“UFC Fight Night 27: Condit vs. Kampmann II” Main Card Play-by-Play & Live Results

August 28, 2013 11:51 am by Christopher Murphy

It’s Fight Night!!!

UFC Fight Night 27: Condit vs. Kampmann goes down tonight on Fox Sports 1.

Follow along right here for the evenings live play-by-play and results:




You got a lot of momentum coming into the Octagon tonight to start off the main card.  Robert ‘Bubba’ McDaniel is riding a 7-fight winning streak, and the Hawaiian born Tavares a 3-fight streak.  McDaniel weighed in yesterday at 185 lbs., Tavares at 186.

Round 1 – And we’re off!  They start out and Tavares lands a kick to the front leg.  Follows up with another one.  McDaniel throws a high kick that misses.  Tavares returns.  Tavares lands an inside leg kick.  Tavares continues to pepper the legs with kicks.  McDaniel throws some straight punches, comes in low and they clinch.  McDaniel is pressuring Tavares against the fence.  Tavares breaks free.  Tavares throws a combo, nothing significant landing.  McDaniel throws his own flurry.  Tavares has been controlling the center of the Octagon.  1-2 from McDaniel.  Tavares counters a kick and McDaniel slips and falls to his back.  Tavares lets him get back to his feet.  Makes sense as McDaniel is more of a jiu jitsu guy.  Combination for Tavares and McDaniel goes for a takedown.  Scramble for a bit, but Tavares is able to stuff the takedowns.  McDaniel’s grip of the legs takes it to the fence.  McDaniel lands a low knee, referee Dan Miragliatta breaks them.  Both men are keeping their distance, picking their shots.  McDaniel throws a combo and they clinch in the middle of the cage.  Tavares drives it to the cage with a strong underhook.  He switches to double underhooks and throws some knees.  They break with just over ten seconds left.  Right kick to the body from Tavares.  The round ends with them facing one another.


I’d give the round to Tavares.  He stuffed the takedowns well, and seemed to get the better of the exchanges with his leg kicks.  (Just showed McDaniel’s right leg, it’s pretty badly bruised)


Round 2- They come out, McDaniel looking slower on his front leg (right).  Tavares knocks McDaniel back with a kick to the body.  More of a slip.  They exchange, and an accidental headbutt knocks McDaniel back.  A counter shot from McDaniel knocks Tavares down and they two hit the mat.  Tavares uses butterfly guard to position McDaniel’s weight to his advantage.  He’s able to get it back to the feet.  Tavares is throwing the kicks, high and to the legs.  A body punch from Tavares catches McDaniel off guard and knocks him down.  Tavares continues the leg kicks.  2 minutes left, and the fight hasn’t slowed down too much.  A big exchange from both fighters.  One minute left and they clinch, take it to the ground, and a brief scramble finds Tavares on top.  He stands, leaving McDaniel on his back.  After a bit of Tavares circling and peppering kicks to the legs of McDaniel, the ref stands them up.  Round ends.


Not really a decisive round, but I’d give it to Tavares again.  He seemed to have an answer for everything McDaniel is doing this fight.


Round 3- McDaniel comes out strong as a left hook early in the round buckles Tavares.  They’re clinched on the fence, Tavares is mentioning that he took a knee low.  They break from the clinch.  McDaniel moves to avoid an inside leg kick and takes a low kick to the groin.  Action is stopped while McDaniel catches his breath.  Fight resumes, combos from both.  McDaniel shoots a double and successfully takes it down.  He’s in half-guard.  McDaniel pressuring from the top, not throwing too many strikes but looking to advance.  Tavares is able to maintain control of McDaniel’s right leg.  Tavares is looking for a kimura on McDaniel’s left arm.  McDaniel misses a big punch.  They scramble, looks like Bubba can go for a leg, but he ends up in full-guard.  Tavares starts to set up a triangle, but nothing comes of it.  One minute left, McDaniel’s got to look for something.  He’s in half-guard controlling Tavares’ head.  McDaniel almost gets mount, but Tavares is holding him down.  Ten-second warning, and it’s just not going to happen for McDaniel.


McDaniel definitely won that round, but I don’t think it was enough to take the fight.  I’d give it 29-28 Tavares.  Official decision coming up.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Brad Tavares Def. Robert McDaniel via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)




Mizugaki comes into this fight with two consecutive decision wins.  Perez is riding an 8-fight win streak with his last three fights all resulting in first-round finishes in favor of the Mexican native.  An impressive win for either of these bantamweights could put him pretty close to the division’s top-10, or at the very least, fighting a top-10 opponent next.


Round 1 – They come out touch gloves.  High kick from Perez, Mizugaki lands some punches.  They’re throwing!  Mizugaki lands a left hook as they separate.  Both lunge in, nothing significant lands.  Leg kick misses from Perez.  They throw hooks, Perez lands a left to the body.  Throwing knee from Perez.  Mizugaki stuffs another flying knee with a straight punch of his own.  Perez lands a double-leg and takes it to the mat, immediately pushing Mizugaki to the cage.  Perez is bleeding, probably from Mizugaki’s well-timed counter to his flying knee earlier.  They start to get up, Perez goes for a guillotine, lands a knee, and tehy seaparate.  Perez immediately goes back to the double and takes it down, but Mizugaki is quick to fight to his feet.  He uses the cage to get back to his feet.  They circle in the center of the cage and Mizugaki throws a kick. It’s caught by Perez, who pushes the action back to the cage.  He eventually drags it back to the mat and sucks Mizugaki’s legs back, but Mizugaki is able to get back to his feet.  Big double leg from Mizugaki takes it to the mat.  He’s got one hook on Perez, looking to control the neck.  He’s got a seatbelt grip now, but Perez turns it around and pushes Mizugaki against the cage. Knee to the body from Perez.  Perez takes it down to the mat, but Mizugaki gets up immediately.  Round ends.


I give this to Perez, but only barely.  Mizugaki landed the one significant punch of the round, but Perez had the sheer number of takedowns.


Round 2- Perez comes out with some kicks and a knee, but Mizugaki counters with a left.  Big spinning back kick from Perez that Mizugaki just watches after taking a step back.  Mizugaki throws, misses, but ducks a counter from Perez.  Mizugaki lands to the body.  Perez shoots for a double, is stuffed, and lands  knee that looks low.  Mizugaki lands a knee to the body as Perez started to come in with a takedown.  Perez pushes it tot he cage, but is unable to do much with it and Mizugaki circles back to the center of the Octagon.  Mizugaki counters Perez.  Mizugaki is getting the better of these exchanges as he lands a left hook to the chin of Perez.  Perez lands a right hand to Mizugaki’s shoulder.  Mizugaki ducks Perez and lands a counter left hook.  Does it again, and Perez is forced to look for a takedown.  He’s pushing Mizugaki against teh cage looking for the double, but Mizugaki is showing great takedown defense.  Perez is moving to the back to get the takedown, but Mizugaki won’t let it.  Perez lands a knee to Mizugaki’s body as he starts to leave.  Mizugaki beats Perez to the punch and lands a big right to the head.  15 seconds left.  Mizugaki lands an uppercut as Perez shoots in.  Good sprawl from Mizugaki ends the round.


I give it 10-9 to Mizugaki.  His stand up is looking much better, as he’s getting the better of pretty much every exchange; not to mention Perez was unable to secure a takedown this round.


Round 3- Perez comes out with a slow right hook.  Mizugaki is content to keep the distance and counter.  Perez lands a takedown, but Mizugaki gets back to his feet like he’s done all fight.  He lands a big takedown from the body-lock.  He starts to pass, but Perez recomposes guard.  Mizugaki starts to land punches, Perez looks to escape, and Mizugaki gets the back.  He sinks in a rear-naked choke!  Perez escapes!  Mizugaki was too far to the side, and Perez comes up with a double.  They’re clinched on the fence, Perez looks to take it to the mat, but he’s just laying on Mizugaki.  Mizugaki gets it back to the feet.  They separate and Mizugaki throws some big punches.  They’re throwing to the bell!


I give Round 3 to Mizugaki.  He had the better grappling and landed more on the exchanges.  Hell of a fight!


OFFICIAL SCORE: Takeya Mizugaki Def. Erik Perez via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)





This middleweight match-up features two TUF winners, Court McGee (Season 11) and Robert Whittaker (The Smashes).  Our referee is Herb Dean.

Round 1 – McGee starts out strong with pressure.  He drives it to the fence, but they separate.  Whittaker sticks a jab, he slips some punches from McGee and counters.  McGee lands some kicks to the legs.  Good jab counter from Whittaker.  Whittaker is really using his left hand well, throwing jabs, uppercuts and hooks with it that are finding their target.  McGee lunges in and eats a left elbow from Whittaker.  Left kick from McGee lands on Whittaker’s elbow.  Right cross from Whittaker lands, he misses with a follow-up left hook.  McGee shoots in and eats a left hook counter from Whittaker that drops him.  A right-cross, straight-left combo backs up McGee.  McGee keeps pushing forward, lands a kick and some punches.  McGee shoots a low single and lands the takedown, but only keeps it for a couple seconds.  They separate and McGee is cut.  Could have been an elbow from Whittaker.  Whittaker lands a lead-right-elbow to the head of McGee.  20 seconds left.  High kick from McGee after he eats a left from Whittaker.  McGee shoots but is stuffed.  Another shot is stuffed by Whittaker at the bell.


I give round 1 to Whittaker.  It looked like McGee was the busier fighter, but Whittaker definitely got the better of the stand-up in my mind.  He landed a number of counters and lead strikes that outpount McGee’s brief takedown and his leg kicks.


Round 2- Whittaker starts the round off with his jab.  They circle.  McGee drops Whittaker with a left hook.  Lands some punches, but is unable to finish.  McGee keeps moving forward, landing hooks.  Whittaker looks like he’s still getting his legs back.  Elbow from the clinch rocks Whittaker’s head back.  Whittaker’s jab is severely slowed now.  McGee takes the fight to the mat and almost gets the back.  Counter elbow from Whittaker.  Whittaker’s legs are back under him now.  He lands a jab.  Good combos from McGee, mixing up jabs, uppercuts and kicks.  McGee shoots in, but is stuffed and circled into the cage.  McGee is really controlling the Octagon, pressuring Whittaker to the outside of the cage.  McGee is bleeding above and below the eye now.  Whittaker keeps throwing elbows from the feet, doubling it up.  The elbows have the blood streaming from below McGee’s eye.  Shot from McGee is stuffed.  Whittaker lands some shots from the outside.  McGee lands some shots at the end, a few carry after the horn sounds.


Good round for McGee.  Started out strong and rocked Whittaker.  Easy 10-9 for McGee, I have it even going into the third.


Round 3- Whittaker comes out strong, throwing straight shots from the outside.  Counte elbows and punches from Whittaker.  Spinning back kick from McGee lands to the side of Whittaker.  Big straight right catches Whittaker.  McGee continues to move forward, pressuring the whole time.  Left hand lands for Whittaker.  Whittaker lands some punches and pushes McGee back.  McGee responds by pressuring forward with his own combinations.  Double from McGee, but Whittaker sprawls.  Spinning kick from McGee, but it was a bit slow and Whittaker evades it.  Both men miss combinations.  McGee starts to land while walking forward.  Whittaker lands some counters.  McGee throws elbows from the feet.  Both men are throwing nonstop to the cheers of the crowd.  Under a minute left.  McGee is throwing in volume now, kicks and punches from the outside.  He’s not landing a lot, but he’s thrown Whittaker off his game.


Tough round to score.  I’d give this one to McGee.  He definitely figured out a way to stymie the outside game of Whittaker with relentless pressure and high-volume striking.  Great fight for both men!


OFFICIAL SCORE: Court McGee Def. Robert Whittaker via Split Decision (30-27, 27-30, 29-28)




Many fans will recognize Kelvin Gastelum as the winner of the most recent season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” as he defeated Uriah Hall.  Following that victory, Gastelum has decided to drop to welterweight, and tonight he debuts at 170 lbs.  Melancon is coming off a 1st-round KO victory last month in his UFC debut.

Round 1 – Gastelum’s drop in weight makes him appear the bigger man.  He counters punches from Melancon with a takedown, but Melancon gets back to the feet pretty quickly.  Lead right to the body from Melancon.  Gastelum shoots for a double, but great sprawl from Melancon.  They separate again.  Lead high kick from Gastelum with some heavy punches following, everything is blocked.  Gastelum lands with a 1-2 combo, follows it with another 1-2, and an uppercut drops Melancon.  Gastelum jumps straight to the back and sinks in a rear-naked choke.  Only a matter of seconds and Melancon taps.


OFFICIAL DECISION: Kelvin Gastelum Def. Brian Melancon via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke R1: 2:26)




Time for the co-main event between Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone and Rafael Dos Anjos.  Cerrone bounced back from a first-round TKO loss to title-challenger Anthony Pettis by out-fighting K.J. Noons at UFC 160 to a unanimous decision victory.  Cerrone will be looking to build on that last fight and put himself back into the top five at the lightweight division.  Dos Anjos has bounced back from a devastating loss to Clay Guida in which he suffered a broken jaw.  Since that fight, he’s gone 5-1 in the Octagon, and his repaired chin has held up to some pretty grueling wars, most recently to Mark Bocek and Evan Dunham.  Both fighters will be looking to take a big step closer to a title fight in tonight’s lightweight match-up.  Dan Miragliotta is the third man in the ring.

Round 1 – Cerrone starts out with a big outside front leg kick.  Lots of head movement from Dos Anjos.  Cerrone throws a left kick to the body, almost caught by Dos Anjos.  They exchange with both men landing.  Cerrone counters a straight left from Dos Anjos with a quick clinch and a knee.  Cerrone catches a kick from Dos Anjos.  Big right hand at the end of a combination from Dos Anjos drops Cerrone.  Cerrone is on his back, but almost locks up a triangle.  They’re scrambling, Dos Anjos almost gets the back, Cerrone responds by going for a leg.  Dos Anjos ends up in full guard.  Good grappling skills being displayed, Dos Anjos looking to pass, Cerrone on the attack.  Dos Anjos lands some big shots from full-guard.  More short ground and pound from Dos Anjos.  30 seconds remaining, and Dos Anjos lands a big left elbow from the top.  Round ends with Dos Anjos landing more shots from the top.


Easy 10-9 in favor of Dos Anjos.  He took control of the stand-up, and kept that control when the fight hit the ground.
Round 2- Miragliotta starts the round, and the two fighters meet in the center.  Early kicks from Cerrone.  Dos Anjos is throwing with confidence.  Dos Anjos is throwing combinations looking to land a big hook at the end.  Cerrone is trying to keep his distance and land shots from the outside, but Dos Anjos is finiding his range.  Body hook then left hook to the head from Dos Anjos.  Power shot from Cerrone, and he takes the fight to the ground with the single.  Dos Anjos is holding a guillotine with Cerrone in half-guard.  Cerrone is almost able to pass to side mount, Dos Anjos tries to sneak to the back, Cerrone stops it.  Dos Anjos starts to come up for a single, Cerrone stuffs it with a guillotine but lets it go and the fight is back to the feet.  Dos Anjos shoots in for a double, pushes the fight to the cage.  They stand and separate.  Big left kick to the body from Dos Anjos is blocked by Cerrone’s right arm.  Cerrone looks a step behind as Dos Anjos sets up a double-leg takedown with some punches.  Dos Anjos is in full-guard.  Cerrone is controlling the wrists, but Dos Anjos is aware of it and nothing comes of the ground game.


I’d give round 2 to Dos Anjos.  He controlled the stand-up again, and scored a takedown to sort of neutralize Cerrone’s earlier takedown.


Round 3- The final round starts out with a switch kick from Dos Anjos.  BIG leg kick from Cerrone, knocks Dos Anjos back.  High kick misses from Dos Anjos.  Cerrone misses a takedown attempt.  Body kicks from Cerrone.  Dos Anjos eats a body kick and shoots in for a takedown.  Cerrone is fighting the takedown well, and Dos Anjos drives it to the cage.  Cerrone circles away from Dos Anjos’ double-leg and they separate to the center of the cage.  Punches from Dos Anjos, knee from Cerrone.  Left kick to the head lands for Cerrone. Dos Anjos shoots in for a single leg, but Cerrone is able to get out.  Cerrone looks to be gaining confidence with Dos Anjos backpedaling.  Less that a minute remaining.  Cerrone continues to move forward.  Cerrone ducks some punches from Dos Anjos.  Dos Anjos fakes a shot and lands a right hook upstairs to Cerrone.  Knee at the bell.


I could see this round going to Cerrone.  He was a little more active this round than Dos Anjos, but Dos Anjos had a big finish to the round.  I’d score the fight 29-28 in favor of Dos Anjos, but we’ll see what the judges have to say.  Official Decision next!


OFFICIAL DECISION: Rafael Dos Anjos Def. Donald Cerrone (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)




It’s time for the main event!  The much-anticipated rematch between former WEC welterweight champion and UFC welterweight interim champion, Carlos Condit, and Martin Kampmann.  Kampmann holds the victory over Condit’s head, something that Condit is very motivated to avenge.  Both men are highly motivated for this fight; Condit to make up for a fight over 4 years ago, Kampmann for a victory that could launch him into a title fight.  Herb Dean is your referee for the main event.

Round 1 – Kampmann immediately shoots in for a single-leg.  Switches to a high-crotch, switches to a body-lock and trips Condit.  He’s in Condit’s full-guard now, but Condit is moving around and inverting.  It looks like Condit’s setting up a leg attack, but Kampmann stands up, and looks to pass.  Impressive grappling thus far.  Kampmann sits in full-guard, stands up and lands some punches before sitting back down in full-guard.  He’s looking for a pass through the open guard of Condit, Condit stands but Kampmann suplexes it back to the mat.  Kampmann goes for the back, but Condit defends the second hook and eventually reverses the position.  Kampmann gets it back to the feet and pressures Condit back to the cage.  They’re fighting for underhook control, and Kampmann drops for a double and lands another takedown.  Condit is looking for a kimura, either for a sweep or for the attack.  Kampmann avoids it and keeps the pressure.  Condit is busy from the bottom, moving his hips and always threatening to take an arm.  Condit gets back up and lands an elbow on the break.  Busy fight thus far as less than a minute remains.  Flashy kicks from Condit, nothing lands.  Good combination from Condit, lands a couple hooks.  Another takedown from Kampmann, and Condit is starting to work a rubber guard, but nothing comes of it.  Bell sounds with Kampmann throwing some punches from full-guard.


I’d give that round to Kampmann for the takedowns and control, but Condit showed some good attacks from the bottom.


Round 2- Jab from Kampmann and leg kick from Condit starts off round 2.  Stiff jab from Kampmann counters a kick.  Another jab from Kampmann lands.  Condit lands a hook to the body, but he eats a hook upstairs form Kampmann.  Kampmann ducks a punch from Condit and shoots in, but Condit stuffs it.  Another takedown attempt from Kampmann underneath a flurry of punches.  Good combo from Condit.  Kampmann drives the fight to the cage with a takedown attempt, and Condit reverses it and drives it to the opposite end of the cage holding control on Kampmann’s back.  Combination from Condit.  Kampmann lands a combo that ends with an overhand right as Condit throws a knee.  Condit lands a combo, ends with a kick.  Condit seems to have more confidence .  Jab from Kampmann.  Uppercut, straight right, and high kick land for Condit.  Combo lands for Kampmann, he comes in again with a lead-left hook.  Condit throws a spinning-back fist, barely glances off Kampmann’s head.  Kampmann shoots in for a double, drives Condit to the fence.  30 seconds left and Condit takes advantage of Kampmann’s over-aggression for the takedown and nearly takes the back.  Kampmann ducks for a takedown, but doesn’t get it.  Round ends.


I’d give this round for Condit.  Both men were active, Condit got the better of most exchanges and easily stuffed all of Kampmann’s takedown attempts.  I got it even going into round 3.


Round 3- Not much happens in the first minute, as the fighters circle and stay just out of each other’s range. Kampmann lands a takedown, but Condit immediately begins to work to the feet.  Condit is on his feet, Kampmann holds the double underhooks.  They separate.  Condit eats a jab while throwing a leg kick, but he doubles the kick to the body.  Condit lands a right elbow to Kampmann’s forehead.  Punches miss for both men.  Kampmann is throwing slower and getting countered by Condit.  Left hook counters for Kampmann.  Does it again.  Condit lands a high kick.  Condit is picking Kampmann apart now with punches and kicks.  Condit is stalking Kampmann now, choosing his shots as Kampmann is pretty bloodied up.  Condit is landing his punches at will, not landing big shots, but definitely landing.  Condit tries a flying knee and Kampmann shoots in for a takedown.  Condit sprawls and turns his front-headlock into a choke, but Kampmann spins out.  Condit follows him to the ground and takes the back, looking for the rear-naked choke.  They scramble some more, Condit keeps the back, Kampmann escapes and they’re back to the feet.  The round ends.


Great round of fighting!  All Carlos Condit, he took that 10-9.  Kampmann looks tired, and he’s beginning to get picked apart on the feet.  Condit looks relatively unphased.


Round 4- Kampmann comes out looking for the takedown, but Condit stuff it.  THey circle the cage, Condit taking the center and Kampmann on the outside.  A counter right from Condit stumbles Kampmann.  He’s owning the fight right now as Kampmann is wobbly on his feet.  Condit engages, throwing with intensity and landing nearly every punch.  Kampmann is throwing, but not landing.  He’s still hurt with a shot to the body.  A couple knees from Condit drop Kampmann and Herb Dean steps in to end the fight!  It’s Carlos Condit with a TKO!  Kampmann has some big cuts on his forehead and under his right eye.  Great fight for both men!


OFFICIAL DECISION: Carlos Condit Def. Martin Kampmann via TKO (R4: 1:04)


That’s it for tonight’s fights!  Thanks for checking in!  Be sure to check out the post-fight press conference right here on BJPenn.com!

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