“UFC Fight Night 27: Condit vs. Kampmann II” Preliminary Card Play-by-Play & Live Results

August 28, 2013 11:51 am by Jake Chastain


| The UFC took center stage in Indianapolis tonight for UFC Fight Night 27: Condit vs. Kampmann II. The fight card is loaded with talent from top to bottom and there is a ton of excitement and anticipation swirling through the air in Indy. Before the main card kicks off on FOX Sports 1, six preliminary bouts are taking place on Facebook and FOX Sports 2.  BJPenn.com will be feeding the fans live play-by-play updates and results right here on this feed. So if you can’t catch the fights as they are happening be sure to follow this page for all the play-by-play updates and results. Here we go, fight fans!


Roger Bowling vs. Abel Trujillo

ROUND 1- The two men came out and circled, they dance around for a moment and feel each other out. Then Bowling landed a huge right, and then another. Trujillo answers with a big over hand of his own. They exchange and both men land grazing couter strikes. Trujillo reaches with the left hook and misses. Both men are trying to take the middle of the octagon and then Bowling wades in, Trujillo lands a counter combo but then gets taken down by Bowling. Abel doesn’t stay there. He comes up, lands a knee to Bowling on the way out and he gets away. Trujillo is finding a nice home for his left hook and then he lands another counter knww. Trujillo wades in, spins to Bowling’s back and brings him down. Trujillo is trying to keep control, Bowling tries to roll out but Trujillo sinks in and lands in side-control. From there Bowling explodes up but cannot fully get away. Abel takes him back down, controlling his back. He lands some knees on the ribs of Bowling and then Bowling Spins, Abel tries to control him and take him down from the front and Bowling goes for a guillotine. He can’t get it, lets it go and then sinks it in again against the cage, this time much tighter. Still, he can’t get it. They come back up and Trujillo lands a nice combo on the break as the horn sounds. I give the round slightly to Trujillo, 10-9.

ROUND 2- Trujillo is finding a home for the jab, Bowling lands a couple nice counters to follow. The two men are starting to slow down a bit. Bowling goes for another takedown, fights for it against the cage but Trujillo is strong and stuffs it, then lands a nice counter on the break. They both exchange jabs, more jabs, Bowling is landing it clean. Trujillo looks to be getting tired, standing up straight. Abel tries to wade in and eats an uppercut from Bowling. Bowling then lands a nice combo, a body shot. He forces Trujillo against the fence and lands some big shots. Trujillo eats them and then Bowling scores another takedown. Trujillo gives up his back, comes to his base and then escapes. Bowling is now slowing as well. He still keeps throwing the jab, landing it stiffly several times. Trujillo then lands his own jab. It’s a close striking match, but Bowling shoots in, Trujillo grabs the cage and stays up, then goes down on Bowling’s second effort. Bowling takes Trujillo’s back and goes for a rear-naked choke but Trujillo survives and comes back up. Before Bowling can come back to his feet Trujillo lands two illegal knees to the face of Roger while he is on his knees against the cage.

They stop the fight momentarily and immediately deduct a point from Trujillo. When Bowling recovers the doctor calls the fight and says that Bowling did not initially know where he was following the knees.

The fight is ruled a NO CONTEST because Trujillo did not land the knees intentionally.

This fight is ruled a NO CONTEST at 4:57 of the 2nd round due to unintentional illegal strikes landed to a downed opponent. 


Zak Cummings vs. Benny Alloway

ROUND 1- The two men come out and Cumming opens with some faints. They circle, Cummings throws a kick, it’s caught. They scramble, Alloway locks on to a standing guillotine while Cummings holds on to the single leg and pushes him to the cage. He attempts the takedown again and scores it. Alloway works back up with hand control and circles off the cage. They move back to the middle of the cage and Cummings lands a nice uppercut. They clinch again and Cummings pushes him to the cage and drops to another takedown. It’s unsuccessful. From the clinch on the cage Cummings uses some dirty boxing and controls Alloway. Each time Alloway tries to circle out away from the cage Cummings holds him there and maintains control. Zak then goes for a double leg again and this time gets it. With a minute left Alloway gives up his back, builds to his base (knees) and Cummings goes for a beautiful neck-crank that he transitions into a D’Arce choke. Alloway is trapped against the fence, Cummings cinches it tighter and Alloway is forced to tap. The fight is stopped and Cummings comes away with a very nice submission victory in the first round.

Zak Cummings Wins via Submission (D’Arce Choke) at 4:19 of the 1st Round

FOX Sports 2 Prelims:

James Head vs. Jason High

ROUND 1- High is the underdog coming into this fight, just as a side note. They touch gloves and throw a few faints. They both throw a few big strikes and miss. They circle, High shoots a blast double and scores the takedown, landing himself in side control. He works from there for a moment then postures up and as Head tries to stand back up High pops him with a few strikes and then locks on to a front-headlock/guillotine choke. High then drops into full guard and cinches the choke up tight. Head tries to roll out but the cage stops his roll. Head survives for a moment but High is too strong and Head is forced to tap to the guillotine in the first round.

Jason High Wins via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 1:49 of the 1st Round


Darren Elkins vs. Hatsu Hioki 

ROUND 1- Hioki is the favorite heading into this fight/ The two men come out and touch gloves, circle, and Elkins opens up with a combo and Hioki lands a nice counter straight. Hioki throws some faints and then Elkins lands an overhand left. Hioki lands a body kick and Elkins lands an uppercut and then lands another quick combo. Hioki lands a counter but Elkins looks to be pressing the pace, stalking Hioki. Hioki lands a counter that backs up Elkins and the pace changes. Hioki now moves forward, landing kicks and a few punches. Elkins is now backing up and Hioki is attacking the body of Darren. Darren then catches a kick and presses him to the cage, but eats a knee to the body and they break. Hioki is starting to open up, but then Elkins lands some strikes in an exchange and Hioki is cut. Then Hioki hurt Elkins with a body kick and Elkins backs up again. Hioki comes after him and Elkins goes for a weak shot, proving that he is hurt by the body kick. Hioki spins around and then takes his back. They roll around for a moment and Elkins comes back up in the process. Elkins then goes for another takedown and gets it. He holds on to the legs of Hioki as time runs down and Hioki lands hammer firsts from his butt as Elkins just holds on to his legs. Very close round but I think Hioki won the round 10-9 with the punishment to the body that rocked Elkins.

ROUND 2- Elkins comes out and lands a very nice four punch combo. Hioki answers with the left and then Hioki catches a kick, they scramble and HIoki is on top, but not for long as Elkins coms back up. They exchange, Elkins with more bad intent, and then Hioki lands a nice knee to the body. Elkins eats a left hook from Hatsu, but then Elkins lands some strikes from in close. Good dirty boxing from Elkins. Hioki again tries to attack the body and leg of Elkins with kicks and then Elkins lands a big double leg takedown. From Hioki’s guard he lands a couple strikes. Hioki moves himself to the fence, Elkins spins to the back of Hatsu, they roll, Elkins maintains control against the fence. He continues landing some strikes, but Hatsu comes back up, Elkins clinches the body and Hioki cannot get away. Hatsu goes for a kimura, drops down with it and they scramble, Hioki gets the back of Elkins and they roll some more! Great grappling. Hioki is on top, but then Elkins works, slithers his hips and then ends the round on top! Amazing display of grappling by both men. I think Elkins took that round by pressing the pace and more time on top, 10-9. This fight could come down to the third round.

ROUND 3- They touch gloves and Elkins again throws some combos. Big right hand lands for Darren and Hioki lands a body kick, and then another. Elkins is still moving forward more and throwing more combos. He backs Hioki down and then shoots in, uses the cage and then slams Hioki for a takedown. From Hatsu’s guard Elkins goes to work, staying busy with minimal ground and pound. Hatsu looks to be setting up some submissions but then Elkins opens up with big strikes. Hioki is eating some big punches as time continues to tick down. Elkins works to pass but Hioki resists it. Elkins lands some big punches and Hioki threatens again with a triangle, but Elkins is smart and methodical. Hioki gets really close with a traingle/arm-bar, but Elkins again pulls out and lands more punches to Hatsu. Hioki tries to use the fence to get up but cannot and Elkins lands some big punches from the top with 10 second s left, and that’s all she wrote. I definitely gave that round to Darren Elkins, 10-9, for his complete domination from start to finish. In turn, I think Elkins won the decision. Here is the official decision:

Darren Elkins Wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28 X3)


Justin Edwards vs. Brandon Thatch

ROUND 1-  They touch gloves and Thatch opens up by pressing the pace. They clinch and Thatch lands a knee, and then a kick, and then another that drops Edward. Justin recovers, Thatch chases him and they clinch but Thatch is throwing Edwards around like a rag-doll. Thatch lands several more strikes from the Muay Thai clinch, rocking Edwards with punches,  kicks and big, big knees. Edwards is trying to recover and back up to regain his senses but Thatch is all over him. More knees from the clinch by Thatch, more punches when they break, and then Edwards goes down again. He covers up from his base and Thatch lands several big strikes that are blocked, but Edwards is really helpless and not trying to get to a better position. What a barrage by Thatch in his UFC debut! The ref steps in and stops the fight. What an impressive display of killer instinct by Brandon Thatch to earn himself the early TKO victory in his first UFC fight! Watch out for this kid, fight fans!

Brandon Thatch Wins via TKO at 1:23 of the 1st Round


Dylan Andrews vs. Papy Abedi 

ROUND 1- They touch gloves and Abedi opens with a few kicks. Andrews seems a little timid, trying to keep Abedi on the outside. More powerful kicks from Abedi although nothing completely solid has landed yet. Abedi comes forward and lands another body kick. He then goes for a shot and gets the single leg of Andrews against the cage. He drops to a double, lifts and dumps Andrews, getting himself into side control, but Andrews comes back up. Andrews gets his own takedown but Abedi also comes up quick. They clinch against the cage and Abedi hits a nice trip to get another takedown on Andrews. Abedi keeps control for about a minute before Andrews builds to his base and then Abedi locks on to a guillotine, doesn’t get it and Andrews comes back up only to be thrown by Abedi. Andrews scrambles after the throw, shoots in and Abedi locks on to another guillotine, lets it go and then Andrews build up again and reverses the takedown and ends the round on top of Abedi. Pretty much a grappling match so far and Abedi is getting the better of it. I give Abedi the round, 10-9.

ROUND 2- Andrews may have and injured left hand, as he mentioned something hurting on his left side, but he still continues throwing it. Abedi lands more body kicks but he cannot get close enough to Andrews to land anything significant with his hands. Andrews lands a leg kick and then another, Abedi another body kick, answered by more leg kicks from Andrews. Andrews lands a jab but Abedi is still pressing the pace. He lands another body kick and the crowd is getting restless. Andrews wades in and lands a hook to the body of Abedi, they clinch, scramble and then Abedi lands a right hook and Andrews shoots, Abedi stuffs it and Andrews pulls guard. Dylan may be hurt. Abedi works from Andrews’ half guard, landing elbows and knees to the body. He postures up and lands huge strikes from the top. As Andrews tries to come up again Abedi locks on to the guillotine and uses it to neck-crank Andrews back down. Andrews eventually comes back up and they clinch against the cage. Andrews presses him there and then lands a low knee as the horn sounds. I give the round to Abedi again, 10-9, for more control and strikes landed.

ROUND 3- They touch gloves to start the third and a few strikes miss before Andrews lands a left over the top and then a knee to the body. They clinch and Abedi is controlling him against the fence. The pace has significantly slowed and Herb Dean breaks them up. At the restart Abedi looks gassed. Andrews immediately lands a big right hand and then some uppercuts. Abedi is rocked and shoots in but Andrews catches him with another uppercut as he’s coming in. Abedi drops face first to the canvas. Andrews lands a couple more punches to the side of the head of Abedi but he’s already out cold. Herb Dean steps in and stops the fight and Dylan Andrews pulls off the comeback victory via TKO in the third round.

He then stated in the post-fight interview that he felt something crack in his shoulder when he got slammed by one of the takedowns from Abedi early in the fight, which makes his win even more impressive! Great heart displayed by Dylan Andrews. We’ll keep an eye on his injury status here at BJPenn.com.

Dylan Andrews Wins via TKO at 1:32 of the 3rd Round


That’s it for the prelims of UFC Fight Night 27. To catch all the live updates and results for the main card fights in Indy stay posted to BJPenn.com


Jake Chastain


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