EXCLUSIVE (Part 2) | Eddie Bravo On His Passion For Music And Family

November 7, 2013 12:37 pm by Daneul Summers

Eddie Bravo took some time with BJPenn.com’s Late Night Cage Side Radio last Monday to talk about his passions outside of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, including his band Smoke Serpent, his one year old son, and how he balances his busy life.

Late Night Cage Side Radio’s hosts Kinch and Sean McClure caught Eddie on his way to teach a class at his gym in West Hollywood at 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, but when he’s not “teaching people how to strangle each other” he is in the studio making music and sharing it with the world.

He is currently in the final stages of finishing a new song and has plans on releasing it in about two weeks.

He recently released his new single “The Temple When The Sun Hits” which can be found now at soundcloud.com/eddie-bravo. He has plans to release a new single once a month for the next 6-10 months.

Eddie’s been working with DJ’s and engineers such as Mr. Denizen, Matt Horter, and Hayden Hughes, and has been working with Danny Loner of Nine Inch Nails for the past few years editing different tracks, creating remixes, and writing original tracks.

Eddie was asked if he eventually wanted to become some big record selling artist. He said, “That was the goal my whole life. I thought that you were supposed to not be satisfied, and as soon as you were satisfied with where you were at your creativity dies. I thought it was the key to success, I thought it was the formula. Never be satisfied, stay hungry, and your creative power will remain strong, but I don’t look at my music like that anymore.” He said, “Obviously, it would be amazing if I had the same kind of respect in the music industry as I do with Jiu-Jitsu. I don’t even have a goal with my music, I just want to keep making music, keep putting it out for free, and do it for the love of it.”

We asked Eddie if given the opportunity would he ever take the show on the road. He said he would never hit the road with Smoke Serpent unless there was a big enough demand. “I will not go on the road and struggle” he said.

“I’m satisfied with where I’m at.” He said, “My music is out there and anybody on the planet can listen to it. Do I need 10,000 people to like my music or just 10 people who really like my stuff and can’t wait for me to put a new single on soundcloud? There are people out there that like my music, and I’m making it for them, I’m not making it for anybody else, I’m making my music just for them.”

Eddie was asked about the bands unique name and what inspired it. “Sounds like a stoner name right?” Eddie laughed, “It’s not that at all. It’s an ancient Mayan thing. There was this ritual where they would cut their dicks… and they would soak up the penis blood with some certain kind of paper, then they would light that paper on fire, that’s soaked with penis blood.. and they thought you could talk to your ancestors through the smoke.” Eddie continued as our radio hosts cracked up, “Like you would see a serpent, and maybe that serpent represented God or the source or whatever you want to call it… and through the smoke of this burning penis blood, you could talk to the dead. I thought it was pretty fucking cool”, said Eddie, “and thought ‘That’s the name of my band’”.

Eddie is blessed to have a one and a half-year old son. He touched on how he balances his busy career with being the best dad he can be. “Since I had my son a year and a half ago man, I haven’t had time for anything, I really don’t have any friends.” He said, “I mean I really don’t hang out with anybody. I wake up, hang out with my son, read him some books, go teach class… come straight back. Hang out with him for another three hours while mom runs errands and goes to the gym…then go teach another class.” said Eddie. “Everything has taken a back seat, even my music. I’m constantly working on my music, but not like I used to.”

Eddie talked enthusiastically about sound cloud.com and how much he loves being able to share his music with anyone willing to listen. He has a rather large following on soundcloud.com with some 1300 followers and growing. Go check out Eddie Bravo and Smoke Serpent at soundcloud.com/eddie-bravo.

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