Four Things You Love to Hate About Internet MMA Fans

November 19, 2012 8:59 am by Sean McClure

One of the dangers of surfing the internet in search of MMA news is happening across unsavory forum posts. I admit I used to frequent these misguided outlets of free speech. That did not last long.

It would amaze me, and still does, what some of the posters would come up with in defense of, or the bashing of mma athletes. The creativity factor was so great in what their minds could concoct as real fact that you could almost see them inking Hollywood scripts. Alas, you read on and discover that their first post in the thread was intellectually all they had, because after their opinion it became a flaming war of “you’re dumb, “no, you’re dumber’, and spiraled in to “Yo mama” jokes from there. My favorite was a thread where a “Doctor” analyzed Shogun Rua’s footwork in his loss to Jon Jones, and was able to diagnose a specific knee problem from the footage. Shogun lost. Get over it fan boys.

With that being said, here are four of the things you love to hate about internet forum threads.

Completely discredit a fighter because of one loss

When a fighter loses they are “exposed” according to most internet experts, and by experts I mean forum dwelling trolls. When Rich Franklin lost to the greatest fighter of all time Anderson Silva he instantly sucked. The only two people Rich Franklin has lost to at 185 pounds are Cung Le and Anderson Silva. To say that he was exposed in any way is ridiculous. There are hundreds of examples, but you get the point.

Assume every fighter who is injured is cycling off of some banned substance

This is one of my least favorites. With all of the injuries that a fighter can sustain during often intense preparations for a fight it is not surprising when they do get injured. Granted, I think they have a responsibility to stay healthy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand that stuff happens. Shane Carwin is the best of the most recent examples. Carwin is a huge guy and according to most experts, and by experts I mean not experts, he is obviously trying to cycle off a performance enhancing drug because he is out of his fight with Roy Nelson. I will say that it was interesting that he was able to predict a return date of February almost immediately after he announced was injured. I in no way think that Shane needed time to get drugs out of his system and remind everyone that the UFC follows up on stuff like this. Speculation and uneducated opinions- along with the deviously, light-hearted, and humorous nature of friend Roy Nelson – have caused fans to question Carwin’s integrity. Come on…

Assume every fighter who is injured is ducking an opponent

Let’s take Brian Stann for example. Stann is a monster and a solid fighter in the Octagon. He can hang with the best of them and is a threat to anyone at 185 pounds. When you take a decorated war hero who faced live fire, harsh conditions, and showed unwavering courage in the face of extreme adversity and toss it out because he had to pull out of a fight – you’re insane. Brian suffered a shoulder injury before his fight with the highly touted and hyped Hector Lombard. Instantly there were rumors of Stann being afraid of Lombard and this was his best way out to save face. Let me say this, I would rather fight Lombard than Michael Bisping. Michael has a way of winning fights when it counts. The only people he has lost to in the UFC are Chael Sonnen, Wanderlei Silva, Dan Henderson, and Rashad Evans. He has been in the UFC since the UFC 66 event and is a survivor. You can’t tell me you would risk a big paycheck by choosing to fight Michael Bisping over Hector Lombard. As I said before that’s insane.

Consider every PPV as the downfall of the UFC

Let’s be honest there have been some events that were stinkers for the UFC when it comes to pay per views, but the UFC is consistently putting out better content and producing quality fighters by whatever behind the scenes matchmaking process they are using. They produce main event match-ups that are worth the pay per view price alone. Chael Sonnen versus Anderson Silva, Chuck Liddell versus Tito II, GSP versus Matt Hughes, and BJ Penn vs. Nick Diaz to name a few. These are just a handfull of examples because there are many, many more that delivered. It is a common practice to bash Dana White on any decision he makes regarding booking, business ventures, changes to anything related to the UFC, and his comments about just about anything. The bottom line is that the UFC has produced enough quality events to do whatever they want and still get it right or as close to great as possible. Internet fans are trashing his selection of Chael Sonnen as the next opponent for Jon Jones. I guarantee it sells like hot cakes and fans will ultimately be happy.

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