"Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey" Preliminary Card Results & Recap | Kaufmann Earns #1 Contender Spot

March 3, 2012 6:44 pm by Pedro Carrasco

“Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey” goes down tonight on Showtime. The preliminary card just culminated and the featured bout on the Showtime Extreme portion of tonights broadcast delivered as promised.

In the end it was Sarah Kaufman who took out Alex Davis to likely earn her spot as the Strikeforce bantamweight number one contender to tonight’s main event winner.

In tonight’s main event Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate throw down for the female bantamweight title currently held my the champion, Miesha Tate.

Here are your full recap and results:

Ryan Couture vs. Conor Heun:

The first round opens and immediately it’s Couture who is dancing around the cage using footwork to come in and out with low kicks and a jab. Heun maintains in the center of the cage until Couture gets aggressive and pushes him back. They clinch and Heun goes for the takedown but Couture wins the clinch game and lands numerous knees while pushing his opponent against the fence. The return to the center and its more footwork from Couture like in the opening. With 1.5 minutes in the round Heun gets the takedown but Couture ties him up, Heun elevates and slams him but somewhere in the exchange gets cut and Ryan gets back to his feet. Once up Heun takes it right back to the ground, he maintains top position briefly before Couture gets back up with 30-seconds left on the clock. Even with the takedowns you gotta give the round to Couture who damaged Heun’s face with effective striking and sent him back to his corner bloodied and swollen.

The second opens up and Heun again takes the center of the cage but couture employs the same exact gameplan and dances around his opponent just like in the first. Heun gets a takedown one-minute into the round but Couture pops right back up. 30 seconds later Heun gets another takedown but Couture again ties up the arm looking for a sweep. Heun maintains top position and gets to guard, a brief scramble and Couture gets back to his feet but leaves his neck out and Heun hangs on with a center choke that he doesn’t get. In this active grappling exchange Couture gets a takedown of his own, transitions to his back but Heun escapes back to his feet with one-minute left. The clock winds down and Couture takes him down again and stays in top position until the round concludes. This round is tougher to call, if I’m forced to choose I’d give Couture the edge again.

Third round opens just like the other two, Heun in the center, Couture dancing around. One-minute in and Conor gets the fight to the mat, the two scramble and Couture gets on top and transitions to mount. One thing is for sure, this fight would be loved by all grappling fans… midway through the final Couture takes the back of Heun, rides it out with hooks in and pounds Heun in the face until the ref is forced to stop it.
Final Result: Ryan Couture def. Conor Heun via TKO (Ground And Pound) Round 3, 2:52

Caros Fodor vs. Pat Healy:
These two waste no time getting to the action. Fodor comes out with heavy strikes and forces Healy to go for the takedown, but he is unsuccessful. One-minute into the round and Healy has his back against the cage while the two clinch. Healy quickly reverses positions and pushes Fodor against the cage. Little action at this point as the two jockey for position. Fodor lands a hard right that briefly stuns Pat, the clinch and Fodor gets the takedown and has Healy pressed against the cage. Working from half guard Fodor throwing elbows and punches but staying conservative with the ground assault. Two-minutes left and Fodor still has top control. Healy uses a backdoor escape while in a scramble, grabs the ankle and takes Fodor down immediately upon getting back up and works some ground and pound from top position. Healy stays heavy on top and Pat closes out the round while on top and throwing punches. Hard round to score, but you have to give it to Healy for the last half of the round; he does however walk back to his corner with a nasty cut on the bridge of his nose.

Second rounds open and the two engage in striking, Healy takes the center and Fodor uses footwork to stay on the outside. One-minute in and Healy shoots in for the takedown and they clinch against the cage while Healy still works for a single leg takedown, Fodor defends well, but can’t get Pat off of him. Midway through the round and after working for 1.5 minutes Pat finally gets Fodor’s back on the mat against the fence. After a lengthy scramble Healy still remains on top and is just grinding this guy down with superior wrestling and grappling position. Healy eventually passes and works his way to side control, then mount and starts throwing punches with 20 seconds left on the clock. Fodor shrugs him off and Pat ends the round while in half guard throwing punches until the bell sounds. Easy round for Healy.

The two come out in the third with another quick striking exchange. Forty-seconds in and Healy grabs another single leg takedown and executes. He immediately goes to full mount and he is throwing punches and elbows right on Fodor’s face. Healy loses mount but midway through the round he is still on top and throwing punches to the face. Two minutes left and Healy goes for an arm triangle but loses it. Fodor grabs a leg from the bottom in desperation but Pat remains on top and grabs another side choke forcing Fodor to tap out.
Final Result: Pat Healy def. Caros Fodor via submission (arm triangle) Round 3, 3:35

Roger Bowling vs. Brandon Saling:
Bowling immediately takes the center of the cage and starts it off with kicks. 30-seconds in and Bowling shoots in. They clinch briefly and the two just start throwing big shots at each other’s. It’s an entertaining exchange and the two are just swinging for the fences. Saling gets the best of the exchange Bowling back up and shoots in for another takedown. He doesn’t get it and the start throwing hard once more, Saling again gets the better of the exchange and drops Bowling but he gets back up.

This is entertaining.

Bowling again goes for the takedown, completes it, transitions to a mounted crucifix and works some light ground and pound with 1.5 minutes left in the round. Bowling throwing big shots and busts a cut open on the forehead of Saling, still in the crucifix with 20 seconds left. Bowling transitions to the mount where he ends the round.

In the opening of the second, Bowling uses footwork to back his opponent up, walks him into the cage and takes him down once more. Goes straight to the crucifix and just starts pounding away once again from this position. Saling has no answer and the ref steps in and stops it.
Final Result: Roger Bowling def. Brandon Saling via TKO (Ground and Pound from Mounted Crucifix) Round 2, 1:15

Alexis Davis vs. Sarah Kaufman:
The two women open it up looking to steal the show and they are both throwing heavy shots. Both in the pocket right in the center and they are throwing hard. Kaufman stays in there and stuns Davis, they then break up and Kaufman goes for the clinch and pushes Davis against the cage. 1-minute in and they return to the center of the cage. This is a brawl but Kaufman is winning the exchanges. Davis is red and bloody with three-minutes left. Midway through the round the ref halts the action and has the doctors come in to check out the cut on Davis, they let her continue, swollen and bloody. They continue to blast each other in the face for the next full minute and Kaufman then clinches and pushes Davis back against the fence. One-minute left and Davis escapes the clinch and returns to striking but she is slowing down and Sarah still blasts her in the face, blood is everywhere and now Kaufman is also cut and dropping blood. Unreal round, they end it standing and trading and go back to their corner covered in blood. The crowd goes nuts.

The second round resumes where it left off and the two just start trading big shots over and over. Two minutes in and the pace slows, the two clinch against the fence and they trade positions a few times while exchanging knee strikes. Halfway through the round they return to the center of the cage and are content to trade, but again the pace has slowed slightly. I can sum up the rest of the round with just two words… “slug-fest.” It’s been non-stop action.

Rinse, wash and repeat… The two ladies open up the third in the same exact fashion, bloodied and throwing big shots in the center of the cage. With three-minutes and thirty seconds left in the final round the two still continue to slug it out. At the three-minute mark, Davis attempts the first takedown of the fight and lands straight into side control. Kaufman covers up while Davis lands short shots from top. Kaufman trying to escape but Davis staying heavy. Kaufman is able to sweep and reverse position briefly but Davis reverses again and goes straight back to side mount where she pounds away. They scramble but Davis maintains position throughout and that’s where the fight ends.
Final Result: Sarah Kaufman def. Alexis Davis via majority decision (29-29, 29-28,29-28)


PRELIMINARY CARD: (Showtime Extreme)
Sarah Kaufman def. Alexis Davis via majority decision (29-29, 29-28,29-28)
Roger Bowling def. Brandon Saling via TKO (Ground and Pound from Mounted Crucifix) Round 2, 1:15
Pat Healy def. Caros Fodor via submission (arm triangle) Round 3, 3:35
Ryan Couture def. Conor Heun via TKO (Ground And Pound) Round 3, 2:52

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