‘UFC 167: GSP vs. Hendricks’ Preliminary Card Play-By-Play and Live Results

November 16, 2013 10:42 am by bjpenndotcom

‘UFC 167: GSP vs. Hendricks’ goes down tonight from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For those who missed or can’t make our free, live stream of the prelims, catch the round-by-round action right here in the official BJPENN.COM Preliminary card play-by-play.

Gian Villante defeated Cody Donovan by way of TKO (Punches) 1:22 of Round 2
Sergio Pettis defeated Will Campuzano by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
Jason High defeated Anthony Lapsley by way of Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Erik Perez defeated Edwin Figueroa by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Rick Story defeated Brian Ebersole by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Thales Leites defeated Ed Herman by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Donald Cerrone defeated Evan Dunham by way of Submission (Triangle Choke) 3:49 of Round 2


Round 1 – They start off the fight in the clinch and both connect with good shots. Donovan connects with some body shots and he’s setting up uppercuts by grabbing the back of Villante’s head. Villante eats a big right hand. Villante is standing in front of Donovan and is waiting to counterpunch, but he’s not dodging his opponent’s shots. Donovan nails Villante with a head kick and he wobbles, but nothing comes of it. Villante whiffs on an uppercut. Donovan lands an uppercut of his own. Villante telegraphs a head kick. Villante eats a kick to the body then takes Donovan down. He’s going to need to do some work here to take the round. Villante lets him up and Donovan lands another uppercut. Villante gets clipped with a jab. Villante eats a hook to the body. They swap jabs. The round ends with Villante landing a knee to the body of Donovan. 10-9 Donavan.

Round 2 – After a bit of feeling each other out, Donovan shoots for a takedown but Villante defends. Villante is pressed against the cage, but they break. They’re right back in the middle of the cage. Villante lands an uppercut. Donovan connects with another head kick, but Villante connects with a right hand at the same time! Donovan falls down and Villante dives on him. Donovan doesn’t answer the strikes and the referee ends the fight.

Gian Villante defeated Cody Donovan by way of TKO (Punches) 1:22 of Round 2


Round 1 – Pettis walks out with his hands high, ready to duke it. Campuzano shoots for a takedown and almost ends up in a choke, but he’s out of danger. Pettis makes it back to his feet only to get taken down yet again. He looks like he’s doing well off his back but Campuzano has Pettis’ back, who is now standing. Pettis turns toward Campuzano and takes him down, but he gets right back up. Pettis lands a left hook. Pettis catches the body kick of Campuzano and counters with a leg kick. Campuzano defends a wizard-takedown. Pettis lands another hard right kick to the lead leg of Campuzano. Pettis lands another leg kick. Duke Rufus is yelling at Pettis, “HE’S HURT!” Campuzano’s left leg is in bad shape. It takes another leg kick. Pettis lands a big punch. Four minutes in, Pettis has landed 8 brutal leg kicks. Campuzano barely connects with a lunging right hook. Pettis throws a flying knee and it lands to the chest of Campuzano. Campuzano takes Pettis down after catching his high kick. Round over. 10-9 Pettis.

Round 2 – Pettis connect with a left hand. Campuzano is more aggressive this round. Pettis lands a left jab. Campuzano sets up his hook with a shot to the body and connects. Pettis lands three jabs in a row. Campuzano lands a leg kick and a kick to the body of Pettis. Campuzano lands a nice right hand, but Pettis takes him down a second after. Pettis almost secures a power guillotine, but Campuzano rolls out of it. Pettis is now looking for an arm lock, but he uses that as a way to transition to Campuzano’s back. Campuzano turns the tables and is now on top of Pettis. He lands a nice short elbow. Another nice short elbow from Campuzano. Campuzano has Pettis’ back, now. Pettis stands up and Campuzano has his back. Pettis scoots him off and Pettis is now on top. Campuzano pushes Pettis off. Pettis lands a knee standing and catches Campuzano right on the jaw. Pettis lands a head kick and Campuzano whiffs on a combo. Pettis lands another head kick. Tough round to judge. 10-9 Pettis

Round 3 – Pettis goes to the body with a kick and finds it. Pettis is controlling where the fight goes, and if this goes to a judge’s decision that’s going to help him. Campuzano goes for a takedown and Pettis counters it with another power guillotine, but it’s on Campuzano’s chin. Campuzano escapes and takes Pettis down seconds later. That’s his 4th takedown. Campuzano is in Pettis’ open guard. Pettis isn’t doing much on the bottom; he’s waiting for Campuzano to try and advance. This is big for Campuzano. He’s landing some big shots from the top. Pettis attempts a triangle choke and Campuzano postures out of it. Campuzano advances to half guard. They’re back to their feet. Pettis lands two leg kicks right away. Campuzano whiffs on a head kick and fails a takedown attempt. Pettis takes Campuzano down but Campuzano gets right back up. Pettis trip-takedowns Campuzano and ends up in side control. That’s where the fight will end. 10-9 Campuzano.

Sergio Pettis defeated Will Campuzano by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


Round 1 – Lapsley lands a right hook and High ends up on top with a takedown. High gets full mount and then takes Lapsley’s back. Lapsley props High against the fence. Lapsley uses the wall to get back to his feet. High lands a knee and is back on top after a takedown. High goes for a guillotine but he’s not quite in position for it. Lapsley escapes and they’re in north/south. High is all over him on the ground here. He has Lapsley’s back, Lapsley stands up and High slams him to the ground, and he’s right back on Lapsley’s back. High flattens Lapsley out and eventually finds his way into a rear naked choke opportunity but cannot lock it in. He switches to mount and Lapsley is looking to escape, quick. Lapsley gives up his back again and he has a hook in. High gives up on the back mount and goes for a guillotine. He lands a knee to the body of Lapsley. He transitions to the guillotine fast, and he has it locked in while in mount. Lapsley fights out AGAIN. Round ends with High on top of Lapsley, gasping for air. 10-9 High

Round 2 – Lapsley goes for a takedown but High ends up on top and has a mounted guillotine again. Nothing comes of it. High is in full mount. High has Lapsley’s back now. He has a hook in and tries to switch to top, but Lapsley reverses it and ends up on top in High’s guard. Lapsley lands a good shot 40 seconds into being in this position. Lapsley lands another big right hand. Lapsley transitions to half guard and is looking for an arm lock. The round ends with Lapsley on top of High. 10-9 Lapsley.

Round 3 – Lapsley hits a kick up the middle followed by a right hand; both connect. High lands a right hook. High goes for the takedown and gets it. Lapsley looks for a triangle but fails. High has landed four takedowns throughout the fight. High is in side control. Lapsley is using the cage to try and get back to his feet, but High adjusts his weight and keeps Lapsley down on the ground. High hits a knee to the body of Lapsley. High tries another guillotine in half guard but Lapsley escapes. High transitions to an omoplata but Lapsley escapes again by stepping over. Lapsley is now on top due to defending the ongoing omoplata attempt and is landing punches to the body of High. Lapsley escapes the omoplata and High continues looking for submissions with a guillotine. Lapsley escapes and he’s back to his feet; he has High’s back now. High rolls through and hits a leg lock attempt. High is on top in Lapsley’s closed guard again. More punches from High on top here. He looks to pass and he gets into half guard. Lapsley is fighting from the bottom and time expires. Round over. 10-9 High.

Jason High defeated Anthony Lapsley by way of Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Round 1 – Figueroa landa a nice combo after Perez whiffs a straight kick to the body. Perez misses a head kick. A second head kick is blocked. Perez NAILS Figueroa with a kick to the groin. Figueroa rolled backwards the kick was so powerful. Kim Winslow asked Perez to “Control your weapons.” Winslow… ugh. We are back underway. Perez has the middle of the octagon. Figueroa goes for an inside leg kick. Perez answers with one of his own. Perez looks for a takedown and gets it. Figueroa pops back up. Figueroa hits a leg kick but gets launched backwards with a straight kick to the body. Figueroa lands a right straight and eats a right hook. Figueroa eats another right hook. Figueroa lands another hard kick to the body but Perez lands a takedown as a counter. He is in Figueroa’s half guard. Figueroa makes it back to his feet and gets taken down again. Perez is landing some short elbows. Round ends. 10-9 Perez

Round 2 – Perez lands a lead hook to the body and then a HUGE punch that drops Figueroa. Figueroa gets right back up and starts to swing. Perez has Figueroa pressed against the fence and picks him up. He picks him up, brings him over to the center of the cage and SLAMS him hard. That was a loud slam. Perez takes Figueroa’s back and is locking up his limbs. Perez is still on top but Figueroa makes his way to the cage to try and wall walk up. Figueroa eats a knee to the body. They’re standing, Perez separates with a elbow. Figueroa lands a big right hand and is throwing Leonard Garcia style punches. Figueroa hits another nice right hand. Perez doesn’t like it and he shoots for another takedown. Perez looks for an arm triangle and Kim Winslow stands them up due to inactivity! Yeesh. Round over. 10-9 Perez

Round 3 – Figueroa is now in the middle of the octagon, ready to duke it out. Perez lands a leg kick. Perez connects a right hook. Figueroa misses with a wild left and right. Figueroa eats a kick to the body and Winslow thinks it’s a kick to the nuts. Figueroa and Perez keep fighting and ignore her— hilarious. Perez whiffs a fast spinning wheel kick. Another takedown from Perez is good for him as there are only three minutes left in this fight. Perez moves to side control. Perez scoots to North/South and lands a good knee to the body of Figueroa. Figueroa spins out and gets back to his feet. Figueroa lands a knee to the body himself and gets taken back down. They’re back up and Perez cracks Figueroa with a right hand that wobbles him. Perez lands a kick to the body. Horn sounds, fight over. We’re going to decision again. 10-9 Perez.

Erik Perez defeated Edwin Figueroa by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

BRIAN EBERSOLE (50-15-1 MMA, 4-1 UFC) VS. RICK STORY (15-7 MMA, 8-5 UFC)

Round 1 – We’ve a high five and we are underway. Story stuffs a takedown. Ebersole lands a leg kick. Story lands a hook to the body. Ebersole lands a nice straight elbow. Ebersole eats a hook to the body but counters with a hook of his own. Story lands a right hook. Ebersole lands a punch but Story caught him with a left hand. Ebersole is resetting his action a lot which is not good for his pacing. Story lands two left hands that were blocked by Ebersole’s arms, but they still do damage. Ebersole lands a left straight. Nice body shot from Story. Story hits a right hook and a leg kick to the lead leg of Ebersole. They exchange a flurry of punches where Story gets the best of Ebersole. Story has the center of the octagon. Story punches Ebersole’s thigh. Ebersole lands a hard kick to the thigh. Story’s left straight finds a path through the gloves and nails Ebersole. Story whiffs a left hook as the round ends. 10-9 Story.

Round 2 – Story takes Ebersole down, spins over and finds himself in side control. Ebersole gets right back up to his feet. Ebersole lands a leg kick. Ebersole eats a leg kick. Another leg kick from Ebersole. Story pops Ebersole and sends him walking backwards, but Ebersole escapes danger and travels back to the middle of the octagon. Ebersole’s takedown attempt is stuffed. Story feigns a hook and eats a jab. Ebersole slaps Story, then elbows him. Story lands a counter hook and Ebersole asks if that’s all he’s got. Story lands a leg kick. Story lands a shot to the body and Ebersole breathes deep. Story lands a left straight to the body. Ebersole eats a left hook. Ebersole shoots for a single leg takedown but Story defends it. Round ends with Story pressing Ebersole against the fence, landing a big hook as the horn sounds. 10-9 Story.

Round 3 – Ebersole’s head kick is blocked and he connects with a leg kick as a follow up. Story hits a takedown and is on top. He’s throwing big punches to the body. He throws Ebersole’s legs to the side and lands a big shot to the head. Ebersole makes it back to his feet. Story lands another leg kick that Ebersole didn’t check. Story lands a hard right hook over the top. Story lands another left straight, and another. Ebersole counters with a right straight. Ebersole lands a body kick. Ebersole’s leg gets bucked after another leg kick. Ebersole hits a short elbow out of the clinch. Story whiffs on three big punches to the body. Ebersole takes two more kicks to the leg and falls down. Story jumps on top of him and is in side control. Two hooks to the body and the horn sounds. Round over. 10-9 Story.

Rick Story defeated Brian Ebersole by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Round 1 – Herman lands a leg kick to the lead leg of Leites. Leites tags Herman and drops him. Herman catches himself as he falls to the ground. Leites is on top of Herman, throws his leg to the side and lands a punch. He’s in Herman’s half guard. Leites advances to side control and Herman is trying his best to block a full mount transition. We’ve a scramble and Herman is back up. Trip takedown from Leites. Herman gives up his back; this could be bad. Leites’ back is against the cage which is good for Herman because he doesn’t have much room to work with submissions. Leites is working on switching to an armbar. Herman tries to roll and Leites has his back again. We see some hard shots from Leites. They’re back to their feet and the round ends with Herman pressed against the fence. 10-9 Leites.

Round 2 – Herman lands a good hard leg kick. Good right from Herman, as well. Leites shoots and Herman defends it for now. After a minute of cage-grappling, Leites secures the takedown. Leites is in Herman’s half guard. Leites now had Herman’s back. Again, Leites has his back against the cage so he doesn’t have much leverage. Herman transitions out of it and Leites is postured over him. Herman lands an upkick but Leites’ knee was down. Winslow gives Herman a warning that you cannot kick a downed opponent in the head. Leites gets back control again, but Herman spins out. Leites is back in half guard. Herman leans his head back and takes a big deep breath. Horn sounds, round over. 10-9 Leites.

Round 3 – Herman presses Leites against the fence and lands some big shots as they separate. As they go back to the middle of the octagon, Leites presses the action and pushes Herman against the fence. Herman turns the tables and Leites is now pressed against the fence. Good left from Herman as he pushes off Leites. Leites lands a hard right hook. Leites takes Herman down and is in side control. He’s looking to advance to Herman’s back and he has it. Herman is doing a good job defending the rear naked choke. Leites tries to move to mount but gets caught in half guard. Horn sounds, round over. Not an exciting round. 10-9 Leites.

Thales Leites defeated Ed Herman by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Round 1 – Dunham shoots for a takedown right away. He hits some dirty boxing uppercuts and then eats a knee. Cerrone lands a leg kick. Dunham eats a BIG knee. Dunham stumbles back and Cerrone lands another knee. Dunham falls to his back. Cerrone jumps on him and can’t finish the fight right away. He’s in Dunham’s guard. Dunham seems to be recovered, but he’s sporting some good cuts. Dunham tries to spin out and he has Cerrone on his back but Cerrone almost locks in a triangle. Dunham almost walks into an omoplata, he spins out of it which allows Cerrone to get back on top. Dunham gets back to his feet and has Cerrone pressed against the cage. Dunham lands a knee to the thigh and body of Cerrone. Dunham lands a couple knees to the knee-joint of Cerrone. Cerrone cracks Dunham with a hard knee. Cerrone lands a hard knee to the body and Dunham counters it with a jab to the body. Cerrone connects with a left hook. Hard leg kick from Cerrone. Cerrone counters a Dunham punch with a hard knee to the body. Dunham misses a straight kick. Cerrone lands a right cross that jars Dunham’s head. Hard leg kick from Dunham. Horn sounds, round over. 10-9 Cerrone.

Round 2 – Dunham strikes first with a right cross. Dunham lands a kick, Cerrone lands a knee. Dunham throws a lunging right but Cerrone counters with a kick to the body. Cerrone wiffs a straight right. Dunham landed a left hand that didn’t have a lot of pop on it. Dunham ends a three punch combo with an uppercut that lands. Dunham goes for an overhand right but Cerrone cuts it off with a body kick. Dunham absorbs another knee to the solar plexus. Cerrone executes a trip takedown and transitions right into side control. He’s now in Dunham’s half guard. Dunham sneaks out and ends up on top. Cerrone catches Dunham in a triangle and it’s over!

Donald Cerrone defeated Evan Dunham by way of Submission (Triangle Choke) 3:49 of Round 2

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