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August 15, 2013 1:45 pm by Jake Chastain



This week the UFC will head to Boston for the launch of its new home on FOX Sports 1 for UFC Fight Night 26: Sonnen vs. Shogun. The card is stacked with premiere talent and it should be an explosive night of stellar fights. Participating on the card is longtime UFC scrapper, “The Immortal” Matt Brown. Matt will be taking on Mike Pyle in a welterweight scrap in which Brown will be searching for his sixth consecutive win. “The Immortal” was kind enough to take some time out of his fight-week preparations to join our crew over at BJPenn.com’s Late Night Cage Side Radio to discuss his upcoming brawl with Mike Pyle. Here are some of the highlights from that interview:

Matt Brown was originally signed on to fight Thiago “Pitbull” Silva on the upcoming UFC Fight Night 26 card in Boston, but Silva suffered an injury while training for the fight and was forced to pull out of the bout. In steps Mike Pyle, who is also riding a nice winning streak with 4 consecutive victories etched into the script. When asked what differences Brown had to make in training after switching his opponents he replied, “Mainly just taller sparring partners, I guess. You know, Thiago’s short, Pyle’s tall.”

He was then asked which of the two opponents he found more intriguing of a matchup, Pyle or Silva. Brown answered, “They’re both really tough guys that present different puzzles, different problems. So they’re both pretty intriguing matchups. I guess I’ve never really thought about that question.”

Brown has had his ups and downs throughout his UFC career but he is currently on a tear that many people are considering enough to place him in the title hunt. With 5 consecutive victories in a row in the world’s largest MMA arena, some people are asking why this is not a number one contender fight for Brown. When asked how he felt about the situation he stated, “I honestly don’t really know. I just do what I do, try to focus on myself and focus on performing the best that I can and all that stuff is out of my control. It’s just something I don’t really concentrate on.”

The fact that Brown is always an entertaining fighter is probably one of the reasons the UFC decided to have him fight on its debut show on FOX Sports 1. Brown, however, is not viewing this fight any differently just because it is a huge deal on the media and television side of the MMA scope.

“I’m viewing it as just another fight. I didn’t really realize how big it was going to be until I started doing all these interviews this week and everybody keeps talking about it,” he explained. “I guess it’s gonna be a pretty big deal, huh?”

Matt Brown always gets a pretty good booking on each fight card because of the style he brings and the tenacity that shows through his bouts. He was talking about how Dana White likes to put him on the leadoff bout of the main card because he knows that after watching Brown fight the fans will stick around to watch more.

Brown explained,  “Dana told me after my last fight, ‘that’s why we put you on first,’ and I said, ‘well, how about next fight you put me on last?’ That where I want to be.”

When asked if that was indeed his ultimate goal, a UFC title shot, he replied, “Yeah, that’s what I get up every day for. That’s what I work so hard every day for.”

He was then asked what makes him so exciting and fun to watch. Matt couldn’t really pinpoint an answer but explained, “I don’t really watch my own fights that much. To me I’m just getting in there and doing what I do. I don’t really know much about my own fights, to be honest with you. When I’m watching them I’m dissecting what I do wrong and what to fix. I don’t know, I just go in and fight. I don’t think about making it exciting or going crazy or anything. I’m just looking for a fight.”

Anthony Pettis recently stated that most champions change their style of fighting and become point-fighters after they get the belt. Brown was asked if he felt the same way. He answered,

“I’ve never been the UFC Champion so I don’t know what it’s like to be in that situation. So, you know, I can’t really judge them. I don’t know, Anderson always fought…reckless, I guess you could say, dropping his hands and everything. He paid for it finally but he fought like that a lot, knocked a lot of guys out. Cain doesn’t seem to fight that way, Aldo doesn’t seem to fight that way. I think GSP is the only one that seems to fight that way. And like, Henderson, he really seems to pushes the pace and he fights hard as hell, he just fights all tough guys that are tough matchups and doesn’t seem to finish them. I don’t think I would agree with that. Most of them are fighting hard it’s just, other than GSP. It might just be more a matter of having tough opponents.”

He was also asked to comment on the hot topic of fighter pay. Brown, who is always exciting and has won several Fight Night bonuses for his performances, replied,

“I don’t know other people’s situations so I don’t know why they would say what they say about it but, for me, I’ve been happy with my compensation. I guess for other guys they should try another job and see if performance based pay is any different in another job they do. You know? Performance based pay is not a new concept.”

Brown is also a fairly new father to twins and was asked if having children and becoming a father has changed his outlook or desire to compete in MMA. He stated,

“It did at first. I think it might have had a negative effect on me at first. I use to feel like I have to win this fight, I have to do it for my kids, blah, blah, blah. And now I look at it more as I don’t have to win for them. Whether I have a job in the UFC or if I’m working at some factory, I’m gonna make sure they eat every day and they’re taken care of.”

“There’s no way that having kids cannot effect whatever business you’re in,” he continued. “It definitely changes a lot but I think it just took me some time to adjust.”

The conversation then shifted back to his preparation for his upcoming bout with Mike Plye on August 17th. Brown was asked to comment on where he’s been training and how he feels with his fight camp.

“I’ve been up in Colorado living at high elevation in the mountains, going down to Denver, training with Team Elevation fight team, and we have a ton of good guys, man,” he explained.“Everything has been really good up here in the high elevation, up in the mountains being nice and relaxed, and just busting my ass as hard as I can.”

Brown has been a true testament to how MMA can change lives. He was asked to comment on the sport has transformed him from his troubled past. He replied, “MMA was the perfect tool to turn my life around.”

“If it weren’t for MMA I still would have turned my life around, still would have been doing more positive things, but at the same time there’s more lessons you can learn from fighting, and wrestling, and boxing, and all the different combat sports. There’s more you could learn from that than anything else in the world.”

He was then asked who he thought was going to win on Saturday’s card between Joe Lauzon and Michael Johnson, and if he thought he would be competing against Joe for any of the bonus money awards.

“I’m gonna definitely be pulling for Joe,” he said, “but I’m going to try to keep that bonus on my side though.”

He was then asked that if he wins this fight against Pyle at UFC Fight Night 26 in Boston what he wants next.  Brown stated, “I’d just like to see my family, really. That’s the important thing. All this fighting stuff is a blast and it’s what I do for a living but I want to see my family. But I’ll worry about all that stuff later. Even if I win it’s going to depend on how I win, you know what I mean? There’s just so much that goes into it. I just want to go home and chill and take care of some stuff around the house, be with my family and enjoy my life a little bit.”

Brown was then asked to give his prediction on how he thinks the fight is going to play out and what kind of fight Pyle was going to be looking for. He replied, “It’s hard to say, man. I don’t know what kind of plan he’s looking for. I could see him looking to stand with me, I could see him looking to take me down. It doesn’t really matter, He’s got to worry about what I’m going to do. I’m not really as concerned about what he’s going to do.”

“You never know what to expect. I could break my leg on the way to the cage Saturday. You never know. But I definitely anticipate being the best that I can be and that’s all that I can ask for from myself.”

All of us here at BJPenn.com would like to thank Matt Brown for taking the time to talk about his anticipated fight with Mike Pyle at UFC Fight Night 26 on August 17th in Boston. We wish him the very best of luck and look forward to watching him go to battle with Pyle.

To listen to the entire interview with Matt Brown on BJPenn.com’s Late Night Cage Side Radio click here.

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