‘UFC Fight Night 28: Glover vs. Bader’ Live Main Card Results And Play-By-Play

September 4, 2013 12:56 pm by Christopher Murphy

UFC Fight Night 28: Glover vs. Bader goes down tonight on Fox Sports 1 from the Mineirinho Arena in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

In the main event light-heavyweight standouts Glover Teixeira and Ryan Bader will engage in a contest that will edge the winner close to a division title shot.

If you cannot make the fights, tune in right here on BJPENN.COM to follow along with all the round-by-round and blow-by-blow action of the main card.

The main card starts at 5:00 p.m. ET.



-Ali Bagautinov Def. Marcos Vinicius via TKO (RD 3, 3:28)

Rafael Natal Def. Tor Troeng via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Piotr Hallman Def. Francisco Trinaldo via Tapout due to a Kimura (R2, 3:50)

Joseph Benavidea Def. Jussier Formiga via TKO (R1, 3:07)

Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza Def. Yushin Okami via TKO (R1, 2:47)

Glover Teixeira Def. Ryan Bader via TKO (R1, 2:55)





Round 1 -The fight starts and Bagautinov takes the center of the Octagon.  Thirty seconds in, and the first strike is thrown as Vinicius misses with an inside leg kick.  Bagautinov countres a missed front kick with a flurry of punches.  They clinch, fighting for control of the arms.  Bagautinov, though significantly shorter, is able to keep the pressure on Vinicius against the cage.  They separate and a huge right hook drops the Brazilian. Bagautinov gets to the open guard and is raining down punches.  Vinicius  comes up with a double and Bagautinov sinks in a guillotine and pulls guard.  Vinicius escapes, they scramble and Vinicius begins to work for the back.  He gets the hooks in, and begins to use punches to try and open up Bagautinov.  Vinicius keeps throwing punches from the back.  Bagautinov stands, trying to get Vinicius off balance toward the front.  Vinicius begins to look for an armbar, but he goes back to controlling his opponent’s back.  Vinicius goes for an armbar, slips off the top and they scramble.  Vinicius lands a big double to end the round.


Close round, it could go either way.  I give it to Vinicius, he came back strong after that first barrage from his opponent.


Round 2– Bagautinov counters a kick from Vinicius with some punches.  Left hook lands for Bagautinov. Bagautinov catches a kick and takes down Vinicius. Vinicius has a butterfly guard, he sweeps with it and looks for a guillotine, but Bagautinov pulls out and scores another takedown.  Vinicius is bringing his guard high. Bagautinov lands some elbows. Bagautinov stands, allowing Vinicius back to the feet.  They assume center-cage with just over a minute and half remaining.  Missed inside leg kick from Vinicius. Bagautinov counters a missed right hand from Vinicius.  A right lands for Bagautinov.  Vinicius lands a kick to the front leg of Bagautinov. Bagautinov counters Vinicius with a right hand, left hook combo. Bagautinov lands a takedown to end the round, landing in side control at the horn.


10-9 in favor of Bagautinov.  His counter-punching and takedowns earned him this round.


Round 3– Missed kick from Vinicius is countered with some punches from  Bagautinov.  Bagautinov is controlling the center of the ring as the two circle the Octagon.  Bagautinov catches a kick, and pushes Vinicius into the cage with a single-leg.  Bagautinov drops for a double-leg, but Vinicius is able to control the arms.  The ref separates the two fighters, and they reassume center-cage with just under two minutes to go.  Straight right hand from Bagautinov lands right through the middle and drops Vinicius.  He misses with the follow-up left hook, but lands three right hands on the ground before the referee is able to pull him off.   Bagautinov wins by KO!


OFFICIAL DECISION- Ali Bagautinov Def. Marcos Vinicius via TKO (Rd 3, 3:28)



RAFAEL NATAL (16-4-1 MMA, 4-2-1 UFC) VS. TOR TROENG (16-4-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC)

Round 1 – Troeng throws a jab to start the fight, missing.  Natal lands an outside leg kick to the front leg of Troeng.  He lands two more before Troeng comes in with a left.  Natal counters it and drops Troeng.  Natal engages, but Troeng is able to pull guard and control Natal’s body.  Nata is in Troeng’s half-guard, landing punches to Troeng’s body.  Natal is controlling the head, possibly looking to set up a guillotine, and Troeng sweeps and escapes.  Troeng is on top now, but Natal quickly sweeps from half-guard and ends up on top.  Troeng goes for a sweep, but Natal keeps position.  Another sweep attempt from Troeng allows Natal to land in side control.  Back to half-guard, another sweep attempt from Troeng, but Natal lands in side control.  Moves to north-south position, but is eventually put back into half-guards.  Sweep from Troeng.  Natal puts Troeng in his half-guard.  Troeng stands up, lands a big punch, and lands in half-guard.  They scramble and Troeng is behind Natal looking for hooks.  Another scramble and Troeng is on top in half-guard.  Round ends.


Great round!  Technical battle on the ground.  No one really threatened with anything, except for Natal who got the fight to the ground by dropping Troeng.  For that, I give it 10-9 to Natal.


Round 2 – Hard kick to the front leg from Natal.  Huge right hand lands for Natal.  Drops Troeng and Natal pounces, landing huge right hands from top position, but Troeng is hanging in.  He’s got half-guard and is trying to control the hands of Natal, but is having trouble.  Natal goes for a choke, but Troeng reverses it!  He’s on top now, looking to get the hooks in for back-control.  They’re standing now.  Natal lands a trip and it’s back to the ground with Natal on top in half-guard.  Natal is in the open guard of Troeng now.  He passes into side control, but Troeng immediately looks to start sweeping.  Natal is wise to his opponent’s attempts.  Lands some elbows.  Troeng slips and gets back to his feet.  They’re clinched against the cage now, both men throwing knees.  Troeng sets up a kimura lock standing, drops to the ground with it and loses it.  They’re clinched against the cage again.  They separate and Troeng lands an uppercut to the body.  Natal reverses a takedown, and they’re back to the clinch.  20 seconds left, and they’re both just holding onto one another, Troeng with a double-leg and Natal with a front headlock.  The horn sounds.


Another great round!  I give it to Natal again, 10-9, as he landed the most devastating blows on the feet.


Round 3 – Despite the pace of the first two rounds, both men come out pretty quickly.  They’re circling, both throwing one punch at a time.  Troeng shoots for a double, and Natal looks for a guillotine.  He jumps guard and falls to his back.  Troeng is able to get through it, and he ends up on top in half-guard.  Natal is still holding onto the guillotine, allowing Troeng to land some punches to the midsection.  Troeng is looking to pass, and ass he stands Natal goes for a heel-hook.  Natal uses it to sweep, and he ends up on top in Troeng’s half-guard.  Natal’s got the head of Troeng, but won’t be able to finish the guillotine with half-guard.  Troeng goes for a sweep, but misses, and Natal begins working for the back.  He gets both hooks in, but Troeng shifts his body and begins turning to face Natal.  From half-guard now, Natal lands some big elbows.  The horn sounds, this fight goes to the score cards!


Another exciting round, and another 10-9 for Natal.  He controlled this round on the ground completely.  I would score it 30-27 for Natal, but we’ll wait for the judges decision coming up next!


OFFICIAL DECISION: Rafael Natal Def. Tor Troeng via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)




Round 1 – Hallman comes out peppering the jab against the southpaw Trinaldo.  Trinaldo throws a counter left hook that’s partially blocked.  Hallman misses another left to the head but follows it up with a ripping left hook to the body.  More left hands from Trinaldo and a missed kick.  Another left from Trinaldo sends Halmman a few steps back.  Hallman presses forward with two and three punch combinations, but isn’t landing a lot.  Left kick to the body hurts Hallman, and Trinaldo keeps them coming.  He lands a few more.  One kick to the ribs drops Hallman.  Trinaldo pounces but they stand back up.  Trinaldo is landing at will, throwing kicks to the body, hooks and uppercuts.  Left kick to the leg from Trinaldo.  Good combo from Hallman, punches upstairs and a knee from the clinch.  Big left misses from Trinaldo.  Trinaldo lands a left uppercut.  Hallman lands a right elbow to Trinaldo.  Another left kick to the body from Trinaldo.  Combos land for both men, and Trinaldo throws another kick to the body.  Trinaldo lands a takedown with 30 seconds or so left in the round.  Trinaldo is pushing Hallman against the cage landing punches, they separate and the round ends in the clinch.


Exciting round, all Trinaldo.  Those left kicks to Hallman’s ribs did some damage in this first round, and they’ll probably have some effect in the second and third.  10-9 Trinaldo.


Round 2 – Trinaldo throws a left kick to the head, but is taken down by Hallmna.  Trinaldo has half-guard. He’s looking to land a sweep, possibly from the deep half-guard, but he switches to a single as Hallman stands.  Hallman slips throwing a kick and Trinaldo takes him down, looking for a heel-hook.  Trinaldo comes up with a single leg and pushes it to the cage, dropping levels for a double-leg.  Hallman throws some elbows as he’s pinned against the cage, and one lands behind the head.  Ref doesn’t stop the action, but clearly warns Hallman.  Trinaldo circles to try and get the takedown, but Hallman lands on top in half-guard.  Big elbows from Hallman.  He’s controlling the left arm of Trinaldo with his leg from half-guard.  Hallman is setting up a kimura, and he slips into side-control with it.  It’s deep.  Trinaldo taps and the ref calls the fight!  Hallman via kimura!


OFFICIAL DECISION: Piotr Hallman Def. Francisco Trinaldo via Tapout due to a Kimura (R2, 3:50)





Round 1 – Both men start sizing out their opponents and gauging the distance, throwing jabs and kicks.  Not much lands in the first minute.  Benavidez is switching his stance from orthodox to southpaw and back, using head-movement and level changes to try and get inside Formiga’s range.  Combinations from Benavidez and counters from Formiga, but nothing significant is landing.  Benavidez throws a big right hook, is blocked and follows up with a combo.  Benavidez lands the last two of a four-punch combination that stuns Formiga, comes back with a knee to the body that drops Formiga and follows with a flurry of right hands that forces Maria Yamasaki to stop the fight.  Joseph Benavidez proves the odds-makers right with a first round TKO!


OFFICIAL DECISION: Joseph Benavidea Def. Jussier Formiga via TKO (R1, 3:07)





Round 1 – The co-main event starts out with a lot of feints from Jacare before he throws the first strike with a big kick to the back leg of Okami.  A big right connects for Jacare, who pounces on Okami against the fence and eats a number of quick left hands from the Brazilian.  Jacare keeps throwing lefts, but Okami is blocking with both hands on his head.  They’re able to separate as they scramble briefly.  Jacare keeps pushing forward.  Okami throws some punches, but he’s unable to land.  Jacare lands an overhand right, Jacare throws another overhand right that sends Okami falling back to the cage.  Jacare pounces on Okami, and it looks like he won’t be able to survive this one.  The referee is yelling at Okami to fight back, and he finally steps in to pull Jacare off.  Jacare wins by TKO!


OFFICIAL DECISION: Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza Def. Yushin Okami via TKO (R1, 2:47)





Round 1 – Bader comes out quick with a takedown attempt, but is stuffed.  A left lands for Bader, who gets the front headlock and goes for the guillotine.  Teixeira escapes and drives it to the fence.  Teixeira gets a takedown, but Bader works his way back to the feet and turns to push Glover into the fence.  Some knees and strikes from each fighter in the clinch, and Glover goes for a standing guillotine, but Bader pulls out quickly. Bader is hanging with Glover on the feet, as both men land some punches.  Glover misses with a high kick.  Teixeira pushes forward with punches, controlling the center of the cage.  Glover comes in strong and is countered by Bader and stumbles.  Bader pushes the action, but he eats a right and a left and drops.  Glover pounces, landing bit right hammer fists from the top until Herb Dean steps in to end the fight.  Glover Teixeira advances his winning streak to 20 fights with a TKO victory!


OFFICIAL DECISION: Glover Teixeira Def. Ryan Bader via TKO (R1, 2:55)


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