jake seems OK. Just 30 seconds left but Diego still drilling away at the face of Jake. It’s going to end this way. Nope Ellenberger escapes and throw knees to the body before the bell ends.

What a fight, but Ellenberger took the first two in my eyes.

Final score on the judges’ cards is 29-28/29-28/29-28 awarding Ellenberger the win via unanimous decision.

Full Results:
Jake Ellenberger def. Diego Sanchez via unanimous decision 29-28/29-28/29-28
Stefan Struve def. Dave Herman via TKO (ref stoppage) Round 2, 3:52
Ronny Markes def. Aaron Simpson via split decision 29-28/29-28/29-28
Stipe Miocic def. Philip De Fries via Knockout 0:43
T.J. Dillashaw def. Walel Watson via unanimous decision 30-25/30-25/30-26
JIvan Menjivar def. John Albert via submission (Rear naked choke) Round 1, 3:45

Jonathan Brookins def. Vagner Rocha via knockout Round 1, 1:32
Justin Salas def. Anton Kuivanen via unanimous decision 30-27/30-27/29,27
Tim Means def. Bernardo Magalhaes via unanimous decision 30-27/30-26/30-26

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