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May 21, 2012 2:56 am by Jamie McAllister

Jamie McAllister
On last weeks episode Middleweights took centre stage with Thiago Bodao defeating Francisco Massaranduba. Team Belfort took back control of the competition and increased their lead to (6-1).

This weeks episode starts off by laying out some facts, Team Belfort has six spots in the four upcoming semifinal match-ups in comparison Team Wanderlei who have only one. This week marks the final fight of the opening round and it is the final Middleweight bout between Team Wanderlei’s Delson Heleno vs. Team Belfort’s Sergio Moraes.

Both Belfort & Wanderlei feel this bout will be an entertaining one and both fighters have good skills on the ground.

Next we learn about the backgrounds and lifestyles of both fighters. Delson Heleno also known as “Pe De Chumbo” discusses having to go out looking for wild fruits & vegetables as a child in order to eat. He also has eight siblings and took up Capoeira and jiu-jitsu at an early age. His girlfriend is his motivation and encouraged him to remain in the sport when he considered retirement.

Sergio Moraes started training at the age of fourteen. His focus on training and martial arts kept him away from a life of crime and drug use. He has worked as a bus driver and in the market in order to pay for his training and this is a work ethic his father instilled in him first to work last to leave. He also runs a project in his town which allows around 150 children to train for free and he notes Muhammad Ali as his inspiration.

Next we cut to the gym where this weeks special guest enters. UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva is here to talk to Team Wanderlei and discusses the importance of surrounding yourself with positive influences and good friends.

After he speaks with Team Wanderlei Anderson has a conversation with Wanderlei himself Anderson may have forgotten he’s wearing a microphone. Anderson labels Belfort a coward and discusses the importance of never moving backwards when facing Belfort, when he realises the world will hear the conversation he says it is not an insult to Belfort but a fact and laughs.

Anderson receives a Team Wanderlei shirt and jokes he thought he would not get one before he begins to train. Anderson begins with some pad work and the team are very impressed with his striking next he spars Macarrao who is a huge fan they enjoy a light spar and Anderson even pretends to be knocked out.

After the session Anderson tells them that it is important to remember it is a competition however it is important to remember they are also all here to work towards the same goals and keep it healthy. Before he leaves he feels the need to further add to the poster of Belfort that has already been vandalised. Anderson draws a love heart on Belfort as well as drawing a foot to symbolise the front kick he finished him with.

Next we move to the weigh-ins and both fighters make the Middleweight limit.

Fight Time : Delson “Pe De Chumbo” Heleno (23-6) vs. Sergio “Serginho” Moraes (6-1)


Heleno immediately takes control of the centre of the cage and Moraes keeps his distance, Moraes narrowly misses with a front kick and Heleno counters with a straight right. Both fighters clinch however neither fighter can take advantage of the situation before Moraes lands a knee to the groin and the fight is brought to a halt. At the restart neither man looks keen to engage Heleno throws a low kick which is caught by Moraes who gains the takedown, Heleno tries to work from his back giving up his neck in the process however Moraes can’t finish and Heleno tries to scramble and gives up his back and Moraes flattens him out and has full control with both hooks in. Heleno covers up and Moraes sneaks the right hand under the chin and locks up the rear-naked-choke.

Winner Sergio “Serginho” Moraes via RNC Round One.

Wanderlei and Anderson seem shocked by the result and Heleno is angry and embarrassed. On the other side of things Team Belfort celebrate and Sergio Moraes has picked up a big win and the team move to (7-1).

Wanderlei and Anderson try to keep spirits high within the team however in reality only one member remains in the competition. They realise they now must focus all attentions on Rony Jason to ensure he has the best possible chance as well as any fights that may come in their future.

The celebrations however would not last long, as the teams were now so unbalanced that they would now have to be reshuffled.

The coaches have a video conference with Dana White who emphasises that it is not a team sport and there can only be one winner, Belfort has the choice who to trade and who to keep but has no desire to trade any of his team as he values them all.

Belfort continues stalling and Dana says if he can’t choose then he will do it for him.

Belfort gets the team together afterwards and the changes are announced, Marcos Vinicius “Vina” Borges Pancini, Renee Forte and Delson “Pe de Chumbo” Heleno from Team Wanderlei who are eliminated will move to Team Belfort. Thiago “Bodao” de Oliveira Perpetuo, Sergio “Serginho” Moraes and Godofredo “Pepey” de Oliveira who all still remain in the competition move to Team Wanderlei.

It’s very emotional within Team Belfort as everyone says their goodbyes and there are well wishes and hugs within Team Wanderlei.

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