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May 13, 2013 1:12 pm by Kinch

Recent Strikeforce import and MMA veteran Josh Thomson was featured on the latest episode of BJPenn.com Radio earlier this week where he gave an official response to Nate Diaz, claiming that it was Diaz himself that made noises during the fight. Thomson also gave us some updates on his recent surgeries, what he is looking for next in the UFC, and of course, more about Diaz.

Thomson appeared on the show only a few hours after leaving the operating room, telling Pedro and George, “I just got out this afternoon, I had my knee scoped, I had a torn meniscus so I had that cleaned up and I had some bone fragments in my elbow, so I got those taken out as well. I did double service today.” When the guys asked Josh how he thinks the procedures went, Thomson went on to say, “Yea you know with the knee it’s just a quick scope, so I can walk around already, but my elbow is a little tender so we’ll see how long that one takes. There’s not much tissue around the elbow so you kind of have to be careful with it the first week or two. But I’ll be out able to take it out of the sling by tomorrow after my check up. So you know just a couple of minor things. I am feeling healthy now so I want all of the little minor things that are nagging me get taken care of before they get worse.”

When asked about what he thought of the accusations that Nate Diaz was shooting off in his infamous appearance on BJPenn.com Radio, Thomson seemed to let it roll off his shoulder, stating, “It’s kind of surprising because a lot of people tell me when he does interviews he doesn’t talk all that much, so the guy’s got capitalize on the moment when he could. So it was great, I’m glad the guys talking about it, but I didn’t get a chance to listen to or read a lot of it. People were sending me tidbits of what he said, I think he said something about me making girly noises when I fight, and that the fight was stopped too early. So it is what it is, the fight’s over. Obviously he is upset, but I came over to the UFC to fight guys in the UFC, to fight guys that lead to a chance to get to the UFC title.”

Josh went on to discuss the Strikeforce and UFC fighter match-ups and what he would like to see in his future, Thomson told BJPenn.com, “Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind fighting Gilbert again because I felt like the last fight was unsettled. Outside of Gil, I have already beat Pat Healy, I already beat K.J. Noons, those are guys that I already fought and could have fought in Strikeforce. I am back in the UFC again, I am looking forward to fighting the guys that everyone has always talked about me fighting, and that’s great. I want to fight the guys that will give me the fastest way to the title. If that’s Gil, then that’s Gil, if not then I want to fight the guys in the UFC.”

“The only hard part I think the UFC is going to have could be that he (Khabib Nurmagomedov) trains with us at AKA and Gray Maynard trains with me at AKA, so it’s the three of us that are all at AKA. From what I understand all three of us are in the top ten, so it’s going to make it kind of hard down the road. Obviously I’m not really interested in fighting Gray, and that’s kind of the next match up going into the title shot. There is plenty of match ups with the UFC lightweight division being so stacked, you’ve got Pettis, you’ve got Cerrone, you’ve got Jim Miller, you’ve got plenty of guys. Like I said there is plenty of great match ups that I want to see.”

In response to Diaz campaigning for a rematch with Thomson, and the claims that the AKA fighter was ‘scared shitless,’ Josh replied with, “Whatever dude. I have never turned a fight down, if the UFC says ‘hey we want you to fight Nate again,’ then I’ll fight Nate again. But I am not going to go out there and ask for a rematch against a guy that I didn’t just squeak out a victory against, I finished. It’s just kind of pointless; it is what it is, if he wants to fight again later on down the road, I guess when he works his way back up. I don’t want to sound ‘douchey ‘about it but that’s kind of what it is. I am looking for one step closer to getting to the title, that’s why when I asked the UFC, Joe Silva and Dana gave me that chance against him. I capitalized on my chance and now I want to move on to somebody else that is going to give me that title shot. So whoever they are going to match me up against, I am not going to go backwards, I am going to go forwards. Why go two steps backward while you’re trying to go one step forward? It’s not going to happen.”

“That being said I’m just focused on who’s next for me and getting healthy again, and getting back in there and fighting for the title. That’s something that really eluded me, the title shot, when I felt I actually was the number 1 guy in the world. I feel like it slipped out of my hands, I never got a chance to fight for it, given the circumstances I’m back in the UFC, now I’m here and it’s back at my fingertips again so I’m not going to get caught up in all the banter and trash talking. Right now I am focused on getting my body healthy and making sure that I get a title shot. If I get that title, man it’s something different, it’s something that no one will ever be able to take away from me. I was the Strikeforce title holder, and once you’re a champion, you’re a champion, when you walk the halls; everyone is always going to call you a champion. It’s just something in my mind that makes me feel good that I got that one chance that I never got before. It’s a whole different step, you can take care of your family a lot better and do all the things you wanted to do for your family, and there is things in my life that I want to do with my family. To win that title is a big step for me and my family.”

In conclusion George and Pedro asked Thomson if he has a timetable for a full recovery following his surgeries and what the rehab will consist of, Josh told BJPenn.com, “I’m not really sure, I am already up and walking around so the knee really isn’t an issue. I’ve talked to Gray, he had it done last year and he’s like, ‘yea in three weeks I was running around, lifting a little bit and riding the bike,’ and I’m already walking around right now. For the first week I’ll probably have to be real careful with it, start doing some therapy on it, lifting on it and getting more strength. My elbow is what my doctor was concerned about; he said for 2-3 weeks I probably won’t want to punch with it because it’s the impact that is going to hurt it the most. Other than that, I’ve trained before where I couldn’t use kicks or not being able to use my right hand. So I’ll hopefully be back to training next week or the week after, getting back in the flow like throwing kicks to the bag or doing light mitt work. Just being careful and getting in there and mixing it up a little.”

Check out Josh Thomson’s official response to Nate Diaz here.

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