UFC on FS1: ‘Fight Night 26: Shogun vs. Sonnen’ Live Preliminary Card Play-By-Play & Results

August 17, 2013 12:15 pm by Jake Chastain


Tonight the UFC hits UFC on FOX Sports 1 with a stacked night of fights. However, before the main card hits the television waves a stellar preliminary card event kicks off on Facebook at 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time.

The three facebook fights will be followed up with a fantastic four-fight preliminary card even on Fox Sports 1.If you missed the action, or can’t catch the broadcast we have you covered!

Follow along below for all the play-by-play and blow-by-blow action! Here we go!


Round 1 – Ramsey came out throwing an early low kick before shooting in for  a takedown but Vick stuffed it. Nijem continues to press forward and shoots in again, this time scoring it. Vick scrambles a bit and then locks around the neck of Nijem as Ramsey stands back up. The guillotine choke is in tight though, and Vick drops back down to the ground to crank it. Nijem is stuck with no place to go and finally taps. Vick makes it look easy as he chokes out Nijem to get the win in the opening frame of the bout to kick off the fight card.

James Vick Wins via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at :58 Seconds in the 1st Round


Round 1 – The two men came out and tested each other out for a moment and then from the clinch Donovan pressed St. Preux against the cage and landed some nice dirty boxing shots. They break and then Donovan goes for another shot and they end up in another clinch against the cage. Donovan presses Ovince against the fence and then St. Preux hit a beautiful wizzer-roll while defending a Donovan body-lock takedown. Ovince used the deep wizzer-overhook to roll though and end up in the guard of Donovan and from there he landed some huge ground-and-pound from the top. A couple punches landed flush and seconds later the fight was stopped. St. Preux ended the fight right when it looked as if it was going to take-off, earning himself a 1st round KO victory over Cody Donovan.

Ovince St. Preux Wins via Knockout at 2:07 of the first round


Round 1 – The two touch gloves and Cole opens with a front kick, Manny is pressing him back with pressure. A few faints, Cole looks to be using the distance and then Manny throws an overhand right but misses. It’s a feeling out phase and Gamburyan is pressing the pace. Manny is trying to find his distance but Miller is just so much bigger than Gamburyan. Cole lands a nice right hook counter, then a few leg kicks. Manny lands a right hand of his own. Miller is starting to find a home for his long jab and then lands the front kick again. The two are dancing around and Manny can’t get through the distance of Miller. Manny takes a shot, presses Miller to the fence  and lands a huge double leg takedown. What strength! From the guard of Miller Gamburyan looks to posture up and land some shots from the top. A nice elbow lands, and then another, and Miller tries to use the cage to get up, but Manny is strong. Miller gets up, circles out and Manny is relentless with the pressure. As the horn sounds we see a replay that shows Miller landed two hard elbows to the back of the head of Gamburyan. Manny is obviously staggered but it is unclear what is going to happen from here. I scored the round Gamburyan for the takedown and elbows, but it was close. The doctors are still testing out Gamburyan for a concussion and they say he is good to go. The fight continues…

Round 2- Cole throws more shots from the distance, front kicks, jabs and Manny is starting to look more urgent about the pressure. Manny lands a nice leg kick and dodges a few strikes before driving in for another shot on Miller. He presses him to the cage again and switches to a double-leg and again Miller lands those close elbows. They get into a quick scramble and Miller ends up on the back of Manny, takes him to the ground, but Manny uses his power to explode and come back out to his feet. He then takes Miller down again and is pressing him down against the cage. Cole uses the butterfly guard to to push Manny off and come back up. manny goes back to the legs and then Miller lands more grazing elbows while defending the takedown. Manny is relentless with the takedowns but in the process is eating lots of elbows. He scores the takedown for a moment and then Miller comes back up and out and they break. Both men land a couple nice strikes and Gamburyan is cut. The horn sounds and another close round closes. This time I gave it to Miller, but it could have easily went either way.

Round 3 – Miller opens with more jabs and Gamburyan throws a leg kick. Both men throw big shots and Gamburyan lands a nice right hand. He then lands another leg kick. They exchange a bit, nothing huge lands for a good minute, Miller throws a nice combo and lands a knee. Gamburyan answers with another kick. Miller lands the right knee to the body again but then Gamburyan takes Miller down, this time in the middle of the cage. From Miller’s guard Many lands some nice stuff from the top. Hooks, elbows, hammer-fists, body shots…Manny is clearly winning the round at this point. With two minutes left Manny is in control but Miller is inching himself toward the cage again. He uses the cage to work back up but Manny is heavy from the top. With a minute left Miller comes up to his feet but Manny defends by slamming Cole back to the ground. As the final seconds tick off Miller starts throwing big elbows from the bottom, but I don’t think it was enough to win him the round. This round clearly went to Gamburyan for the massive amount of top time that he had. This was a very close fight though. The striking numbers were almost identical as far as total strikes landed and significant strikes landed but Manny had four takedowns as opposed to Miller’s 0. Great fight! Here is the official decision:

Manny Gamburyan Wins via Unanimous Decision 


Round 1 – Pineda takes the center and then Brandao lands a huge leg kick and an overhand right, goes for a takedown but misses it. They faint, Brandao lands a huge overhand right and rocks Pineda, he rushes him, lands a few more strikes, Pineda looks like he’s in trouble but is still throwing his own strikes as well. Pineda shoots, Brandao stuffs it and pushes Pineda off. They exchange again and Brandao lands a couple big punches and a kick, but Pineda is still hanging in there, looking game. Brandao backs off, takes a deep breath and composes himself. They exchange again, Brandao scoring the cleaner, more powerful strikes. Diego is still looking crisp and powerful but has definitely slowed the pace of his attack. They exchange again, Brandao pushes Pineda against the fence and then scores a takedown. Pineda works up, from the clinch Pineda lands a nice knee to the body. They break, both men land a couple punches but Brandao gets the best of it. Pineda lands a right elbow and then a good combo that ends with a body kick. Brandao looks to be slowing continuously and Pineda is now taking control of the pace as the horn sounds to end a great, exciting round. I give the round to Brandao, 10-9.

Round 2 – Pineda comes out swinging big, but nothing lands flush. Pineda is pressing the pace now and Brandao scores another takedown. They scramble around, Pineda locks on a triangle choke, it’s defended, and they come back up. They exchange a bit and after a moment Brandao shoots another double-leg and scores it. From the top Brandao lands a big elbow but Pineda lands an elbow of his own. He then uses a kimura to sweep Brandao and then moves into a mount on Diego. Brandao looks gassed. Pineda then starts unloading big ground and pound. Diego tries to roll, gets out of the mount and then locks onto an ankle lock on Pineda. Its defended and Pineda remains on top. with thirty seconds to go the two men slow down as the round comes to a close until Pineda lands big hammer fists. This round definitely goes to Pineda, 10-9.

Round 3 – They touch gloves and Pineda is the aggressor. Pineda lands a nice overhand right and Brandao again scores a nice drive-double-leg takedown. He lands some big shots and then lets Pineda up to his feet. Interesting. Brandao then scores ANOTHER double-leg takedown. Pineda comes back up and Brandao is so tired. Pineda lands a spinning kick to the body but Diego AGAIN scores a takedown in the exchange. From the top nothing huge happens until Pineda gets up, gives up his back and uses elbows from the back. Deigo brings him back down, they scramble and come back up. Pineda presses the pace again, throwing crazy strikes and then Brandao scores again. Pineda throws a wheel-kick and eats a right from Brandao. He continues to move forward but both men are tired. Pineda then shoots, doesn’t get it, they exchange again and then Brandao lands a kick to end the fight. This was a close round again, but I think Brandao won it with takedown dominance and more heavy strikes landed. Very close fight. Tough one for the judges but I think Diego did just enough to win it. Here is the official decision:

Diego Brandao Wins via Unanimous Decision

MIKE BROWN (26-8 MMA, 2-1 UFC) VS. STEVEN SILER (22-10 MMA, 4-1 UFC)

Round 1 – they touch gloves, Siler throws some long jabs, faints, nothing lands. Finally Siler lands a hard leg kick. Mike Brown wades in throwing overhand strikes and Siler lands a beautiful counter-uppercut on the money. Brown drops to the canvas but comes to his senses and defends from his back. Siler throws a couple strikes from the top and then postures up and lands a 1-2 that put the lights out for Mike Brown. Steven Siler walks away with a quick, extremely impressive win over a big name in Mike Brown at :50 of the very first round. He’s now 5-1 in the UFC. Another quick one for ya, folks. Great hands displayed by Steven Siler. We’ll be keeping our eyes on what is next for him.

Steven Siler Wins via Knockout at :50 Seconds of the 1st Round


Round 1 – The crowd is on their feet. Conor McGregor is getting an overwhelming ovation. They touch gloves and Conor lands a body kick to open the fight then a switch kick. Holloway throws his own kicks. More kicks from both men, back and forth, Conor with more power and unpredictability. Conor is also pushing the pave. A nice body kick lands for Conor and then a straight right, he’s using great octagon control, cutting off Holloway at every angle, and he’s throwing nice combos that land at least one clean strike each time. Conor lands another straight right, then a nice kick to the body, Holloway answers with more of his own kicks. Conor raises his shoulders as if asking why Holloway is backing up. Conor is throwing several different types of kicks and then nice straights. Holloway throws a wheel kick but misses. They both throw more, Conor lands a nice left hand, and continues stalking and kicking Holloway. The horn sounds with the two clinched against the cage. McGregor definitely won the round, 10-9.

Round 2 – McGregor comes out again pressing the pace, landing a large variety of kicks and Holloway just cannot seem to find his timing. Conor has clearly found his distance and his timing and is landing tons of strikes from legs to body to head. Conor is initiating every exchange and Max is landing some strikes but nothing with the power or abundance of McGregor. Conor lands a beautiful uppercut and then a nice left moments later. He then landed a punch, caught a Holloway kick and ended up on top of Max win his guard. From the top Conor postured up and landed a nice left hand before going back into Holloway’s guard. McGregor then moves to the half-guard, then side-control and the round ends with another dominant position for McGregor. Conor wins the second round just like the first, 10-9. Holloway has to go for the finish.

Round 3- Holloway’s right eye is battered and McGregor comes out aggressive again. He throws a few strikes and then presses Max to the fence before taking him down again. Conor hits a nice guard-pass and moves to side-control. From there Conor moves to a mount, but Max scrambles and escapes but Conor gets him back to the canvas and controls him. From there McGregor moves to a mount and is in absolute control of Holloway. Max tries to hip-escape but is unsuccessful. He tries again and then eats a big shot before giving up his back. From there McGregor lands big punches and elbows before rolling back to the mount. Hollow rolls and gets away but is taken down moments later after he nearly landed a big head kick, but for it ended up back in the control of Conor. The fight ended with McGregor on top, in control, again. Not a lot of damage done in the final round but it was absolute dominance for McGregor. McGregor put on a nice performance against a very young, very game, very bight prospect in Max Holloway. The hype for Conor McGregor, though, is for-real. He’s now 2-0 in the UFC and 10-0 in last last ten fights. He’s now likely one big win away from a featherweight title shot. Here is the official decision:

Conor McGregor Wins via Unanimous Decision


Round 1 – This should be a war between the #3 and #5 ranked bantamweights. Here we go. The two touch gloves and it’s McDonald that lands the first kick to the body. Pickett wades in throwing big strikes but nothing clean lands, McDonald also misses with some. McDonald then lands a huge shot that rocks Picket and then McDonald opened up and rushed him, dropped him twice, and Pickett was in trouble but somehow survived a huge flurry that saw McDonald land a large amount of shots while chasing Pickett around the cage. He dropped Pickett more than once but Pickett survived and then pace slowed for a moment and then with about 2 minutes left McDonald landed a huge right head kick that dropped Pickett again. McDonald went into Pickett’s guard for a moment and then let Pickett back up with about 1:30 left in the round. They both circled for a bit and threw some strikes but nothing clean landed until McDonald landed a nice 1-2 counter of hooks and then to close the round McDonald landed two more huge combinations. Pickett is still coming forward but his face is super swollen! The horn sounds and that was a huge round for McDonald. It could have easily been scored in my books as a 10-8 round for Michael after dropping Brad several times in the frame.

Round 2 – McDonald came out landing more clean strikes, clean kicks, but Pickett continues to press the pace, eating several shits and then finally took a shot and scored a takedown. From the guard of McDonald Pickett landed some nice body shots and a big right elbow. McDonald looks to be catching his breath a bit but then eats another elbow from Pickett. Pickett could be gaining the edge in the round as he spends more and more time on top. At 2 minutes to go Pickett is in control but then McDonald locked on to a triangle choke/ arm-bar. Pickett rolled., tried to defend, McDonald tightened up the triangle choke and forced Pickett to tap! What a fight! Pickett brought a big fight to the table but McDonald answered the call and cashed in a fantastic performance to get the submission victory over Brad Pickett. Here is the official decision:

Michael McDonald Wins via Submission (Triangle Choke) at 3:43 of the 2nd Round

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