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March 16, 2013 3:18 pm by Lynn R Mitchell

UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz goes down from Montreal’s Belle Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The long-awaited title fight between champion Georges St. Pierre an Nick Diaz headlines the pay-per-view portion of the card this evening.

We will be covering the event live giving readers a play-by-play recount of all the action as it unfolds right here. So if you cannot make the live event or the telecast tune in here to catch all the action!


Round 1 – Ricci misses with the right hook lands a high kick. Fletcher returns with a body kick of his own. Ricci throws a straight left.Gletcher throws 3 kicks and misses. Both fighters mixes it with the hands and the kicks. Ricci leads with the left jab. Ricci rings off a one tow. . Fletcher misses a few kicks. Total strikes landed Ricci 16 Fletcher 17. Ricci gets kick in the groins but they get back into a kickboxing match.Fletcher catches Ricci’s kick takes him to against the cage and throws a few body shots. First round bell breaks it up.

Round 2 – Ricci throws right hook and lands it. Fletcher a left kick and Ricci catches it and takes him down. Ricci passes his guard. Fletcher is in an akward upside down northsouth position. Ricci takes Fletchers back. They are on their knees against the cage. Fletcher’s bleeding from the face as the stand up from the cage. Mike opened up a cut from the ground and pound. Back to a kickboxing match in the middle of the cage. Ricci connects with a straight left. Fletcher throws high kicks. Fletcher spins and throws another body kick. Ricci is starting to stalk him. The crowd booing for the lack of action. At the end of the round Fletcher’s eye is closed.

Round 3 – Both fighters feel each other out. Fletcher grabs Ricci’s leg and takes him against the cage. Crowd booing for hugging against the cage. Fletcher attempts a guillotine. It’s a clinch game against the cage for the last min. Ricci spun out of the cage and they end up in the middle of the cage with their kickboxing match. Ricci connects with a straight left on the pipe. Fletcher is throwing blows and Ricci takes down Fletcher up against the cage. Forces Fletcer into half guard and connects a few punches. Takes his back gets both hooks in. Fletcher’s defending. Ricci got good back control with both hooks in switches into the arm bar. Fletcher ended on top – right at the bell.

Judges call: unanimous decision. Mike Ricci gets the nod.


Round 1 – Ring comes out with a couple leg kicks. Ring connects with a left set up by kicks. Camozzi swings wild with a lead in upper cut and misses. Ring connects with the leg kick again. Camozzi attempts a knee and misses. Camozzi connects with a straight upper left. Camozzi throws a 3 punch combo and connects. Camozzi sends a high kick and misses. Ring misses a high kick. Ring connects with a jab. Camozzi rushes in and Ring stops the connection. Camozzi connects with a straight left and cuts Rings eyes. Camozzi throws wild left and connects. Ring connects a right hook. Round ends with small nicks around both fighters eyes.

Round 2 – Ring come out with jabs and connects with leg kicks. Ring throws left and conncets to Camozzi’s jaw. Ring setting up leg kicks with jabs. Camozzi attempts a clinch and misses. Camozzi throws a big left, connects and attempts a guillotine. Ring gets out of it and goes forward. Camozzi attempts a spinning back kick. Ring keeps throwing jab and continues to kick the leg. Camozzi connects with a left knee. Camozzi gets bloodied up at the end of round 2.

Round 3 – Ring comes out with leg kicks again. Every time Camozzi comes forward he gets caught with leg kicks. Camozzi comes forward and connects with a left. Camozzi comes forward again and connects it. Camozzi comes forward but gets caught with a left. Both fighters clinch. Camozzi got a double under and drives Ring against the cage. Ring pummels out of the clinch. Ring connects with hard left and hard right hook. They exchange blows in the center of the cage with Ring attempting a takedown while Camozzi attempting a guillotine. Both unsuccessful they exchange blows again. Camozzi keeps throwing the one two and keeps coming forward. Camozzi ends the round with a knee.

Split decision: Chris Camozzi


Round 1 – Round starts with both fighters powering jabs. Marquardt connects a leg kick. Ellenberger throws a leg kick & fall but stands right up. Mardquardt rushes in. Ellenberger connects with a hard left. Elenberger throws an upper cut left hook combo. Marquardt’s got a lump on his left eye from the last exchange. Jake walks down Nate and drops him. Jake puts Nate out via left hook, right put Nate down and Jake swarms on Nate.

Jake Elenberger wins by KO


Round 1 – Buffer calls this bout the main event of the evening and introduces both fighters. The 1st round begins with Condit’s baby jabs. Hendricks throws power straight left and throws blows. Hendricks takes Condit down after a flurry. Hendricks throws left. Condit throws kick. Hendricks throws a flurry and takes Condit down. Condit looks for submissions from his back. Hendricks in full guard of Condit. Condit opens fueard to look for submission. Hendricks lets Condit up so they fight standing. Condit mixes it up with kicks and punches. Hendricks shoots in for a double and moves around to Condit’s back. Takes him down to the ground. They stand up and Carlos throws leg kicks. They throw flurries. . Condit takes Hendricks’ back with kimura control. Hendricks shakes him off. Hendricks ends the round with a take down.

Round 2 – Carlos comes out with a high kick, couple of jabs and a straight front kick. Exchanges are made. Condit takes punches. Hendricks looking for the haymaker. Henricks gets Condit against the cage and takes Condit down and falls into Condit’s half guard. Condit recovers full guard and uses cage to stand up. Hendricks throws left and connects. Exchanges are made. Hendricks takes Condit against cage and takes him down. Condit is bleeding and stands up. Hendricks continues to hug him against the cage. Condit throws hard knees to get Hendricks off him. Hendricks takes Condit down in the middle of the cage landing on Condit’s half guard. Scrambles and both fighters are standing again. Hendricks takes Condit down again against the cage as Condit throws elbows. Condit stands up. Hendricks drags him back down. They end up back on their feet as the bell rings.

Round 3 – Hendricks attempts a take down while Condit looks for the Kimura. Hendricks stays on top avoiding the Kimura throwing short elbows. Condit recovers full guard. Condit has the body triangle and looks for Kimura – releases it and they stand up. They exchange blows. Hendricks gets the take down against the cage. Both fighters exchange punches and elbows in the ground. They both stand up and Condit gets caught with a left hook. Condit throws kicks and punches. Hendricks takes Condit down as Condit throws the punches. Carlos looks for a finish with punches. Hendricks looks to take Condit down. Condit looks for kimura, stands up and throws knees. Looking to finish strong. The bell rings.

Unanimous Decision: Johny Hendricks


Round 1 – GSP starts with a leg kick and takes Diaz down. Diaz gets full guard. GSP throws elbows and body punches. George gets Nicks back. Nick gets out. GSP hip rides and punches. Nick gets on half guard then transitions to full guard. GSP hip rids as Diaz turtles up & stands through the cage. GSP throws punches as Nick turtles up. GSP drops Nick in the head as he still holding on to Nick’s hips. The bell rings.

Round 2 – Nick starts with a kick. GSP tries to high kick but fails. GSP takes down Nick and end up in Nick’s guard. Nick kicks GSP in the body and puts him back in the guard. GSP knees Nick in ribs while Nick is turtled up. Nick puts GSP back to guard and punches GSP. GSP hip rides. Both fighters stand and and exchange blows. Ending another round.

Round 3 – Nick came out talking while GSP threw jabs and connected. Nick gets GSP in full guard. GSP hip rides and Nick crawls to the cage as GSP hangs on to him. They stand up punches and kicks of Diaz connect. GSP gets some punches connected and grabs Nick’s leg to take him against the cage. The go in the middle of the cage Nick keeps throwing combos as GSP runs backwards. GSP takes Nick down. Nick gets guard. GSP hip rides til the end of the round – bleeding.

Round 4 – Both fighter start swinging. GSP fails a takedown. They exchange blows and GSP fails another take down. Nick keeps throwing punches. GSP tries to pin Nick against the cage. Nick knees his way out of it. GSP walks Nick down with Nick’s hand down. GSP takes down Nick while gets him in guard. GSP hip rides puts Nick against the cage and throws Nick down. GSP drags Nick against the cage and they end up with GSP hip riding Nick against the cage. Nick goes inverted guard as the round ends.

Round 5 – Nick throws combos as GSP attempts a take down. GSP knees Nick. Nick holds GSP against the cage. Knee exchanges between both fighters. GSP hip rides. Nick looks for kimura on the left arm. GSP hip rides and throws body punches and connects a knee. Both fighters stand up as Diaz gives GSP multiple body shots. GSP takes Nick down, Nick gets guard and they throw punches.

Unanimous Decision – GSP

Quick Results:

MAIN CARD: (Pay-per-view, 10 p.m. ET)
Champ Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz – for welterweight title: GSP via Unanimous Decision
Carlos Condit vs. Johny Hendricks: Johny Hendricks via Unanimous Decision
Jake Ellenberger vs. Nate Marquardt: Jake Ellenberger via knockout
Chris Camozzi vs. Nick Ring: Chris Camozzi via Split decision
Colin Fletcher vs. Mike Ricci: Mike Ricci via Unanimous decision

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