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April 26, 2013 10:11 am by Chase Raymond

The veteran voice of the octagon Bruce Buffer joined the guy’s this past Monday night on Late Night Cageside powered by bjpenn.com. Bruce has been around the UFC and MMA for a long time and has written a book about his personal life, MMA, and the fighters of UFC that will be released sometime in May. The book is title “It’s Time: my 360-degree view of the UFC.”

It’s hard to find a sports fan that doesn’t know one of the two Buffers, Bruce or Michael. The thing many people don’t know is how and when two of the greatest sports announcers in history figured out they were even related.

“Well you know in a nut shell, Michael and I of course are brothers, most people don’t realize were half brothers, we have the same father. The thing is though Michael and I didn’t even meet each other until I was in my 30’s and he was in his 40’s.” said Bruce. “I was watching boxing in 1987 and it was around the time when Tyson was getting huge, and this man walked out and was a very handsome man, a pretty boy actually with the last name Buffer saying let’s get ready to rum… ble. I have to be careful or I’ll actually take money from my right pocket and put it in my left pocket. I just got butterflies in my stomach and after a year and a half of investigation and people coming up to me asking if it was my brother I basically asked my dad. He said six words that changed my life… I think that is your brother.”

It wasn’t only the fact that Bruce got to now have a brother in his life he never knew about, and grow a relationship with him, but they became business partners and right away were a force in the business world.

“I wound up selling two businesses that I was very successful in and was living in a wonderful beach house in California. I gave up everything and with the money in the bank and a dream of trade marking properly those five words, making toys, and video games and my brother as rich as he was make him richer and more famous then he could ever dream. We became partners and I became his manager and the rest is history.” Said Bruce Buffer.

Trade marking the phrase “Let’s get ready to rumble” was groundbreaking and just trade marking words in general was very new to most people. How did Bruce think he could make money off of trade marking and does he plan on trade marking his own phrases is something Bruce talks openly and in depth in his book about.

Bruce Buffer said “ Back Then the only reference points I had, if you might remember these were Where’s the Beef, or when Pat Riley and the Lakers won back to back championships was Three Peat. I read where Pat Riley made like a million and a half dollars off of trade marking and making T-shirts and everything. It dawned on me that no one was doing anything with the Rumble phrase and I had an epiphany and I decided to go forward and Michael had already trademarked it but it hadn’t been trademarked specifically enough to protect it fully and that was my job as his manager and his partner. I set out to make it the most famous phrase in the world and I wanted to make it part of American culture on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

He did make it part of the American sports culture but not only that, it was also a ground breaking trademark procedure that cemented the case study in American culture forever. “I learned about five years ago that the case study of what Michael and I did with that phrase is actually part of the case study in trademark law and other major Universities. I wouldn’t say that we pioneered the trade marking process but I think that we brought it to the forefront where people really realized that if you have an intellectual property that’s marketable then you have to go for it.” Said Buffer.

As far as his own phrase “It’s Time” Bruce said he did not set out to be phrase driven. Bruce did not want to be a copycat of Michael or be like a “Frank Sinatra Jr”. He says the phrase it’s time has just organically grown amongst the MMA fans, and he’s ok with that and now enjoys the fact.

This is just part 1 and a very small part of his 40 plus minute interview with Late Night Cageside. To hear the interview in it’s entirety then click here and forward the player to around 45 min to go in the show.

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