Just Scrap Radio | BJ Penn gives UFC 145 fight picks and talks retirement: “I’m just enjoying life” but still “training for fun”

April 18, 2012 1:24 pm by Micah Hinchliffe


So with the first episode of Just Scrap Radio finally out we all got to hear from two legends of the sport BJ Penn and Jens Pulver reminisce on their early fighting days. In the final 20 minutes of the episode BJ talks about coaching on The Ultimate Fighter 5 and his jealousy of Jens at the time, while Jens states how he felt intimidated and always looked up to BJ. Here’s some of the best quotes from the interview:

Jens: “Speaking of humbling…Hey how was coaching on The Ultimate Fighter Season Five?” (laughs)

BJ: (laughs) “Oh how did I like it?…I like it, it was good, it was busy though…you know what if I could go back and I had another shot to do it, all I would tell the guys is ‘Hey everyone here, I know you guys know what to do, you guys have made it this far you have your special things you like to do, just let me know if you need anything.’ Thats all I’d say.”

BJ: “I remember at that time, I was always stand off-ish to you too you know…because I mean to tell you the truth I was jealous, you kicked my butt, I wanted my revenge–” (Jens interrupts then tells BJ to carry on, at which point BJ tells Jens to go ahead)

Jens: “I was just gonna say it’s funny that you say that. I was sitting there going dude, this kid is unreal, he’s phenomenal… I always just felt smaller then the name, then you… It’s just humbling being next to this kid, he’s a phenomenal athlete, he’s attitude towards fighting, I wish I could pay some one to give me…I looked up to ya, I wish I had half of the mindset that you had, and that was extrememly humbling and intimidating for me…That was always the truth man.”

Towards the end of the interview after BJ has joked about Jens not making enough time to see him when he last came to Hawaii, Jens can’t help but ask the question that everyone wants answered:

Jens: “What’s next for BJ Penn?”

BJ: (Takes a deep breath before answering)  “…As of now you know, I’m just gonna be hanging out and taking it easy. You know, Dana, we had a talk. He talked to me up here in Sweden, it was quick we were at the UFC, you know he was asking me a lot of questions and a lot of things. He actually called me a few months ago trying to see if he could get me back in the cage on some different occasions and I said no nows not the time and as far as that I’m just sticking to it, taking it easy…I’m just enjoying life. I’m sitting here getting ready to open a UFC gym in Waikiki, just training the guys and I’ve just been training for fun and I’ve got no pressure on myself.”

“You know it’s a tough question, every time I answer the question maybe it bums people out, especially the fans that wanna see me fight, you know so it’s always a tough question to answer. As of right now I’m just taking it easy”

“I bet you know how this feels when you’ve ever taken some time off, you know, I like the feeling of not having to be forced to go in there and get punched in the face (laughs) you know how that feels when its day in and day out. I’m enjoying living a normal life right now”

Following the talk of BJ’s retirement, BJ, always the fight fan as well as the fighter, quickly changes the tone as he brings up UFC 145: Jones vs Evans this weekend:

BJ: “On another note, who’ve you got this weekend, how do you see this fight unfolding?”

Jens: “You know what? I love Jones, I’m a Bones Jones fanatic, I think he’s just a phenomenal young style, I just like the guy. And Rashad, I think he’s great, he definitely has a big punch, he can hurt ya, he doesn’t wrestle as much to get into the striking, but I think he’s really gonna have to bring that wrestler back to beat Bones. I mean I just love the style of Bones, you?”

BJ: “I think you hit the nail on the head, I think the fight lies on whether Rashad can get this fight to the ground, if he can get the fight to the ground he’ll have a better chance if he can’t or if he ends up on his back or if he ends up on his feet I think thats gonna be favoring John Jones.”

And with that, the two legends part ways and the first of many episodes on Just Scrap Radio comes to a close:

Jens: “Talk about history and past and present and future, that was BJ Penn man, I love that kid, what an animal, what a phenomenal athlete, what a great guy… here on Just Scrap Radio we’ll be back again next Tuesday with many more people to come, crazy interviews, we’re gonna have a lot of fun…”

Check out the full audio on page 2.

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