July 6, 2013 10:14 am by Jake Chastain

By Jake Chastain

A stacked evening of fights is upon us and outside of tonight’s main card, not much can rival the UFC 162 preliminary card action.

Set to air on both Facebook and FX, the UFC 162 prelims features six highly anticipated match ups and is rounded out with a featured bout with Chris Leben and Andrew Craig.

If you cannot make the live show or broadcasts tune in below for all your play-by-play action:


Round 1 – Here we go, fight fans! I have to say that the first thing I noticed is that when both Pierce and Mitchell walked out to the octagon they were wearing “Dethrone Royalty” shirts. Just throwing that out there…Could this be an omen of things to come later tonight? Interesting…

So the night starts off with the two touching gloves and Pierce immediately swinging for the fences. He pushes Mitchell against the cage and then gets a double-leg locked up but Mitchell pummels under and regains an over-under position, his back still against the cage. Pierce lands a couple nice elbows over the top and the two fight for position. Mitchell tries to utilize some knees and dirty boxing and then they break. Pierce again bullies him against the fence and continues to wear on him. Mitchell circles out and they throw, nothing lands cleanly, Mitchell closes the space and clinches again. Pierce turns him against the cage and then Mitchell starts landing some great knees and uppercuts, Pierce answers, presses him back against the fence once again. Pierce goes for the takedown but is still unsuccessful. Mitchell lands some more knees to the body of Pierce and then spins off the cage. Pierce lands a nice straight right followed by a grazing leg kick, they clinch and Pierce again presses him to the cage. Knees from both men to the body and Mitchell lands a short right at the horn. I give that round Pierce 10-9 for pressure, control and, more damaging shots. It was close though.

Round 2– Both men have landed great body shots and Mitchell’s corner told him to continue hitting the body. Pierce comes out swinging in the second and then back to the clinch. Pierce is winning the positioning but Mitchell is landing more strikes in the clinch. Interesting scenario. Pierce lands a nice left and continues to bully him against the fence. Pierce stomps the foot and they break. A few sloppy overhand punches from both men and Pierce goes for another takedown, Mitchell stuffs it and they exchange on the break. Nothing big yet has landed. Pierce circles and Mitchell presses the pace but finds himself back in clinch,  this time in the middle of the octagon. More knees to the body, Pierce presses him back to the cage and then Pierce separated and landed a quick left hook that landed flush and dropped Mitchell. Pierce swarmed him and landed nice hammer fists to finish the fight! Nice performance by Mike Pierce for his ninth win inside the UFC.

Mike Pierce wins by TKO in the 2nd round


Round 1 – The first begins, Baczynski and Melancon touching gloves and Melancon landing a nice kick and then a big left hook. He landed it again and then a left hook to the body. Baczynski tries to get his reach going by throwing his jab but Melancon is close to landing the big left hook again. He lands it again, hard to the face. Baczynski throws a combo and lands a couple strikes. Melancon answers with a kick. As as Baczyniski goes in with a combo Melancon lands the left hook again and drops him, lands in Baczynski’s guard and lands a couple shots from the top. Baczynski recovers and comes back to his feet. They break and exchange for a moment, nothing big lands, they clinch against, they break, and Melancon scores a takedown with a blast single leg. Seth tries to come back up against the cage and Melacon lands big shots to his face and brings him back down. Melancon stands up with 10 seconds left, times it perfect, throws Baczynski’s legs to the side and throws a huge combo and knocks Seth out as the horn sounds! what an explosion and impressive UFC debut for Brian Melancon! It was the left hook that did it but it was several strikes that ended the fight with one second remaining.

Brian Melancon wins via KO at 4:59 of Round 1

Explosive and impressive Facebook fights to start this amazing fight card! I can’t wait to see what comes next! Let’s hop over to FX and catch the next fight…


Round 1 – This fight should deliver some fireworks as well. Here we go. The two meet in the middle, touch gloves, Barboza lands a hard leg kick and Oliveira answers with a left. Barboza lands a couple more leg kicks and then a hard body kick. Oliveira starts backing up and Barboza lands another body shot, then an uppercut to the body to follow. He lands another body kick, and then a leg kick. Oliveira lands a left, shoots for a takedown but is unsuccessful and Barboza continues landing HARD leg kicks. Oliveira goes for the takedown again, its stuffed. Barboza lands a spinning back kick to the body and then more leg kicks. Oliveira is having trouble closing space because of the amazing kicks being utilized by Edson. Oliveira continues to go for the takedown but is stuffed again and again. He definitely wants to get this to the ground because these kicks are eating him up. They finally clinch but Barboza smartly spins out and lands another hard leg kick. Oliveira wades in, throwing looping hooks but Barboza is moving too well, circling, landing more leg kicks. Oliveira is clearly limping now and his knee is swollen and bright red. Barboza continues landing the leg kick then throws a spinning back kick to the head but barely misses over the top. Impressive round for Barboza. He tore up the knee of Oliveira and wins the round 10-9

Round 2 – They come out and Edson catches a kick, they scramble, Oliveira wants the takedown but can’t get it. Barboza continues working on the knee and Oliveira is clearly in pain. He lands it again and drops Rafaello. Oliveira shoots down, doesn’t get close, gets back up but he is shaky on the leg. They circle and Barboza drops him again with the leg kick. Oliveira gets back up but can barely put pressure on his front leg. Barboza lands it one more time and drops Oliveira with another leg kick and Herb Dean stepped in and stopped the fight as Oliveira was clearly incapable of continuing. What an incredible display of kick-boxing put on by Edson Barboza. He landed an abundance of leg kicks, body kicks, and a nice, tight jab to run away with the stoppage victory! Very nicely done. Barboza becomes the first man in UFC history to stop two different opponents with leg kicks. This man is a beast. Lightweights, be on watch! Barboza told Joe Rogan, “That’s my game.” Clearly.

Edson Barboza wins via TKO stoppage due to leg kicks in the 2nd round


Round 1 –  Time for the big boys! They come out and and touch gloves. Herman lands a front straight kick. Then another. Then, all of the sudden, Gonzaga landed a huge  overhand right that clipped Herman right on the chin. He dropped to the canvas and Gabriel swarmed him and landed several quick strikes and referee Kim Winslow stepped in and stopped the fight. Just like that, the fight was over. Unbelievable. I mean, we expect knock-outs in the HW division, but that was quick. The fourth fastest KO in UFC HW history. Impressive counter strike for the Brazilian and it looks like Gonzaga was serious when he said he wanted to make one more title run before calling it quits. That’s a great start.

Gabriel Gonzaga wins via KO at :17 seconds of the 1st round


Round 1 – Norman starts with a nice high kick but its blocked, then he lands an overhand. They exchange kicks. Parke lands a jab and another lege kick. Tokudome answers with a combo. Parke throws the overhand left and lands it again. More kicks from both men and Parke looks to be finding his comfort zone. Parke throws a huge right and it lands, then lands another nice leg kick. His movement is good and everything he’s throwing has power behind it. They clinch and go to the cage. Parke takes him down and gets his back but Tokudome gets back up, Parke tries to trip and Tokudome feels it coming and flips his hips and ends up on top in Parke’s guard. Tokudome lands some shots from the top and Parke answers with an elbow from the bottom. He then goes for an kimura from the bottom but lets it go. Tokudome is holding position but Parke is very active from the bottom. Parke then hit a nice move ans swept Tokudome, passed his guard and ends the round on top. Good round. I give it to Parke for more strikes landed and more activity on the mat, 10-9 Parke

Round 2 – They touch gloves again and Parke presses the pace with the jab and an overhand. Tokudome is trying to use some leg kicks to set somthing up but Parke is clearly more fluid on the feet. Just as I type that Tokudome lands a nice combo. Then Parke lands a nice overhand, followed by another, and another. They’re trading blows and both men are scoring. Tokudome has a good chin as he’s eaten some good shots. Parke again lands the overhand left, then another but Tokudome absorbs them like a champ and they continue trading. Parke lands the left again, not a clean and then backs up and ducks under a Tokudome hooks and scores a takedown. Tokudome tries to use the cage to get up but Parke rides him tough, gets a clinch around the body but then Tokudome gets back up, lands a big knee to the body but gets taken down again. Tokudome rolls out and Parke gets a front-headlock, they come back up to the feet and Parke lands a knee to the body. Parke lands another over the top, throws a couple more but nothing else lands as the horn sounds to signal the end of the second. This was a close round but again I give it to Parke, 10-9, for more takedowns and strikes landed.

Round 3 – They exchange and both land punches, Parke circles out and looks to be trying to use his footwork to keep distance. He then shoots in, Tokudome reverses it and tries to trip but Parke defends. The two come back up in a clinch and Parke presses Tokudome against the fence. He lands some nice elbows and then Tokudome scrambled and scored a reversal and ends up on top but Parke comes up after a couple of seconds. They throw but nothing lands aside from leg kicks. Tokudome looks a little more fresh and then lands a nice head kick and gets a big double-leg takedown. Parke comes back up, though and Tokudome presses Parke against the fence. They throw elbows and one lands. They break and Tokudome presses the pace. They both land some shots but nothing has a ton of power behind it. Parke goes for a single leg, presses it to the cage and then drops to a double and cores it right as the horn sounds. Another great round, but this time I give the slight edge to Tokudome 10-9. This was a great, competitive bout and Tokudome turned it up at the end of the fight. However, I think it was a little too late as Parke had already won the first two rounds. Let’s see how the judges score the fight: They all gave the bout to Parke in a run away decision to move his record to 2-0 in the UFC after winning TUF :The Smashes.

“Stormin” Norman Parke wins via Unanimous Decision 


Round 1 – Leben quickly takes the center, Craig hits a leg kick, they clinch and Leben presses him to the cage, lands some nice body strikes and then goes for a takedown. Leben is utilizing some good dirty boxing and then Craig lands a big knee. Leben backs off, circles, then goes for another shot and presses Craig to the fence again. They separate and circle. Craig backs off and tries to get Leben coming in but Leben tags Craig and presses him against the cage again. More dirty boxing from Leben as he leans on Craig. As they break Craig lands a nice straight and then Leben wades in and lands a knee to the body from the Thia clinch. Craig circles back, lands a leg kick and then a nice 1-2 combo that rocks Leben. Leben goes to the clinch, they separate again and Leben continues pressing the pace. Leben take Craig down for a quick second and then grinds him more from the clinch. They break and Craig lands another 1-2. Craig takes a powerful shot but Leben stuffs it. They land knees from the clinch as the horn sounds. Good standup fight so far but I give round 1 to Craig, 10-9, for rocking Leben.

Round 2- Leben comes out throwing bombs and Craig backs off but keeps catching Leben as he wades in. Again Leben presses Craig to the cage and goes for a takedown but nothing there. More clinching, dirty boxing, nothing big. Leben lands a body punch and they break. Craig lands another 1-2 and circles out and then Leben races in and presses him to the cage once again. Craig flips the position and lands a nice knee to the body. Then a nice elbow lands. Leben is getting but up and battered. Craig lands a nice uppercut, Leben runs in and presses against Craig. More knees to the body from both men, they break and exchange, nothing lands. Craig circles out again and lands more shots as Leben moves in again. They clinch and Craig this lands another elbow to the face of Leben. Leben is clearly pressing the pave but Craig is getting the better of the striking and he’s getting hit much less. They clinch again and Leben is throwing weak punches to the body. Craig lands a few more strikes and circles out as the horn sounds. Another good round. I give it to Craig, 10-9.

Round 3 – Leben needs to go for broke here. He comes out quick but is too slow for Craig. Craig lands a couple strikes, Leben starts throwing bombs and then Craig tags Leben with four straight shots and Chris drops. Craig swarms him but Leben has an amazing chin and he miraculously recovers, comes back up and they break. Leben is battered but still pressing the pace. Craig lands another shot and then a knee from the clinch. They break and they exchange, Craig throws Leben down and lands in his guard. From the top Craig lands a couple shots, defends a kimura and then Leben comes back up. Craig circles and looks to be coasting to a decision victory. Craig tags Leben coming in again and then takes him down to the ground. Leben works for an armbar but it’s not there, tries to get up but Craig holds him down. Craig passes to half guard and Leben gets back up. Leben comes forward and Craig hits another blast double-leg takedown, lands a couple more strikes and the horn sounds to end the fight. Craig won every round on my score card and wasn’t overly impressive but showed some nice footwork and counter striking skills. Solid performance for Andrew Craig. Here is how the judges scored this bout:

Andrew Craig wins via Split-Decision

Thanks for following the UFC 162 preliminary card play-by-play coverage on BJPenn.com. Be sure to stick around for the main card updates and recaps, Penn Nation. Cheers.

Jake Chastain



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