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November 21, 2013 11:57 am by Raquel Pennington

Now the battle of the teammates except on team Rousey this time.

Anthony vs. Davey.

I thought this fight would have been a great match up. You have Davey who is just a beast at 135lb. Very solid, strong, smart, and fast. Then you have Anthony who is a spas, in a good way. He is fast, keeps moving, and pushes through, has great cardio and of course hasn’t fought in weeks like the rest of us, so he should have been well rested.

While the guys were working on preparing for fights and working on their weight cut, Team Rousey coaches came by one evening and had an Armenian BBQ. Along with the BBQ and mental break it was also Jessamyn’s birthday so it was like having a great mental break, getting the chance to really know the other teams coaches outside of the fight face and having some fun in celebration of a birthday.

They made chicken, and beef and we all just ate. The girls in the house made Jessamyn and birthday cake so we all sang happy birthday, enjoyed a small piece of cake and then everyone hung out and just talked. Ronda got crafty with the shirts and started making everyone a tie shirt in all different designs.

For the guys done fighting they had some drinks and everyone just really let loose. After the coaches left we had planned out the best we could a little surprise for Jessamyn. Shayna dressed up in her magician suit and started to do a trick while Jessamyn was told to sit in a chair with her eyes closed. Everyone had confetti hidden in their hands and Josh and Anthony dressed as strippers with a little bow tie, Speedos and a hat on.

Shayna told a story and her trick led into the guys coming out the door dancing all over Jessamyn while we threw the confetti and made beats for them to dance to. Talk about some good laughs, it was a good time. Then we all unwound and hung out by the fire for a few to end the night.

I think that Team Rousey had it planned out the fight well so there would be no tensions on the team, by having the coaches sit aside and letting the fighters select their own corner team. It avoided a lot, compared to the struggles and emotions that team Tate went through with Sarah and Julianna.

That evening at the house Anthony and I chose to cut weight together in the hot tub.

Everyone went and hung out to keep us company.

The whole time we were in the hot tub Anthony was still chugging water and kept spending long periods of time with only his legs in the water. Shayna was timing us. Anthony did have a great sweat going on after an hour in the hot tub we called it good and weighed in. Anthony was sitting at 143 ish so we figured he would float some throughout the night and wake up lighter and cut the last few pounds.

Crazy part is when he woke up he was 145 so obviously after everyone went to bed he was up drinking and eating. When we asked he said he stayed up drinking and having fruit because he was so thirsty.

Back at the gym it was team Rousey who went into a panic with him making weight. I remember Ronda making comments about Miesha being a bad coach because she wasn’t on her fighters (Cody) about making weight and was laughing about the idea of being able to blame Miesha for Cody not doing his job but now the tables turned and she was in Miesha shoes.

At weigh-ins Davey was very disciplined and made weight at 135.5, Anthony was at 140. They gave him an hour to lose the 4lbs. Everyone had faith in him and his coaches were right by his side trying to push him and he literally just broke and gave up.

It was crazy because it felt like he was completely ok with his choice. He didn’t have any seconds thoughts about trying and he started rehydrating again, took a shower and went and waited in the kitchen at the gym.

The Team Rousey’s coaches were furious; they had nothing whatsoever to say good about him.

Manny wanted to whoop his butt it was just insane!

Davey was very emotional about the situation because he truly wanted to earn his spot in the finale not have a free ride.

Emotions ran high, I went into the Kitchen and talked to Anthony for about 20 minutes and asked him why he quit and he couldn’t even answer it. He just said he gave up and he knows it wasn’t a good choice, that he doesn’t deserve to be at TUF. It was hard to even be positive with him knowing he still had time to make-weight and he threw it down the drain, but I did the best I could.

Obstacles get in everyone’s path, he made his choice and he needs to live with it and he has to learn to forgive himself and never let this happen again. Go home, get his head right and get back into training. Hopefully other things will come his way and maybe this was meant to happen to him to open his eyes and show him the disciplines of a pro athlete.

Things need to be taken more serious and in the hard times that’s when you truly find out if you’re a champion and where your heart is at, because you either dig deep and push through or you quit.

I think Dana was just in disbelief that this happened twice in one season and especially with him since he already had a free pass to the semi finals.

Ronda told us she was cutting weight over night to prove a point that it’s all heart. Hasn’t been preparing for a weight cut or nothing, she was going to show that in 24 hrs anything was possible with heart. I thought it was pretty cool of her to do that.

After all the nonsense we had an evening where all the pressure was off the fighters and was on the coaches for the coaches challenge.

We went to the Mandalay bay where they had the challenge of Rock climbing.

The whole way to Mandalay Bay everyone was trying to guess where we were going and what the challenge could possibly be. I think Miesha was nervous, she was getting pep talks from the other coaches on team Tate and all us athletes were trying to motivate her.

Ronda was already in the middle of her weight cut. The winning coach won $10,000 and everyone on their team got an extra $1,500 so I think for one, both coaches didn’t want to let down their team and then with the insane rivalry between Miesha and Ronda neither wanted to lose.

When the challenge started both coaches were neck and neck the whole way up the wall, the part the caught Miesha was where the wall went into a small angle and Ronda won by an arm’s length.

It was fun to watch them challenge one another and just cheer them on, but then once again Ronda went with flipping Miesha off and talking crap the whole way down from the top.

Before we left Mandalay Dana had the Doc meet us there where he took me in a back room and removed my stitches for my fight with Jessica. They wanted me to fight with the stitches in given I only had them in for 7 days and the stitches would help keep the cut closed but I didn’t fell comfortable with that idea.

Now to try to continue to heal my body and prepare for this fight the best I could. 10 days between my fights. This challenge is not easy.

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