UFC on FOX Live Results and Play by Play

December 8, 2012 11:34 am by Sean McClure

Sean McClure will be providing live play by play results for tonight’s UFC on FOX card.


Scott Jorgensen wins via RNC at 4:59 of round 1.


The judges score the bout 30-24, 30-25 and 30-26 for the winner by unanimous decision, Dennis Siver.


Round 1

LeVesseur hits a takedown and hangs on to a single-leg while Trujillo gets back up and leans against the fence. Trujillo sprawls on the cage, where he’s pinned by a takedown attempt. Trujillo defends the single-leg. They’re back to clinching with LeVesseur trapping Trujillo in a waistlock. Levesseur getting beat up because he won’t let go of the right leg. Hamlett breaks them up again, but LeVesseur is going for the takedown shortly after. Trujillo ends the round raining down strikes.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 Trujillo


LeVesseur is sporting some damage on his left eye from that knee at the end of round one. He shoots early in round two and gets trapped in a guillotine choke attempt. LeVesseur twists free and puts his back on the canvas, where Trujillo tries to finish with a north-south choke. LeVesseur gets out of this, too, nearly reversing into top position, but instead getting swept back under. Trujillo works from half-guard now with LeVesseur’s right side flush to the fence. LeVesseur sits up and surrenders his back as he kneels with Trujillo behind him. LeVesseur scrambles back to his feet and it’s Trujillo doing the pinning on the fence for a moment before backing off. Trujillo ducks inside and staggers LeVesseur with a short right hand, forcing LeVesseur to shoot another single-leg. Trujillo stays standing, trying to work around to the back. He gets there and throws hard knees to the body of LeVesseur, who is just covering up as he kneels against the fence. The ref is calling for action from LeVesseur with a minute to go. LeVesseur doesn’t do anything, and with Trujillo still blasting away with knees, Hamlett steps in to wave this one off.

Abel Trujillo def. Marcus LeVesseur via TKO (Knees) at 3:56 of round 2


Round 1 –

Cruickshanks is all smiles. they start of trading shots, but Martinez presses Daron against the fence. Daron defending the takedown well. Referee breaks the action and they re-engage swinging for the fences. Once again Martinez has Daron against the fence. They explode out of the clinch and the crowd loves it as they fire away. Daron rocks Martinez with a nasty uppercut and throws a wheel kick that narrowly misses. Martinez is hurt from body shots and covers up against the fence as he eats some heavy punches. Martinez fires back and the round ends with Daron eating some shots of his own.


Both fighters trade blows and no one landing anything significant. Each fighter trying to find their range and landing some shots. Just over halfway through Daron unloads a big head kick and drops Martinez to the canvas for good.

Daron Cruickshanks wins via KO at 2:57 of round 2

BJ Penn and Rory arrive at the arena! Rory is wearing a trenchcoat and looks like an English gentleman. BJ Penn looks focused and ready.


Round 1

They come out swinging. Nijem presses Joe against the fence and Proctor locks in a guillotine. Nijem is content to let him have it. Nijem is out and lands bombs and several knees from the clinch. Joe survives and they trade jabs in the center. Front kicks by Nijem and he knocks Joe down and is all over Proctor from the top and now the back. Nijem in control and he takes Proctor’s back. Joe is bloody. Nijem got the mount momentarily but Proctor escapes and gets a standing guillotine attempt, but there is an arm in there. Nijem takes Proctor’s back, but Proctor rolls out. They are trading big bombs and Nijem gets rocked and goes for the takedown. Joe is trying to pin down Ramsey’s arm and land some punishment of his own. The round ends with Nijem surviving.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Nijem


Touch of gloves and here we go. Proctor comes out headhunting, but finds nothing. Ramsey lands a decent shot and then a jump front kick to the body. Proctor lands a counter left hook, but Joe is pressing the action and giving his striking little respect. Nijem coming close to landing decent shots, but is just out of range. Nijem gets a solid smack in the mouth from a Proctor right hand. Nijem now pressing Proctor against the fence and tries to pry him off for a takedown. He gets it and Joe is on the ground on his back with Ramsey in guard. Proctor escapes and secures a front headlock looking for a choke. Joe had the choke in deep and Ramsey is feeling the pressure as Joe lays his weight on him. Nijem looks exhausted. Nijem is on top as the round ends.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 Proctor


Proctor looks fresher as we start. Nijem lands a body shot followed by an overhand right. Nijem presses Joe against the fence. Proctor hits the ground and attempts a kimura from the bottom. Nijem on top but doing nothing. Proctor covering up and shrugs off Nijem’s attempts to take his back. Proctor going for another guillotine attempt, but there’s nothing there. Joe is on top of Ramsey and takes Ramsey’s back and almost secures an armbar. Ramsey out and tees off on Proctor. Once again Nijem has Proctor against the fence and once again Proctor is out and has him in a front choke. The last twenty seconds is a flurry of knees and punches from Ramsey. Joe slips in a few of his own, but nothing major.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Nijem.

BJPenn.com scores the fight 29-28 for Ramsey Nijem

Ramsey Nijem wins by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Benson Henderson arrives at the arena looking calm.


Round 1

Assuncao attempts a spinning wheel kick and his style is really interesting tonight. They are trading shots and Assuncao’s unorthodox style makes Easton look a little confused. Easton and Raphael are finding range. Easton stalking and Assuncao poised in a Krav Maga style stance. Leg kicks from Assuncao and he seems to be baiting Easton by leaving his hands down and putting his chin out there. Assuncao looking comfortable and Easton seems hesitant but picking up the pace. Raphael’s leg kicks are being checked now and now they are exchanging. Raphael attempts to take Easton down and Easton’s takedown defense is uncanny. Assuncao has Mike against the cage, but nothing is happening. The round ends with one jab a piece.

Not a lot going on, but BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Raphael Assuncao.


Easton misses wide with quite a few strikes. Assuncao landing some shots, but nothing big. Now they are trading regularly. Assuncao is changing stances and Easton is having issues. Mike gets punched in the eye and winces. Assuncao is winning the exchanges and they are up against the fence. Assuncao accidentally lands a knee to the groin. Easton more aggressive now and Raphael welcomes it. Easton pawing and lands a kick to the leg. More Assuncao leg kicks. Easton trying everything but nothing there. Raphael lands a front kick to Mike’s face. Assuncao stuffs a takedown and Easton’s hesitation to engage draws boos from the crowd.

BJPenn.com scores a very close round 10-9 for Raphael Assuncao


Both fighters are letting punches go. Easton has a sense of urgency and is pressing his action. Assuncao doing some funky leg movements and lands a 1-2 combo. Front kick by Raphael and he is backing up, countering. Assuncao again going for the takedown against the fence. Assuncao briefly takes him down, but Mike is up. Both fighters land a few punches. Easton stuffs another takedown. Raphael doing a great job stopping Mike’s attacks with great counters. Easton defending another Assuncao takedown attempt. Assuncao lands a power kick and Easton is trying desperately to land a big shot and end the fight. Raphael has been so good with his counters. The fight ends with the crowd booing very loudly at the lack of action.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Assuncao

BJPenn.com scores the fight 30-27 for Raphael Assuncao.

The judges score the fight (29-28, 30-27, 30-27) for Raphael Assuncao who wins by unanimous decision


Round 1

Stephens opens with a flying knee, but Yves is out of the way easily. Stephens firing away with no hesitation. Edwards attempting take Stephens down, but it’s a no go. Yves backing up and trying to counter the bombs Jeremy is throwing. Another missed flying knee from Stephens. Yves drops Stephens with a brilliant counter right hook, and continues punching Stephens on the ground until the referee steps in and saves Jeremy. Yves’s 10th lightweight victory tonight.

Yves Edwards defeats Jeremy Stephens by KO at 1:55 of round 1


Round 1

No glove touch. Head movement from Matt Brown. Swick feeling him out now. Brown looks hesitant and eats a jab. Swick lands a short right hand and gets taken down. Brown trying lock in a D’arce choke and gets it. Swick in trouble. Swick slips out and now Mike is in Matt’s guard. Brown looking for a triangle. Mike Swick in half guard. Matt Brown locks in a triangle and Mike is able to create just enough space to survive. Mike is out and now Matt is looking for an armbar. Swick is out and they are up. The round ends with Mike Swick pressing Matt Brown against the fence.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Matt Brown


Matt Brown barely misses a head kick right off the bat. Matt Brown wading in trying to force things and ends up pressed against the fence. Thai clinch by Swick and he lands a knee. Nice standing elbow from Brown. Brown pressed against the fence again. Swick has some swelling on the side of his mouth. Matt Brown lands a big left, right and drops Mike Swick who is out before he hits the ground.

Matt Brown defeats Mike Swick at 2:31 of round 2 by KO


Round 1

Introductions by Buffer and McDonald is covered in Boos. Arena erupts for Penn. Herb Dean at the helm as referee.

Penn shoots for the takedown and McDonald is pressed in to the cage. Brief break in action and now Penn is against the cage. McDonald is stalking. Rory lands some jabs and Penn presses forward. McDonald lands a kick to Penn’s face. A nice exchange and the crowd chants “BJ”. Penn with a looping right hand and Rory backs up. Penn rocks McDonald and takes him down briefly via a single leg but Rory gets back up. Nice body shots by McDonald and a jab by BJ. Penn is hurt and wobbly via an elbow from Rory. McDonald is kicking and lands a big elbow and another with 10 seconds left.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for McDonald


Penn seems to have recovered. They are exchanging again and Rory lands a nice left, right combo. McDonald throws more kicks and the crowd chanting “Rory” now. Penn with a nice right and then a left. BJ is fighting off of the fence and Penn is hurt by a big kick to the body and punches from McDonald. At one point he is doubled over and Rory looks for the kill. McDonald is talking to him and he is working over BJ’s body. Penn with a nice right. McDonald doing an Apollo Creed impression. Rory takes BJ down and is unable to land anything significant. BJ may have a broken rib.

BJPenn.com scores the fight 10-9 for McDonald


McDonald out quickly. Penn lands a jab and presses Rory against the fence. BJ nearly takes him down. McDonald presses Penn against the cage and leans on him. Herb Dean separates the pair and they are back to the center. McDonald slips and Penn almost capitalizes. Rory presses BJ against the cage and leans on him. Rory with more kicks and jabs. Penn still coming at him and lands a few jabs. McDonald grandstanding and showing off. Dean separates them again after Rory leans on him against the fence. McDonald lands a head kick and they lock up. Rory is taunting BJ and Rory runs out the clock in a lackluster third round compared to the first two.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 McDonald.

BJpenn.com scores the fight 30-27 for Rory McDonald

Rory McDonald defeats BJ Penn via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)


Round 1

Alexander and Shogun pawing. Gustafsson drops Rua and looks to finish but Rua cinches in a knee bar. Shogun with Gustafsson against the cage. A failed takedown attempt for Rua, but he takes him down a moment later. Shogun has back control, pressing Gustafsson against the fence. Alexander lands a punch and a knee in the center of the cage. Rua with a nice leg kick. Shogun unloads and his nose is now visibly bloody. Gustaffson presses Shogun against the cage and lands some small strikes here and there.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 Gustafsson


Shogun dropping bombs and Gustafsson backing up. Sooner or later that Rua right hand will land if Alexander isn’t more careful. Gustafsson smartly presses Rua against the fence. The referee breaks the pair up and soon after Rua is swinging wildly at Alexander. Rua looks for a takedown, but ends up on his back. Gustafsson lets Rua back up. Rua connects flush with a nice combo. Gustafsson gets the takedown, but Rua up and punching, pressing Alexander against the cage. Gustafsson gets another takedown and they are quickly back up. Alexander lands two good knees and then a nice uppercut followed by more knees. Shogun lands a nice leg kick. Rua’s right eye is very swollen.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Rua


Rua pressing the action. Both landing good shots and Shogun lands a nice overhand right. Alexander gets a takedown, but Rua escapes. Alexander throws a hard body kick that is blocked. Shogun still looking for a one punch knockout. Gustafsson looks tired and manages a takedown. Rua back up and they are letting their hands fly. Shogun looks hurt from a body shot and Alexander looking to capitalize. Big right hand and a knee from Alexander. Body shot from Gustafsson met with a big right hand from Rua. Alexander pressing Shogun against the fence and they are separated. Gustafsson lands a front kick to the face that wobbles Rua. Gustafsson lands a takedown to end the round.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Gustafsson

BJPenn.com scores the fight 29-28 for Gustafsson

Alexander Gustafsson defeats Shogun (30-27, 30-27, 30-26) via unanimous decision



Round 1

Herb Dean is the referee for this bout. Diaz already taunting. Diaz takes advantage of a Bendo misstep and almost gets his back. Bendo with Nate up against the cage. Nate attempts a takedown, but it’s Bendo who almost gets one of his own. Busy clinch work and Nate pummels under and escapes. Diaz lands an elbow, but Bendo takes him down effortlessly. Nate daring Henderson to get in his guard. Once again they are up and Bendo has Nate against the cage and leaning on him. Henderson drops Nate with a leg kick and they are in the center again. Bendo isn’t there for any of Nate’s strikes. Diaz with Bendo up against the cage.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Bendo

Round 2

Bendo lands a big leg lock and takes Nate down. As Diaz stands up Bendo lands a head kick and a big knee. Bendo has Diaz against the cage and working from the clinch. Nate is looking confused and his lead leg is red from Bendo’s kicks. They mix it up and exchange body shots. Henderson is jabbing Diaz’s legs and surprises Nate with a big right hand and rocks Diaz sending him to the ground. Bendo gets Nate’s back, but they’re back up. Bendo is relentless and he is punishing Diaz with knees and punches. Nice Judo throw by Diaz, but Bendo is up and elusive again. Nate is looking bloody and Bendo looks confident.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Bendo

Round 3

Bendo leading with a leg kick and following with big punches. Bendo slips but nothing happening. Diaz is limping slightly from Bendo’s damaging leg kicks. Bendo takes Nate down and makes Diaz pay for attempting a leg lock. They are up and Bendo takes him down again almost immediately. Diaz controlling the wrists, but Benson is having none of it. Punishing elbows by Bendo from the top. Nate pulls a leg lock to knee bar attempt to a toe hold. Bendo escapes and drops a few bombs. Diaz going for the leg again and traps it. Bendo is out and they are up. Bendo rocks Diaz who was taunting him and Benson follows him down. Diaz going for the leg again from the bottom. Henderson is making him pay for everything. An axe kick to the body from Bendo to end the round.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Bendo

Round 4

Diaz with his hands down. Bendo clinches and lands a small knee. Takedown #5 for Benson who is absolutely dominating Diaz. Diaz is up and back down thanks to another Bendo takedown. Henderson takes his back, but they are up again. Bendo takes him down again and lands some big shots. Diaz is unable to get up and gets taken down again. Benson continues to hammer Nate with shots to the body. Bendo on top in half guard. Nate attempting a kimura or arm lock, but Bendo is back on top and punishing Diaz with well placed head and body punches. Bendo on his feet, Nate on his back. Benson is hammerfisting Diaz’s calves. Bendo is basically playing with Nate and lands a leg kick to end the round.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Bendo

Round 5

Bendo punching the legs again and quickly presses Nate against the fence. Nate trying to get underhooks. Benson picks him up and slams him hard. Bendo pummeling Nate from the top position and Diaz is just trying to survive. Bendo wrenches Nate off the fence and gets a waist lock. Diaz attempting a kimura now, but Bendo is out and punishing him again. Diaz continually attempting a kimura to no avail. They hit the ground and Bendo punishes him. Diaz gets up and eats a head kick. 20 seconds left and Diaz is trying to bait Bendo in, but Bendo just stares at him.

Nate and Bendo meet in the middle and raise each other’s hands.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Bendo

BJPenn.com scores the fight 50-45 for Benson Henderson

Benson Henderson defeats Nate Diaz via unanimous decision (50-43, 50-45, 50-43, 50-45)

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