UFC 160: Velasquez vs. Bigfoot Preliminary Card Live Play-By–Play & Results

May 25, 2013 1:23 pm by Jake Chastain



UFC 160: Velasquez vs. Bigfoot goes down tonight on Pay-per-view from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

BJPENN.COM will be running a live play-by-play of the night’s preliminary card starting at 3:30 p.m. PT.

The UFC 160 preliminary card opens up with a featherweight bout between Jeremy Stephens and Estevan Payan on Facebook.com and culminates with a welterweight bout on FX between Mike Pyle and Rick Story.

Tune in here to catch all the action and get your live results:


Round 1 – Stephens shoots in for a takedown and is succesful. Payan goes for a guillotine but lets it go and Stephens starts to land some left hands from the top. Payan answers back with some offense from his back until Stephens lands a huge elbow. He postures up and Payan throws an upkick then goes for an armbar but Stephens goets out and they explode back to the feet. Payan is noticably bleeding from the elbow. Stephens changes levels and takes him down along the fence, scoring with a nice uppercut as Payan gets back to his feet. They reset in the cage center, trading leg kicks and he’s getting the better of Payan in these exchanges. Huge right hand from Stephens and Payan is wobbled but he can’t follow up. Count right from Stephens and he scores with a big right just before the horn. Stephens wins the round 10-9

Round 2: Big right hand from Stephens to open things in the second round and Payan answers with leg kicks. Stephens takes another shot, scores a single leg takedown and he’s puts Payan agasint the cage. Payan gets back to his feet but Sttephens continues working for the takedown. Stephens finally gets the takedown again. Payan continues bleeding badly as Stephens is in control. He then passes to Payan’s back. He has both hooks in with 1:30 left in the round. He goes for a rear naked choke. He throws a knee to the body as the round concludes. 10-9 Stephens by control and strikes landed.

Round 3 – Stephens lands a big right hand and then hits a heavy leg kick. Payan is clearly losing the fight and needs a big finish to win. Stephens lands a few big head kicks and then shoots in, grabbing a body lock and he drags Payan to the ground. Stephens works to take Payan’s back and lands knees to the body as Payan tries to get to his feet. A short right hand from Stephens and Payan gets to his feet but he’s trapped by the cage. Stephens has another body lock and Payan reverses the position with just over a minute to go in the fght. Stephens explodes forwards, taking Payan down in the middle of the canvas and lands in half guard on top. An elbow from Stephens folowed by some short left hands. Another elbow from Stephens and he slams Payan as time expires. Again, 10-9 Stephens and another win for the Jeremy.

Jeremy Stephens defeats Estevan Payan via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)


Round 1 – Roop throws a head kick early and pushes Bowles back with a push kick followed by a knee up the middle. Bowles lands a right to the body but Roop is keeping him at bay with the length difference. Left hook scores for Bowles and then a right hand rocks Roop. Bowles steps forward trying to follow up but Roop recovers and he backs Bowels off again. Roop throws a combination but Bowles hangs tough as nothing significant lands. Big right hand from Bowles and Roop drops. He tries to follow up with a guillotine choke and he passes to full mount. Roop is hanging tough and he’s out of the choke but Bowles is still in a dominant position. Right elbow from Bowles and Roop tries to hip escape but Bowles stays on top until time expires. 10-9 Bowles

Round 2- Both men trade early and neither is gaining a significant advantage. Nice jab from Roop and Bowles is hurt. Bowles drops to his back and Roop swarms him. Bowles is not fighting back and Roop clocks him with a pair of right uppercuts and then some heavy right hands force the ref to put a stop to it. Wow.

George Roop defeats Brian Bowles via TKO at 1:43 of round two


Round 1 – Thompson immediately presses Burrell into the fence and looks for a takedown. Burrell answers with some knees to the body. They break and Thompson lands a huge kick while Burrell fires back with a short combo. A left hook from Burrell misses and Thompson scores a takedown but Burrell gets right back to his feet. Thompson again presses Burrell into the fence. A few knees land for Thompson and they again break. Burrell moves forward and throws some looping hooks and then they clinch. Thompson lands a clean uppercut and kick but Burrell clinches and attempts a take him down but he slips and Thompson briefly takes his back. Burrell gets back to his feet and pushes him into the fence again. Burrell misses with some big strikes as the round ends. I score the round 10-9 Thompson

Round 2 – The round again starts with more clinching from Thompson and when they seperate Thompson scores with some very nice hooks to the body. Burrell tries to answer but they clinch again and then separate. Thompson throws a 1/2 and they clinch again with Thompson taking the underhooks. Another stalemate and they break with Thompson scoring another quick combination. Burrell is frustrated and starts going after Thompson before Thompson again takes inside position on the fence. Thomspon scores with a combination and throws a side kick. Big kicks from Thompson and he’s starting to loosen up. Burrell responds with a left hook that connects and then a spinning heel kick from Thompson grazes Burrell and Burrell responds with a spinning elbow that missed. Thompson clinches and they battle for position until the horn sounds. I give that round to Thompson 10-9.

Round 3 – Burrell opens with a huge right hand and a knee to the body to follow. Thompson responds with a another clinch and they circle each other while battling for position. Thompson starts pressing the pace with some kicks and combinations even though both men are visibly tired. Burrell throws some uppercuts but Thompson responds with some uppercuts of his own and a knee to the body. Thompson clinches again and then t. Thompson thows a huge round kick that rocks Burrell. The two continue to exchange and both men keep scoring. Thompson shoots for a takedown and scores it but Burrell pops to his feet against the cage where he is held. The two break and a right hand from Burrell scores and he defends a takedown attempt from Thompson. Burrell throws a flying knee but Thompson moves out of the way and they clinch again. They throw a few more shots before the horn sounds. I give the final round to Burrell 10-9

Stephen Thompson defeats Nashon Burrell via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)


Round 1 – the two meet in the middle. feel each other out, Trujillo throws a vicious right hand and misses. a few more strikes miss and then Trujillo hits a powerful double-leg that lands. Kahbib goes for an arm-bar and almost gets it but Trujillo gets away and spins out, then Khabib transitions and takes the back of Trujillo and hits a nice suplex. Trujillo comes back up but Khabib continues to lift and throw him back down. over and over Khabib just throws him down until Trujillo hits a roll and escapes and ends up on top. Again Khabib goes fr offense from his back and lands a beautiful triangle choke with 25 seconds left. Trujillo rolls to his back then back to his knees and survives the round. I give the round to Khabib 10-9 for the beautiful jiu-jitsu.

Round 2- The two dance around a little bit and Khabib lands a nice left hand and spins to his back again. Trujillo rolls out the they come back to the feet. Another right hand by Khabib lands again and then once again gets his back and takes him down. He lands some shots from the back of Trujillo and as Trujillo tries to stand up Khabib gets a body triangle from on Trujillo’s back. He lets it go, Trujillo gets up but is then thrown back down. Trujillo momentarily gains a reversal but then Khabib regains Trujillo’s back with his power and again tosses him down. Khabib continues to wear Trujillo out with a body lock from the back and over and over again tosses him back down as Trujillo stands up. Round two comes to a close and the grappling match is clearly won by Khabib. Another round for the Russian, 10-9.

Round 3- Khabib again takes Trujillo down and gives up his back. He stands up, tries to thrown some tired strikes, rolls but is controlled by Khabib. Joe Rogan says ‘its like a black-belt vs. a blue-belt.’ Over and over again Trujillo comes up but is slammed back to the canvas. Trujillo is absolutely getting mauled in the grappling and the Khabib goes into Trujillo’s full guard. Complete control from from Khabib from the top. Not a ton of strikes thrown but the grappling is totally in the favor of Khabib. He slams Trujillo again and then lands a few powerful strikes. Back up, back down. Khabib wins the entire fight with superior grappling. Slams him hard one last time as the bell sounds. Khabib wins round 3 10-9.

Khabib Nurmagomedov wins by Unanimous Decision


Round 1 – Whittaker comes out with his hands down and lands a big uppercut. A few more strikes for Whittaker and Colton unsuccessfully goes for a takedown. As Colton comes forward Whittaker lands more big shots. They exchange and both land fists. They break and Whittaker stars utilizing the jab. Hands still down Whittaker lands a straight left. Colton backs off and circles, rubbing his eye like it is swelling. Colton presses forward with strikes but is agiain tagged with straights from Whittanker. Robert’s jab is stopping all offense by Smith. Whittaker lands more straight left jabs and then stuffs another shot by Colton. Colton throws a slow kick and then another, niether coming close to landing. A few body kicks and then Colton lands a straight right and knocks Whittaker to the mat. The two scrabble and come back to the feet. I round to Colton 10-9 fr the knock down.

Round 2- Whittaker lands an overhand left that drops Colton and the two scrabble again and then come back up. Good start to the round. They dance a little and Colton lands a nice right jab. Smith lands more strikes and then Whittaker steps forward and answers. Colton’s eye is black and blue. He shoots again but Whittaker spins out. More strikes land from both fighters but Whittaker lands the same left jab that is doing damage to the right eye of Smith. Colton lands a low knee and they break for a moment. They re-engage and both men throw shots but nothing lands clean. Whittaker lands the left again and it is beginning to look as if Smiths orbital bone is broken. Whittaker continues to press the pace and lands a strike. They exchange and Colton comes out bleeding badly under both eyes. They go at each other and from the clinch Whittaker lands several uppercuts to Smith. They disengage and time expires. I give that round to Whittaker 10-9 by cleaner strikes landed and more damage done.

Round 3- They high-five to start the 3rd. Colton presses forward but Whittaker catches him with counter strikes that rock Smith. Colton again presses forward and throws a body kick and in the process Whittaker tags him twice with his left hand and drops SMith again. The ref steps in and ends the fight. Whittaker wins in an impressive stoppage.

Whittaker wins via TKO


Round 1 – They circle and Bermudez fakes some takedowns. Holloway lands a nice jab as they continue to dance. Bermudez gets a single leg but its defended. A few leg kicks miss from Bermudez. Holloway lands another nice straight. They exchange and Bermudez tries to back Holloway down but his movement is really excellent to start the fight. Bermudez is fainting like crazy, maybe trying to gauge his reactions. More strikes are thrown but nothing really lands. Holloway is keeping Bermudez away with the length of his jab. A quick explosion from Bermudez, he again drops to a single-leg but again Holloway defends well. A nice leg kick lands from Bermudez and then as Bermudez tries to go for another takedown Holloway lands a beautiful sinning-back-kick to the head that rocked Bermudez. Holloway rushes him and they clinch. Bermudez gains his wits and then Holloway throws the spinning kick two more times, and then again to the leg of Bermudez that drops him as the round ends. I give the round to Holloway for more strikes landed and more damage, 10-9.

Round 2- Bermudez again tries for a takedown and Holloway spins and takes his back. They come back up and Holloway lands a nice left head kick. Every time Bermudez tries to come in, even for kicks, Holloway lands straight counters. An uppercut lands for Bermudez as he leaps in but Holloway keeps the distance with his long reach advantage. Bermudez continues pressing forward and Holloway lands a nice body/overhand combination. Another nice combo by Holloway and the advantage is clearly starting to show. Bermudez then lands a nice overhand and then the two clinch. They break and Bermudez seems to have some blood coming from his nose. Bermudez lands a hard leg-kick but still can’t get close enough to land any power shots to the head. Holloway lands another one/two and goes fr a high kick that misses. Bermudez again goes for a takedown and finally muscles it to the ground. The round ends with a few strikes from the top from Bermudez. I give that round to Holloway 10-9 by more strikes landed and more control of the fight’s pace.

Round 3- The two hug to start the round. They exchange and Holloway get a kick caught and Bermudez scores another takedown. Holloway gets back up and gets the fight back to a distance scrap. Holloway lands more counter jabs and Bermudez is visibly frustrated. A good comb lands for Bermudez and Holloway circles out. Bermudez is throwing more strikes in this round but he needs a finish to win the fight. He gets another single-leg takedown but Holloway wastes no time on the ground. More jabs and one/twos from Holloway and Bermudez starts throwing big leg-kick and then scores another takedown. From Holloways full guard Bermudez lands some huge elbows that put Holloway in trouble for a moment. Holloway is starting to get a hematoma and is now bleed from his nose. Bermudez gets to half guard and lads a few more strikes but is unable to to any more major damage before the horn sounds. I give the round to Bermudez 10-9 for control,, takedowns, and damage. However, I don’t think it was enough to get him the ‘W’.

Dennis Bermudez gets a very questionable split-decision victory over Max Holloway


Round 1 – Story presses Pyle back, eats a body to the knee and then throws Pyle to the ground. In Pyle’s guard Story lands some body shots. Pyle tries to isolate an arm and looks for offense from his back but then eats a big shot from Story in the process. Story postures up and Pyle gets an arm and almost hits a beautiful arm-bar. Story spins out though and gets back into Pyle’s guard. Pyle comes back up but eats an uppercut from Story. The two are back up and Story lands a couple huge combinations. The two do a dance for a little but Story lands a huge body shot and then an overhand left that drops Pyle to the ground. Story swarms him and lands a few more shots but Pyle recovers and pulls Story into his guard. The horn sounds with Story on top. I give that round to Rick Story 10-8 for more damage and a near finish.

Round 2 – Pile starts the round by throwing a push kick that doesn’t land. Story again lands some big body hooks and then and overhand. Pyle eats it and circles out. Story wades in and eats a big knee that wobbles Story. They clinch and Story takes Pyle down. Pyle works hard for a kimura and almost gets it but Story muscles through it. From Pyle full guard Story controls him and maintains his position. Pyle looks to isolate another another limb but Story is too heavy and controls Pyle. He postures up but gets nothing from it as he goes back into Pyle’s guard. Nothing from the top for a good minute and a half from Story Steve Mazzagatti refuses to stand it up. Story again ends the round on top. I give the round to Story again, this time 10-9 for control.

Round 3 – Story lands the body/overhand left combo again to start the round. Pyle retakes the middle of the octagon. Pyle tries for the knee again but Story catches it and throws him down but lets him stand back up. Pyle lands a few kicks and it almost seems that Story is getting tired. They clinch and Story eats an elbow in the way out. Again they clinch against the cage and Pyle lands a huge elbow over the top that cuts Story. Story then shoots for a takedown, pushes him against the cage, eats some elbows but then takes him down again. Pyle comes back up but Story clinches his back against the cage and Story lands some knees to the thighs of Pyle. They break after a brief exchange and Pyle is starting to pot-shot Story. He starts landing nice shots but Story hits a powerful blast double and lands it. Pyle goes for an arm-bar and uses it to sweep Story. He takes Story’s back but is unable to land anything big or sink in a submission before the round concludes. I give that round to Mike Pyle 10-9 for more damage done due to more action pressed. This is going to be a close decision! Great fight to end the premlims

Mike Pyle wins by split-decision over Rick Story

-Jake Chastain

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