UFC on FOX 8 Play-By-Play And Live Results (Prelims)

July 27, 2013 12:18 pm by Jake Chastain


Eight fights make up tonight’s UFC on FOX 8 preliminary card.

Starting at 1:00 pm PT, two fights will go down on the UFC’s Facebook.com channel. 1 Hour later the prelims switch to FX where six more fights will go down culminating in a UFC on FX Prelims headliner between Jorge Masvidal and Mike Chiesa.

If you cannot make the prelims broadcast and aren’t one of the fortunate few to be at tonight’s fights live than tune in right here and follow along the action in this live play-by-play.


ROUND 1- The night began with the bantamweights coming out and putting on a great display of scrambles and grappling. Albert came out aggressive with kicks and combos. Meza goes for a takedown and scores it against the cage. From Albert’s guard Meza works for position and Albert looks for rubber guard and as Meza pulled out Albert came up to his feet. Meza locked onto a guillotine choke but didn’t get it after fully committing and Albert ended up on top. With three minutes left in the round Albert works from side control. Albert then stepped over Meza’s head and isolated an arm, locked on the armbar but Meza defended with a spiderweb counter. Albert, from the bottom and still with the armbar locked in, finally lost it against the cage and Meza is again on top. Meza landed some nice punches from half-guard followed by some elbows. The two work for position with a minute left they scrambled and Meza again locked on the guillotine. They rolled a few times and Albert ended up on top in a half side control position. The bell sounded and the round ended. Very close round filled with nice grappling by both men.

ROUND 2- Meza lands a nice leg-kick to open the round and from a front headlock position Albert locked onto his own guillotine choke. As Meza scrambled out Albert locked on a triangle choke. Meza defends but it looks tight. Meza fought it off for about a minute and then finally circled and spun out. Albert looks tired after going for the triangle and Meza immediately spun and took the back of Albert. Meza puts both hooks in, flattens out Albert and starts pounding him from the back. Albert opened up to defend the strikes and gave up the rear-naked choke. Meza cinched it in deep and scored the submission victory in at 2:49 of Round 2. Impressive grappling put on display by Meza! Great fight to start the night!



AARON RILEY (30-13-1 MMA, 3-5 UFC) VS. JUSTIN SALAS (10-4 MMA, 1-1 UFC)

Round 1 – Salas looks strong coming out landing nice combos and a few hard kicks. It looks like Salas caught a poke to the eye early (or a grazing shot) as he is getting a mouse under his right eye very early. Riley is really bringing the pressure early and pushing the pace. Salas scores a takedown but Riley comes right back to his fight. Salas is landing great kicks and solid combos. He’s moving away but countering well as Riley come in. Riley answers with his own solid combo. Salas again gets a takedown but Riley uses the guillotine to get back up to his feet. Riley continues chasing Salas and eats a sidekick. With about minute left in the round they dance, throw some fakes and Salas goes for a flying knee but it does not land. Great pace at the end of the round and as the horn sounds Salas hits a blast double. Close round, nice technique by both men but I give the first round to Salas, 10-9.

ROUND 2- Riley again comes out chasing Salas and the Salas scores another takedown but Riley comes up again and Salas lands a nice kick on the way out. They continue scrapping and Salas starts teeing off from distance. Riley is winning the pressure game but Salas is landing more strikes. They clinch against the cage and Salas lands some knees. They break and Riley presses forward with Salas moving away. Salas catches a kick and the scramble. Justin Salas looks to have the better footwork and is landing nice clean strikes from the outside. Riley cannot catch Salas and is getting beat up, eating several quick shots from Salas. Riley is now bloody and is getting beat on the feet, but still continues pressing forward and exchanging blows. Every time Riley lands a kick or a strike he eats two or three strikes from Salas. The horn sounds to close round two and that was a giant round for Justin Salas. He took the round with great footwork and clean strikes, 10-9. I think Riley needs a finish to win this fight heading into the third round.

ROUND 3- More jabs from both men to open the round. Riley is still coming forward but just cannot catch Salas. He starts backing up, forcing Salas to come forward. Justin shoots, doesn’t get it. Riley is clearing getting tagged every time he gets close to Salas. Nice right hand by Salsa lands and the athleticism of Salas is clearly  the difference in this bout. With three minutes left Salas seems to be coasting to a victory, dodging everything Riley throws and circling out. Riley cannot land anything and then Aaron gets poked in the eye. They momentarily stop the fight and then continue after he recovers. With two minutes to go Riley comes out throwing and lands a huge leg kick that shakes Salas. Riley continues chasing and Salas is clearly looking to ride out the decision victory as he just continues to evade Riley and dodge his strikes. They exchange for a moment and before Salas can circle out Riley lands a huge head-kick right to the face that semi-rocked Salas and cut him wide open above his eye. With 20 seconds on the clock they start throwing big punches and Riley seemed to get the better of the end of the bout. However, I don’t know if it was enough to get him the nod for the fight. Salas landed more strikes and at a higher percentage (46% to Riley’s 24%) but Riley clearly won the final round in my eyes, 10-9. So, here is how the judges scored it.




Round 1- The two came out and felt each other out, Kedzie came in for a takedown and was unsiccessful. Kedzie threw a kick and shook De Randamie and cahrged her. They clinched and exchanged knees against the fence. De Randamie was pressing Kedzie against the cage and using her length and leverage to keep Julie’s back to the cage. De Randamie is landing brutal kness to the thighs and body of Kedzie and then Kedzie flipped positions only to lost it and find her back again against the cage. More knees from De Randamie from the over-under clinch position. The ref breaks the two and they come out scrapping. Kedzie caught a kick and then wadded in with punches and then pushed De Randamie against the cage, then she lost the position. De Randamie landed more knees and Kedzie is bleeding. The horn sounded to close round one and I think De Randamie won that round with control and the vicious knees she landed throughout the entire round, 10-9.

ROUND 2 – Round 2 starts with De Randamie throwing some solid kicks and jabs. Kedzie is much smaller than De Randamie and it is hard for her to close the space. More leg kicks are exchanged between the two girls. Kedzie lands a nice body kick and it’s answered by Germaine. Kedzie lands a kick/ uppercut combo that landed clean for her. She then scored a takedown and is in the half-guard of De Randamie against the cage. Kedzie works to better her position and lands a couple small shots. Kedzie cannot advance but is landing a couple shots from the half guard. Kedzie wasn’t really able to do too much with the top position in the time she was in control but I feel like the takedown and control definitely kept her away from the striking game that she was losing. I think Kedzie won the round, 10-9

ROUND 3 – The girls came out on fire in the third and both landed some strikes and then Kedzie scrambled to the back of De Randamie but only for a moment. De Randamie turned around and then pushed Kedzie to the fence and landed some more knees. Kedzie reversed the position, but then lost it again and was again against the fence. THey break and De Randamie lands another huge knee and then a big right hand moments later. Kedzie is still trying to find the distance by utilizing side-kick and then ate a big 1-2 from De Randamie. Kendie throws a nice wheel-kick but it only catches air. De Randamie is landing the jab and Kedzie jsut can’t get past the length of Germaine. Julie lands a nice nice body kick and then catches a kick from Germaine and takes her to the mat. From De Randamie’s full guard Kedzie landed a big shot but then ate some elbows from De Randamie from the bottom. The horn sounds and this is an extremely close fight to score. I think De Randamie got the better of  the damage done throughout the entirety of the bout and she gets my no in the third round and, in turn, the fight. Here is how the judges scored it for the official decision:



ED HERMAN (20-9 MMA, 7-5 UFC) VS. TREVOR SMITH (10-3 MMA, 0-0 UFC)

ROUND 1- Herman started with a kick and then twi overhands and they clinch. Smith presses with against the cage and the two dirty box, Herman scoring the bigger shots. Smith lands a big knee to the stomach and then another. Smith lands more big knees to the body, about 5 before Herman decided to try to circle but her cannot get off the cage. More huge knees, they break, Smith lands a big overhand, Herman answers with his own, and then another uppercut. They clinch, break and Smith lands a giant overhand right that looks to rock Herman. Herman throws a combo that partially lands, Smith circles out Herman lands a body kick, another straight right hand, and a left, and Smith looks hurt. Herman wades in and Smith clinches and pushes Herman to the cage. They break and Smith lands another uppercut, followed by a Herman overhand. Smith goes for a takedown but it doesn’t land, they clinch again and Smith is obviously tired. Herman closes the round with several strikes landing while Smith is covering against the cage; not hurt but looking very tired. I give  that round to Ed Herman in a close brawling round, 10-9. What a round!

ROUND 2- The two come out swinging and throwing kicks. Smith throws a kick and slips. Herman gets a front headlock but doesn’t score with it. They exchange and Herman is landing some big big shot. Another left hook and kick by Smith. They clinch and then break and Herman lands a jab, Smith answers. Smith lands a nice body kick and Herman says he got poked. They keep going. Left hook by Herman ad the Smith goes for a shot and get Herman to the ground against the cage. Herman comes back up and in the clinch lands a couple strikes before they break. Both men throw huge hooks and Smith lands a big shot to the body. Smith is starting to get the better of the stand up even though both men are landing nicely. They clinch and Herman presses him to the cage, they swap position, Smith lands more knees to the body and Herman drops levels and scores a takedown with 15 seconds remaining. Herman ends the round in side control. I give that round to Smith but the round was very close. The third round could win it for either man.

ROUND 3 – After they exchange kick Herman scores a takedown but is in a guillotine. He fights it off and then locks in an arm-triangle of his own. He slowly starts tightening it but losses it and then Smith comes back up. They both look tired but keep throwing. Herman lands a 1-2, Smith lands a big left hook. Smith shoots but is stuffed and they are in the clinch against the cage again. Herman lands some knees and then a couple body hooks but they break. Herman lands another knee to the face from a clinch and a low blow kick lands on Herman…they stop…and then start again. Herman presses forward and Smith is using his footwork to stay away. Herman shoots and they scramble, come back up, Herman presses Smith against the cage and lands some nice uppercuts to the body of Smith. They exchange again and as time runs down and both men land nice strikes. The horn sounds and I have to say that this is a hard fight to score. Without seeing the numbers and stats this would be a judges toss up. Both men landed big shots and put on impressive performances. Herman landed more uppercuts, straights and hook but Smith landed more brutal knees to the body. This is a tough fight to score. Here is the official decision:




ROUND 1 – The two men touched gloves and and feel each other out for a moment. Edwards is stalking him but then Cruickshank lands a nice body kick and then a head kick to follow. Edwards answers with his own kick and then a combo moments later. Edwards is applying the pressure but is getting hit on the way in. Cruickshank looks quick and is landing nice kicks. They dance around for a little bit and Cruickshank lands a good combo and then Yves lands a good counter strike. Yves is still coming forward but he has to watch out for the fast kicks that are coming from Daron. Daron then throws a spinning wheel kick but misses. Yves comes forward but cannot really catch Cruickshank. The horn sounds and not too many strikes landed for either man but Cruickshank did land a few beautiful kicks, which I think won him the round, 10-9.

ROUND 2 – Yves again takes the center and pushed Daron back but Cruickshank lands a nice kick/punch combo and then another body kick as he slips away. They circle around, Yves controlling the pace still, and Daron again lands a kick/punch counter combo. Edwards just can’t seem to get inside enough to land anything significant. Yves blocks a high kick from Daron and then lands a combo of his own. Cruickshank misses with a big uppercut and Edwards lands a nice straight left. They keep circling and then Daron lands a nice front kick that stuns Yves, but he still moves forward. Yves lands his own 1-2 combo and then another a few seconds later. Yves is looking more fluid in the footwork and hand strikes but Cruickshank is using the kicks to keep Yves at bay. Daron misses with a spinning back fist and Yves ends the round by landing a nice leg kick of his own. That round was closer than the first and I give it to Edwards for octagon control and more fluidity and more punches landed, 10-9.

ROUND 3 – Yves comes out looking impatient. He is throwing lots of jabs and is trying to catch Cruickshank. Daron continues to back up and circle but is landing some nice counters. Daron misses a front-leg round kick and Yves lands a nice combo a few moments later. Cruickshank is not landing as many kicks as he was in the first round and Edwards’ pressure is starting to pay dividends in the later round. Yves is bringing the pressure and then Cruickshank just misses with an axe-kick. Yves lands a couple short strikes and Cruickshank lands a couple more kicks. With about two minutes to go they continue dancing and Cruickshank is throwing lots of kicks but Edwards is blocking most of them and lands a couple nice counter strikes in the process. A body kick lands for Daron and then he goes for an unsuccessful takedown. They both land more body strikes as the round finally closes. This was a very hard fight to score as nothing extremely significant changed the course throughout the entire fight. Lots of shots landed, mostly kicks from Cruickshank, but I would have hated to be a judge for this one. Regardless, this was a fun and exciting fight with lots of crazy kicks. Here is the official decision:



MAC DANZING (21-10-1 MMA, 5-6 UFC) VS. MELVIN GUILLARD (30-12-2 MMA, 11-7 UFC)

ROUND 1 – Danzing comes out hyped and the two exchange leg kicks and jabs. Guillard throws several strikes but they are not even close to landing. He then lands a clean overhand right and Danzig clinches and Guillard pushes him against the cage, lands a knee to the body and then they break. Mac has a cut on the bridge of his nose Guillard lands a nice leg kick and another overhand right. His leg kick is starting to look good as it lands solid again, they clinch and he presses Mac to the cage. They break, Guillard uses the jab and Mac lands a leg kick of his own. Guillard continues to throw the jab and then lands the right hand moments later. Melvin lands another jab, Mac clinches and Guillard breaks it. Danzig if controlling the octagon but Guillard is slanding more strikes. He lands a combo as well and then a leg kick, another jab, and then Danzig lands his own body punch. Guillard answers with a nice combo and a beautiful body kick as the horn sounds. Good round for both me, but it was better for Guillard. I give Melvin the round, 10-9

ROUND 2 – Danzig takes the center first and is pressing the pace and Melvin lands a switch kick to the body. Danzig shoots and cliches, gets the back of Melvin but he gets free. Guillard again lands the jab, eats a leg kick and then ducks under a Danzig hook. Melvin looks good on his feet early in this fight. Guillard lands a straight right hand, Mac catches a kick and lets it go. Guillard lands a beautiful left hook that shakes Danzig. Melvin lands a leg kick and evades the strikes of Mac. Guillard is looking very fast and smooth on his feet. He leaps in and throws a right hook that misses and then drops Danzig with a left hook and swarms him. Mac defends momentarily but as he tries to spin out he eats three solid hammer-fists from Guillard that put the lights out! Guillard wins the fight in the second round with a very impressive stoppage of a very game Mac Danzig. It will be interesting to see what is next in line for Guillard following this great performance. Here is the official decision:



DANNY CASTILLO (15-5 MMA, 5-2 UFC) VS. TIM MEANS (18-4-1 MMA, 2-1 UFC)

ROUND 1 – The y meet in the middle and Castillo circles and paws. Castillo missed with a kick, slips, gets up and takes Means down with a blast double. From Mean’s guard he lands a couple strikes and is cranking Tim’s neck with a can-opener. He lands a nice elbow from the top and follows up with several strikes and is just unrelenting with the pressure. Means cannot  get up and is starting to eat some big shots. He finally uses the cage to get up and Danny slips to his back and slams him back down. After a nice scramble the men come back up to the feet and Means lands a nice knee to the face of Castillo. Danny moves in for another takedown and slams Means back down. The round ends there and I have to give this round to Castillo for control and strikes landed, 10-9

ROUND 2 – The dance around for a little bit and Castillo misses with a high kick. Castillo shoots in but is stuffed and then eats a knee by Means. The continue to feel each other out ad nothing exciting happens for about a minute. With three minutes to go the round picked up and Castillo was starting to close the distance as he landed a nice overhand right but the length of Means is clearly a problem for him. He slightly landed another overhand right and Castillo is not landing anything big but Means is not trying to answer with anything but single counter strikes at a time. Mean then throws a jab and then a hook but misses and moments later Castillo goes for a beautiful trip-takedown and lands it. From the top Danny Danny can’t really land much. He postures up, throws down a strike and Means comes back to his feet. Castillo slams him back down, Means rises and slips away and the round ends with both men standing. I give this round to Castillo again for his takedowns, control, and more strikes landed, 10-9

ROUND 3 – Castillo is utilizing much better movement and it is paying off as Means cannot really catch him. Castillo lands a could clean kicks and Means answers with a pair of his own. They both throw and poke but nothing is really landing cleanly and then at three minutes remaining Means landed a pair of nice knees to the body. Danny answered moments later with a nice strike and then missed again with a high kick. Means is calling Castillo to come in and then pops him with a jab. Castillo lands a quick jab as well and then means lands another huge knee to the body of Castillo as he was coming in. Castillo goes for a clinch, trips Means and Means rolls and reverses the position, ending up in side-control on Castillo. Means circles to the front and then postures up, jumps and throws a strike but Castillo dodges it and comes back up. They dance around a little bit and Castillo lands a strike, then another but nothing significant. With ten seconds left Means landed the big knee to the body again! The round ends and I think Means won the third round with the knees to the body that really stunned Castillo a few times, 10-9. I don’t think it was enough to win him the fight as I think Castillo took the first two rounds. Here is the official decision:




ROUND 1 – Masvidal quickly takes the center and the two men exchange. Chiesa goes for a single-leg takedown and cores it. Chiesa is in side control but Masvidal uses the cage to come back up. Masvidal reverses the position and presses Chiesa against the cage. Chiesa breaks, lands a few nice strikes in a row that rock Masvidal and drop him. He comes to and tries to get up, Chiesa goes for a standing guillotine but it slips and Masvidal answers by landing several of his own strikes immediately after. They clinch and then break again and Chiesa lands another combo. Chiesa is looking nice on his feet with a combo and then a body kick behind it. He’s throwing punches in bunches and it seems to be keeping Masvidal at bay. He then lands a nice straight left and Masvidal lands a quick kick to the body. Chiesa lands another punch/kick combo and the Masvidal landed a few clean strikes of his own to end the round. What a start to the final fight of the prelims. That was close but I give it to Chiesa fro dropping Masvidal, 10-9

ROUND 2 – Chiesa comes out with more combos, each punch followed with kicks then goes for a double-leg and scores it but only for a second as Jorge comes back up, then latches on to a guillotine, rolls Chiesa over and it looks deep! But Chiesa pulls out and they come back up the the feet. Chiesa keeps the pressure and goes for more takedowns. In a scramble Masvidal landed a couple body shots on the way out. Masvidla then lands a body kick and then catches a kick of Chiesa. Chiesa tries to roll out but gives up the takedown in the process. Masvidal starts landing huge strikes from the guard of Chiesa and then moves into side control. Chiesa tries to roll out again, eats more shots, a knee to the body, and then rolls back to the guard. Again Chiesa gives up his back and masvidal tries to sink his hooks in. Chiesa rolls out front and Masvidal locks on a darce choke. It looks tight but the time is running out in the round. With the second ticking out Chiesa was forced to tap-out with 1 second remaining in the round. That was extremely entertaining and an impressive performance for Masvidal to weather the early storm of Chiesa. The veteran experience seemed to be what helped Masvidal find that darce choke and claim a second round submission victory over Michael Chiesa. Great way to end the prelims!


Thanks for following the preliminary play-by-play updates for UFC on FOX 8 here at BJPenn.com.

Stick around for all the Main Card Play-By-Plays and Fight Recaps from tonight’s exciting event.

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