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November 17, 2012 5:16 pm by Sean McClure

UFC 154 is and off and running and Sean McClure is providing play by play for www.bjpenn.com


Antonio Carvalho vs Rodrigo Damm

Round 1

Carvalho has an incredible moustache. A touch of gloves and they circle. Huge right hand by Damm. Nothing happening. Exchange of leg kicks. Pawing jabs and more leg kicks. Damm’s leg looks nasty right above the knee. It’s already swollen and red. They are unloading leg kicks one after the other. Crowd is pouring on the boos because of lack of action. The round ends with some missed shots by both fighters. BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 Carvalho

Round 2

Leg kick by Carvalho. Damm lands a body kick. Carvalho ends up on the ground and Damm swarms him. Both fighter scramble to their feet. Leg kicks from both fighters again. Damm is finding his range. Carvalho throwing high and low kicks, mixing it up. Damm picking up the pace now. Nice flurries of big punches that connect for each fighter. BJPenn.com scores the fight 10-9 Damm

Round 3

Feeling out phase again. Damm is definitely the aggressor. Crowd is booing. Leg kicks again. Carvalho loses his mouthpiece. Rodrigo Damm lets his hands go and starts connecting finally. Carvalho’s nose is bleeding. Damm’s left leg looks like hamburger above the knee. Switch kick to the head by Damm. Sprints to the finish for both fighters, but nothing special happening now. Flying knee by Carvalho to end it. BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 Damm.

BJPenn.com scores the fight 29-28 for Rodrigo Damm. Awaiting the judges official decision.

Winner by split decision: Antonio Carvalho (29-28)(29-28)(28-29)

GSP vs. Condit hype video package plays

Bout 2

Sam Stout vs. John Makdessi

Round 1

Aggressive start from both fighters. Stout getting aggressive and stumbles. They are closing the distance with each punch thrown. Leg kick by Stout. Stout’s leg kicks are telegraphed and Makdessi is countering. Stout can’t find his range and can’t take Makdessi down. Makdessi has really effective head movement. Nothing significant landed, but BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 Stout.

Round 2

Both fighters are letting it go. Makdessi lands a strong counter that snaps Stout’s head back.
Stout pushing the pace. Stout almost gets his first takedown. Sam lands a head kick to no effect. Stout’s face is red from some solid strikes via Makdessi. Stout lands some shots of his own. Nice exchanges now. Sam Stout is constantly stalking Makdessi. Stout misses another takedown. BJPenn.com scores the bout 10-9 for Stout.

This is an extremely close fit and if it goes the distance it will most likely be a split decision.

Round 3

Makdessi getting peppered, but he lands a nice counter. Makdessi catches a leg kick from Stout and counters. Stout eats a nice right hand. Stout still pressing the action, but Makdessi is landing punches. More of the same and Stout is really closing the distance. Stout misses another takedown. BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 Makdessi.

BJPenn.com scores the fight 29-28 Stout.

The judges score the bout (30-27) (29-28) (30-27) for John Makdessi

Bout 3

Cyrille Diabate vs. Chad Griggs

Round 1

Griggs rushing in and forcing Diabate backwards. Diabate drops Griggs and gets in side control. Chad’s nose looks very broken. Griggs fights to his feet, but Diabate gets him back down and lands in side control. Some questionable knees to the head by Cyrille. Griggs gets top position, but he is back on the bottom. Diabate takes Chad’s back and submits Griggs via rear naked choke.

Diabate defeats Chad Griggs via submission at 2:24 of round one

Bout 4

Ivan Menjivar vs. Azamat Gashimov

Great head movement by Azamat. Menjivar lands a body shot. Azamat with an uppercut. Gashimov gets the takedown, but Ivan defends and almost secures an armbar. Gashimov going for what looks like an Ezekiel choke from the top. Menjivar secures a deep armbar and Azamat is forced to tap.

Ivan Menjivar defeats Azamat Gashimov via armbar submission at 2:46 of round one

Bout 5

Patrick Cote vs. Alessio Sakara

Round 1

Crowd chanting Cote. Both fighters swinging for the fences. Cote is laying it on Sakara and hurts him. Sakara blasts Cote with a standing elbow and continues his assault as Cote falls. Questionable shots by Alessio to the back of Cote’s head. It all started with a big left hook from Sakara. The referee steps in to save Cote from more damage. Replay shows 4 or 5 shots clearly to the back of Cote’s head.

Patrick Cote defeats Alessio Sakara by disqualification (illegal strikes to the back of the head) at 1:26 of round one

Bout 6

Mark Hominick vs. Pablo Garza

Garza swinging early. Hominck moving forward. Mark lands a leg kick. Garza using his significant reach advantage to neutralize Hominick’s offense. Hominick landing leg kicks. Garza content to counter. Hominick rocks Garza who is wobbly. Mark reverses a Garza takedown. Garza secures an armbar, but Hominick escapes. Hominick drops Garza with a body shot and almost finishes. Garza cuts Hominick up bad near the eye and Mark is having trouble seeing.

BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Hominick.

Round 2

Garza comes out wild. He is throwing with confidence and little respect for Hominick. Garza takes Mark down and ends up in his guard. Hominick trying to lock in multiple submissions, but Garza is having none of it. Pablo lands a few elbows from in the guard. Garza postures up and Mark eats some big punches. Mark is getting beaten up. Mark almost secures an omoplata. Pablo slowly grinding short punches and elbows from in Mark’s guard. The round ends with a bloody Mark Hominick slow to get up off his back. BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Garza.

Round 3

Mark starts the round by pressing the action. Garza playing it safe. Pablo with a huge takedown. More of the same punches and elbows from Garza in Hominick’s guard. Mark is attempting submissions, but none are really a threat to Pablo who shrugs them off. Hominick trying to survive. Pablo tags Mark with a big hammerfist. Hominick escapes, stuffs a takedown, and attempts to roll Garza in to a submission. Garza in half guard peppering Mark’s face. Another submission attempt by Hominick, Garza escapes and punches Mark for his efforts. BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Garza

BJPenn.com scores the fight 29-28 for Garza

The judges score the fight (29-27), (30-26), (29-28) for Pablo Garza

Bout 7

Mark Bocek vs. Rafael Dos Anjos

Bocek eats a Dos Anjos uppercut and they clinch on the fence. Back to the center of the Octagon and they reset. Feeling out process as they try to find range. Bocek presses Dos Anjos against the cage trying to secure a takedown. Dos Anjos defending well and lands two big knees to Mark’s head and chest. Back to the center again and they are finding range. Bocek slips on a kick and bounces back up. Bocek misses a takedown and Dos Anjos just misses with a flying knee. Mark again going for the takedown. Dos Anjos defending well. Dos Anjos lands a short elbow and a knee as the round ends. BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Dos Anjos.

Round 2

Bocek and Dos Anjos land solid punches. Bocek blasts Dos Anjos square in the cup. Dos Anjos recovers and gets a takedown as soon as the fight restarts. Bocek attempting an armbar. Dos Anjos sit square on his face. Dos Anjos stuffs another takedown from Bocek. Mark is bleeding from several places on his face. Dos Anjos still looks fresh, and Mark looks like he is getting tired. Rafael gets another takedown and takes Bocek’s back while landing some good shots. Bocek up, but Rafael gets him down again easily. More of the same with shots from the back. Both trade kicks as the round ends. BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Dos Anjos.

Round 3

Bocek the aggressor. Dos Anjos stuffs a takedown, and then another. Bocek trying another double leg takedown, but Dos Anjos makes him pay with shots from the clinch. Dos Anjos takes Bocek down, but Mark gets back up. Bocek moving forward and Dos Anjos countering. Rafael landing strikes and Mark drops down for another takedown. Dos Anjos gets the clinch and tries to land some knees. Both men swinging with power and another failed takedown from Mark. The round ends with the fighters tied up. BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Dos Anjos.

BJPenn.com scores the fight 30-27 for Rafael Dos Anjos

All three judges score the fight (30-27) for the winner Rafael Dos Anjos

Bout 8

Tom Lawlor vs. Francis Carmont

Round 1

Carmont measuring his distance and Lawlor closes in. Lawlor presses Francis against the cage. Tom can’t get Carmont down, but keeps Carmont at bay. The referee separates the fighters and I agree with Joe Rogan that it was unnecessary. Tom looking for a takedown and gets caught in a standing kimura attempt. Francis releases it and Tom presses him on the fence. Lawlor on the attack trying to land some shots. Carmont attempts a takedown and gets caught in a guillotine by Lawlor. Carmont gets out of the choke with 3 seconds left in the round. BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Carmont.

Round 2

Carmont starts with a leg kick. They lock up and Carmont lands a big knee to the body. Lawlor presses Francis against the fence. Tom lands a stiff jab. Big shots by Tom and an attempted takedown. Tom works and finally takes the taller Carmont down. Carmont gets back to his feet, but Lawlor takes him back down. Carmont attempts two submissions. Lawlor sweeps and secures a guillotine, but Carmont escapes with threeseconds left. BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Lawlor.

Round 3

Both fighters are finding range. Lawlor presses Carmont against the cage again and works for a takedown. The referee separates the two and they circle the cage. Lawlor presses forward and again he has Carmont against the cage. The rest of the round was more of the same. BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for Lawlor.

BJPenn.com scores the fight 29-28 for Lawlor.

The judges score the fight (29-28), (29-28), (28-29) for Francis Carmont

Bout 9

Johny Hendricks vs. Martin Kampmann

Round 1

Hendricks smiling as the round starts. Kampmann throwing kicks and Hendricks backs him up trying to land a bomb. Johny Hendricks flattens Martin with a huge combination ending in a big straight left. He follows up and punches him one more time before the referee stops the fight as Kampmann is out cold.

Johny Hendricks wins via KO at :46 of round one


UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre vs. UFC Interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit

Round 1

Both fighters circle and GSP looks tense. They exchange and GSP is the aggressor. Condit not afraid to exchange and GSP catches him with a big shot. GSP lands a takedown and ends up in Condit’s guard. Carlos attempts an armbar. GSP passes to half guard. GSP landing ground and pound. Carlos utilizing a high guard and eating ground and pound from GSP. Georges starting to get in a groove. Condit constantly looking to secure an armbar. Condit is bleeding from a cut near his right eye. BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for GSP

Round 2

Both men circling and looking for an opening. GSP lands a big shot. Condit looks gun shy. GSP is backing up as Condit attacks. GSP pushing the pace and countering nicely. GSP secures another takedown. Condit is bleeding from the cut even more. Condit attempts an armbar, but there is too much blood to hold on. Carlos is really bleeding profusely now. The round ends with Carlos smiling covered in blood. BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for GSP

Round 3

GSP landing leg kicks. Condit blasts GSP with a brutal head kick and drops him. Condit all over him and attempting to finish him. GSP is on his back but fights back up. GSP firing back and takes Carlos down. GSP has some swelling where the kick landed. GSP looks recovered now and landing ground and pound. Carlos is up – and taken back down. GSP passes to half guard and triangling the legs. BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for GSP despite the knockdown

Round 4

GSP aggressive again. The side of Georges’s head is swollen. GSP takes Condit down and temporarily gets side control. Condit works to half guard and finally to full guard. GSP pounding from the half guard. Condit looking for an armbar and then a triangle to no avail. Condit up and reverses a GSP takedown. Condit can’t take advantage and GSP gets him down again. This is an amazing fight. BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for GSP

Round 5

Both fighters look beaten up. GSP lands a superman punch and a leg kick. Condit’s ear looks cut now. Carlos lands a spinning reverse side kick to GSP’s stomach. GSP scores a takedown, but Condit is up quickly. GSP not afraid to exchange. Carlos trying to tee off. GSP landing shots and takes him down. St. Pierre in half guard. GSP gets Condit’s back and they scramble. Georges back in guard. The round ends with GSP dropping elbows. BJPenn.com scores the round 10-9 for GSP

BJPenn.com scores the fight 50-45 for Georges St. Pierre

The judges score the fight (49-46), (50-45), (50-45) for the winner and still UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre

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