UFC 160: Velasquez vs. Bigfoot Main Card Live Play-By–Play & Results

May 25, 2013 1:28 pm by Kinch

UFC 160: Velasquez vs. Bigfoot goes down tonight on Pay-per-view from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

BJPENN.COM will be running a live play-by-play of the night’s pay-per-view card starting at 6:00 p.m. PT.

The UFC 160 main card opens up with a lightweight bout between fan favorite, Donald Cerrone and  Strikeforce import, KJ Noons. The stacked card ends with a UFC heavyweight title fight between current champion Cain Velasquez and Antonion ‘Bigfoot’ Silva.

Tune in here to catch all the action and get your live results:


Round 1 – The main card begins and the classic boxer versus kick-boxer battle is under way. KJ begins the fight attacking the legs of Cerrone with kicks, and KJ shoots for a takedown but eats a knee. KJ continues to work the kicks while Cowboy finds his range with the jab. Noons looking for more kicks while Cerrone begins to work the punch kick combos. Noons begins to bleed from a cut over his right eye and Cerrone lands a quick take down, then they are back to the feet. Eye poke by Cerrone, and they touch gloves. Cowboy begins to work the combos and lands some big leg kicks, Noons comes in with a haymaker and eats a knee to the body. KJ works the jab as Cerrone returns with a one-two to head kick combo that lands. KJ unfazed comes forward, Cerrone throws a front kick to the face that lands and the round comes to a close.

BJPenn.com scores round 1 10-9 Cerrone

Round 2 – Cowboy comes in with a huge takedown but Noons get back to his feet quickly. KJ continues to work the jab and Cerrone continues to use the range landing combos. KJ is bleeding from his nose and loosing steam, Cerrone ends a combo with a head kick that misses. KJ rallies back with shots to the head that graze off Cerrone, KJ continues to make an effort and lands a beautiful spinning back fist. Cowboy lands a big takedown, maintaining position and landing blows. Cowboy passes to side control and continues to land, KJ attempts to escape but Cowboy stays on top till the bell rings.

BJPenn.com scores round 2 10-9 Cerrone

Round 3 – In the corner between rounds the doctor asks if KJ wants to continue and of course he answers yes. Both men coming out swinging for the fences and Cowboy lands a huge takedown again and begins to unleash some serious ground and pound with elbows doing big damage to Noons. Cerrone continues to do damage from the guard of Noons, while KJ appears exhausted. KJ is leaking blood like a faucet, and Cerrone works the pass, eventually getting to side control. Cerrone finishes the round in side control landing more big strikes.

BJPenn.com scores round 3 10-9 Cerrone

Official Decision 30-27 30-27 30-26 for Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone


Round 1 – Both men come out feeling each other out with jabs and minor exchanges, Gray lands heavy first. TJ calls him on but backs up, Gray feinting. TJ comes with a solid 1-2 and Gray returns with a left-right lunging combo, then TJ comes in with a huge right hand that drops Gray. Gray tries to get back up and TJ unleashes a swarm of punches, Gray makes it back to his feet, only to be caught with a huge knee to the chin and more combos from TJ. Gray falls to his knees again and TJ rushes him with hammer fists and punches until the ref stops the fight.

TJ Grant defeats Gray Maynard via TKO 2:07 in the first round


Round 1 -Te Huna throws quickly and Glover shoots for a single, then lets it go and lands a big right. Both men in the pocket exchanging and trying to land heavy shots. Glover with a double leg and starts to work the ground and pound, while looking to pass. Te Huna maintains guard and Glover lands more strikes, then attempts to pass to side control.Te Huna scrambles to his feet and while still in the clinch, Glover jumps on an arm-in guillotine and drops to his guard. Squeezing tightly, Te Huna forced to tap out to the dominant grappling of Glover Teixeira.

Glover Teixeira defeats James Te Huna via guillotine choke submission 2:38 of round 1


Round 1 -The peoples main event is under way and the men touch gloves. Hunt throws a huge leg kick and Junior throws a heavy straight right. Hunt lands a solid jab and they feel the range out. Hunt continues to counter nicely and Junior lands a huge over hand right that drops Hunt, Hunt quickly back to his feet as Junior swarms in. The pace slows as Hunt recovers and both men continue to feel each other out. The combatants seem to have gained a mutual respect for each others power, Hunt pumps a jab and throws a right hook, Junior lands a big right and they go back to the distance game. Dos Santos bleeding, both men landing lightly, Hunt attempts a spinning back fist that misses, Junior continues to control the distance. Junior lands a big right and left while Hunt throws, and the round concludes with Junior calling on Hunt.

BJPENN.com scores the round 10-9 Dos Santos

Round 2 – Junior takes the center of the cage quickly and lands another big overhand, Hunt appears to be bleeding from the ear now. Hunt takes the center of the cage now and tries to work the left hook and jab, and then lands a leg kick. Junior presses forward with a right and a stunning jab to the chin of Hunt. Junior continues to use the footwork and the jab to his advantage, Hunt moves forward. Junior lands a spinning back kick to the body, then Hunt rallies forward. Hunt backs Junior up against the cage and lands a few good shots, then while ducking, Junior lands heavy again and steps to the side. Hunt bleeding from the mouth now, and Junior gets a big takedown. Junior passes to side control and tries to get the crucifix and land elbows. The bell rings with Junior on top.

BJPENN.com scores round 2 10-9 for Junior Dos Santos

Round 3 – The crowd cheers as both men stand for the third. Junior and Hunt both swinging for the fences but both miss. Hunt lands a big jab and backs Junior up, Junior wisely moves and works the jab. Hunt looking for the left hook, Junior not pushing the offense now. Hunt lands another right and left hook, Junior returns with another huge overhand right, Hunt eats it. Hunt presses forward looking for something, Junior throws a combo that finishes with a head kick and it doesn’t land cleanly. They both feint and move about, then Junior lands a gigantic left hand that stumbles hunt. Hunt recovers and they square off again, Junior throws a devastating spinning heel kick, reminiscent of Vitor Belfort last week, and drops Hunt. Junior swarms hunt with a barrage of punches from the top and gets the KO.

Junior Dos Santos defeats Mark Hunt via KO 4:18 of round 3


Round 1 -It’s Time!! As Bruce Buffer brings the house down, both men touch gloves and it begins. Cain takes the center of the cage and shoots for a single leg that Bigfoot is able to stuff. Cain shoots again and Bigfoot able to thrawt the attempt. Both men feeling each other out at a distance, Bigfoot comes in with a left uppercut and Cain counters with a right perfectly and drops Bigfoot. Cain swarms Bigfoot with punches and finishes Bigfoot to retain his title.

Cain Velasquez defeats Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva via TKO 1:21 of round 1

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