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January 15, 2013 6:30 am by Sean McClure

There are lots of things that suck in MMA. Here are the 7 most annoying things of the bunch.

Watching a Legend Lose Badly

It sucks. Every time a legend gets pummeled it just makes you feel bad deep down inside. We all know the moment is coming and that it’s only a matter of time before they get knocked out so bad they are never the same. Prime examples are Wanderlei Silva, Rich Franklin, and Chuck Liddell. Rich’s knockout at the hands of Cung Le was the first time he dropped like a rag doll and was out for that long. Franklin helped build the sport and is its greatest ambassador by most accounts. Endings like the Cung fight make us all cringe.

Watching a Fighter Get Busted for PED’s

Nothing leaves a bitter taste in your mouth like cheaters. Sean Sherk was the UFC Lightweight Champion at the time that he was outed as a cheater. Hermes Franca was an underground favorite and he got busted. Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana and we didn’t see him fight for what seemed like an eternity. They lose money and we lose the opportunity to see them fight for typically a year. Stop breaking the rules guys.

Nut Shots

If you’ve been unlucky enough to get kicked square in the giblets then you could imagine what it must be like when an elite athlete elite kicks you in the groin. Not only does this have to hurt, but it stops the action. It gives a tired fighter time to recover and sometimes comeback. When this type of thing happens every guy in the room cringes and an uncomfortable beer break occurs until someone screams that the fight is back on. Metal cups please. Metal. cups.

Lost Mouthpieces

This is the one that kills me. Blood and sweat all over the floor and a guy loses his mouthpiece. The ref halts the action, picks the bloody, sweaty mouthpiece back up and replaces it in the fighter’s mouth. Not only does this prompt a mass nausea based groan throughout your group of friends, but it also can give a fighter a momentum shift if they were on the run or being pressured. Tether those things please.


MMA judges may very well be the best example of an athletics based box of chocolates. You never know what and who you’re going to get seated in those chairs with scorecards. Some of the most puzzling judging comes in fights where the scores are 30-27, 29-28, and 26-30. That happened, trust me. There needs to be a standard and fast. One that will help corral these ridiculously wrong scores that are plaguing MMA. These days a fight means more than it ever has and these guys can ruin your career with one pen to paper. I guess they’re right. Never leave it in the judges hands.

Steve Mazzagatti

Believe it or not this guy said he wanted to make groin shots legal. In addition to his ridiculous wishes to sterilize fighters by soccer kick to the sack – he also sucks as a referee according to Dana White and the rest of the known universe. His track record speaks for itself. I mean come on. If a fight can be incorrectly stopped, stood up, and officiated poorly in general this guy can do it. Because of his uncanny ability to mess up every fight he referees he definitely made this list with ease.

Steven Seagal

Cling-on. This guy has emerged from the swamps of B-movieville and right in to my shiny HD screen at home. I understand that Anderson Silva supports Seagal’s claims. I understand that a delusional Seagal really believes he is responsible for Anderson’s success. To make matters worse, Ariel Helwani patronizes the guy and feigns being upset if someone speaks ill of him. Steven Seagal is a movie star who has legit credentials in a martial art that has never been the dominant aspect of an MMA fighter’s skill set. I will take this back when Joe Rogan screams, “WOW! Look at that Aikido he just used to win a fight”.

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