"Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey" Main Card Results & Recap | New Champ Crowned, Rousey Gets The Armbar Round 1

March 3, 2012 9:22 pm by Pedro Carrasco

“Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey” has come and gone. In the end it was Ronda Rousey who took out the champ, Miesha Tate and proved why she is the number one female bantamweight in the world.

Here are your full recap and results:

Bristol Marunde vs. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza:
The first fight on the main card opens up with both fighters feeling each other out on the feet. One minute in and only one significant strike has landed and it was former champ, Jacare, who caught his opponent.  Jacare is keeping the center of the cage and with three minutes left he takes Marunde’s back, forces him to the mat and with one hook in tries to take advantage of the position. He can’t sink in the choke so he settles for punches from the back, still just keeping one-hook in and sitting on top. The ref halts the action because he says Jacare was landing some shots to the back of the head. The two start back on their feet, Marunde rushes in with punches but is countered with a big right hand and he gets dropped hard to the mat. Jacare jumps on top of him and goes for a choke that doesn’t find a home. Marunde stands back up but Jacare takes his back once again and drags him back down. 30 seconds left in the round and Marunde stands back up, but Jacare keeps ahold of him and they clinch until the round concludes. Easy round for the former champ.

The two touch gloves to start the second and Marunde comes forward with punches once again, but they miss their mark. Jacare lands a combination that ends with a spinning back kick to the face and the crowd goes wild, but Marunde stays standing. They clinch, Jacare takes him down, takes the back but Marunde works his way right back up. Midway through the fight and the action slows greatly. The two go straight back to the feel out phase. 1.5 minutes left and still nothing of note to comment on. The two are still pacing themselves. One minute left and Jacare gets a bit more aggressive, mixing in kicks and punches well but Marunde is unfazed. With 12 seconds left Marunde gets overly aggressive with his punches; Jacare changes levels and takes him down. The fights ends on the mat and the two head back to their corners. Another round for the Brazilian.

To open the third Marunde goes straight to punches but again, Jacare changes levels and within the first 10-seconds gets his opponent down on the ground. While working from half guard Jacare edges his opponent to the fence and looks to unload some ground and pound, which he does, but not with any real damage delivered. Three minutes left in the fight and Marunde works his way back to his feet but gets instantly taken back down where Jacare takes his back and works from there.  Marunde gets his back on the mat but Jacare grabs an arm triangle and forces his opponent to tap.
Final Result: Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza def. Bristol Marunde via submission (arm triangle) Round 3, 2:43

Lumumba Sayers vs. Scott Smith:
A touch of gloves starts off the fight, Sayers the aggressor early, Smith looking to counter but her gets taken down. A brief scramble for position and Sayers lets Smith back up. They trade for a few seconds and Sayers goes right back to the takedown, lands in side control, works position and during a scramble catches Scott’s neck and chokes him out with a guillotine.
Final Result: Lumumba Sayers def. Scott Smith via submission (guillotine choke) Round 1, 1:34

Paul Daley vs. Kazuo Misaki:
This fight opens up with a two-minute feeling out process, not much action, but at the three-minute mark, Daley throws a low kick and it’s caught. Misaki uses it to take him down but after a brief scramble her gets back to his feet. Two minutes in and they trade strikes but nothing of real note. Misaki the aggressor but Daley staying patient looking to counter. Misaki catches Daley with a hard right and follows it up with a flurry that Paul blocks his way through. With 45 seconds left in the round Paul takes down his opponent and lands inside Misaki’s guard. Paul postures up and lands some big shots, but Misaki grabs a leg at the buzzer and reverses position to end the round.

Round two and Daley has to regain some ground. Misaki takes the center of the cage and Paul looking to counter. Paul pushes him back and his stance has lowered a bit. He clinches with Misaki but the Japanese fighter goes for a judo throw that gets Paul off balance briefly. They release and return to the center. The trade but Paul lands a hard left, Misaki still stands. Misaki is beating Daley to the punch; he seems to be too fast and good enough to Keep Paul uncomfortable on the feet. We reach the midway point and Paul grabs a single leg and takes him down. From within Misaki’s guard he does nothing, just throwing short body punches, an elbow here and there. Paul postures up and lands a big right, Misaki turns over and Paul takes his back, sinks the hooks but gets reversed and is now working from his back with Misaki in guard. At the 20 second mark the ref stands them up for inactivity. The two men trade big shots and Paul ends the round with a big combo that misses. Gotta give the edge to Paul in this round, so far I have it 1-1.

Daley aggressive to open up the third, he is throwing big power and backing his opponent up, but unfortunately for the Brit, nothing is landing.  One-minute in and Paul takes him down once again. Working from guard Paul reverts back to the body punches but nothing of real note to comment on. Wait… Paul lands an elbow and Misaki is bleeding heavily, like really heavily and the ref halts the action so the doctors can look at it. The doc lets them continue and they start back on their feet. At the midway point Daley goes for another takedown but Misaki shrugs it off. They resort to trading but nothing much lands, Misaki is bloody though, Bloody, with a capitol “B”. Daley backing up and Misaki the aggressor, but Paul doing a good job countering, at this point Misaki’s nose looks broken too. One-minute left and Daley takes him down again, but Misaki pops right back up. It’s a bloodbath in the cage. 20-seconds left and Paul shoots for another takedown, it’s shrugged off and the round ends. It’s a tough fight to call, the first round an obvious win for Misaki, the third for Daley, the second was close.
Final Result: Kazuo Misaki def. Paul Daley via split-decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

K.J. Noons vs. Josh Thomson:
The two touch gloves and get the fight started right away. A brief exchange and Thomson lands a solid flying front kick right on the chin but it doesn’t faze Noons.  One minute in and too much action to call, these two are staying pretty active. It’s a technical stand up fight so far and we are down to the three minute mark. At the three minute mark Thomson shoots for a single, they battle for position but Josh executes and gets him down. Noons working his way back up, crawls to the cage, but Josh sucks his legs back down.  Two minutes left and josh is still on top, no offense, just working for position and the crowd boo’s.  Noons doing well at keeping Thomson off balance, but Josh is relentless and staying on top. One-minute left and the two continue to battle for position. Josh finally gets KJ flattened out with 30-seconds left and able to land some short shots to the face. The horn sounds and it’s Thomson’s round.

Second round starts and Noons takes the center. He is looking to get aggressive and make up the first round. Thomson throws a high kick, slips and KJ jumps on top of him. Thomson quickly transitions and reverses position, KJ gets up to his feet but Josh doesn’t let go. They clinch against the cage and Thomson gets the takedown once again. The two again battle for position on the ground, KJ is good defensively, but Josh is winning the battle for position. KJ gives up the battle and puts Josh in his guard. Josh trying to stay active but KJ doing a good job of controlling posture. The ref stands them back up and they go at it on the feet. KJ gets cut in an exchange but he is still pushing forward. One minute left in the round and Josh looks tired, HE shoots for another takedown and gets it and it’s more of the same, a battle for position. The horn sounds with Thomson on top. It’s another round for josh.

KJ opens the third pushing Thomson back and trying to stay aggressive. Josh works a trip while KJ comes in and Thomson lands on top and goes straight to an arm triangle. It is really tight but KJ survives and gives up his back. Josh sinks one hook in and stays on the back of Noons. Three minutes left in the fight and it’s a battle for position once again. Josh rolls him over and gets the mount, they scramble and Noons regains a half guard. Midway through the round and Thomson landing some elbows, hammer fists and finally mounting the offense he was looking for in the prior two rounds. With one minute left Thomson remains in top position and landing well placed ground and pound.  KJ is bloodied up and the third will end just like the first two, Thomson on top.
Final Result: Josh Thomson def. K.J. Noons via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Miesha Tate vs. Ronda Rousey:
No touch of gloves to start this fight, bad blood pouring out from the start. Miesha Tate comes out swinging, but Ronda grabs her, throws her and moves to side control once on the ground. Ronda winning the positional battle and goes for the armbar, Tate fighting through it and recovers, winds up on top and takes the back of Rousey. Ronda stands back up and they go back to the ground. Tate still has her back, but Ronda is crawling out. She stands back up but Tate is not letting go of the back. Ronda works position gets her off the back and stands up, leaving Tate on her back. Tate stands up, they clinch and Ronda winning the clinch, works a trip and gets it. They both stand up and engage in the striking game.  Ronda grabs her and hip tosses Tate back to the mat. She transitions to side control and gets the mount, pounds away and Tate gives up her back. Ronda pounding from the back and goes for another armbar. She extends it but Tate fighting, it looks broken, Tate taps and we have a new champion. Tate remains on the ground as the doctors tend to what is likely a broken arm.
Final Result: Ronda Rousey def. Miesha Tate via submission (armbar) Round 1, 4:27 to become the new Female bantamweight champion.


MAIN CARD: (Showtime)
Ronda Rousey def. Miesha Tate via submission (armbar) Round 1, 4:27  to become the new Female bantamweight champion.
Josh Thomson def. K.J. Noons via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Kazuo Misaki def. Paul Daley via split-decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Lumumba Sayers def. Scott Smith via submission (guillotine choke) Round 1, 1:34
Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza def. Bristol Marunde via submission (arm triangle) Round 3, 2:43

(Showtime Extreme)
Sarah Kaufman def. Alexis Davis via majority decision (29-29, 29-28,29-28)
Roger Bowling def. Brandon Saling via TKO (Ground and Pound from Mounted Crucifix) Round 2, 1:15
Pat Healy def. Caros Fodor via submission (arm triangle) Round 3, 3:35
Ryan Couture def. Conor Heun via TKO (Ground And Pound) Round 3, 2:52

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