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August 1, 2013 2:58 pm by Jake Chastain


This week our boys Kinch and Chase Raymond put on another amazing show on BJPenn.com’s Late Night Cage Side Radio. One of this week’s guests was longtime UFC fan-favorite and welterweight contender, Martin “Hitman” Kampmann. Kampmann is currently preparing for his upcoming bout with Carlos Condit on August 28th at UFC Fight Night 27 and he was kind enough to talk about that bout, his preparations for the fight, and a few other relevant MMA topics currently swirling around the wire. Here are some of the highlights from BJPenn.com’s Late Night Cage Side Radio interview with Martin Kampmann:

He was first asked how this fight with Condit, which is a rematch from 2009, came about and if it was a fight that he was looking for. He replied,

“I was asking for that fight. I wanted to fight Condit or I wanted to fight Diaz. Those are the two guys I was asking for and calling out and I think Joe Silva thought that the Condit fight was a great idea so I’m looking forward to it.”

Kampmann, who defeated Condit back in 2009 by spit-decision, was then asked if preparations for this fight have changed from the last time he fought Condit and if so, what he has changed and how.

“Even though I fought him before he’s a dangerous, you know? He throws awkward combinations and he throws unorthodox stuff so I definitely have some tall, lanky guys I’ve been going with that have been really good at mimicking his style and giving me a good look. So I’m glad I have some good guys work with that can give me that style.”

The topic then shifted as Kampmann was asked to recollect on a near-career ending injury back in 2007-2008. Kampmann was scheduled to meet Rich Franklin in a number one contender bout in the middleweight division but was forced out of the fight due to a horrific knee injury that sidelined him for about a year. He explained how much the injury affected him and what it took to come back from such a turn of events:

“It was the worst injury I’ve ever had, by far, in my life and I was out for a very long time,” Kampmann said.  “I was really depressed, you know, thinking about if I was ever going to fight again because I tore my knee really bad. I tore my ACL, I tore my LCL, I tore some of the muscle, torn off the bone so they had to put that back in place and then the meniscus was torn so, I fucked it up pretty good and, you know, it took a long time before it was back. Even when I was back fighting, I fought 13 months after it happened but it still was not 100% and that stuff just takes years before you get the confidence back in your knee, you know?”

Kampmann was then asked to comment on how his weight was looking and how much he usually walks around at. He replied, “190 is my normal weight. If I slack a little on the training and get up to 95, but 190 is my normal weight.”

Kinch then steered the conversation back to the upcoming fight with Condit and asked him if he thought this fight might go to a decision.

“Nah man, we got five rounds to finish that shit and I’m going for the finish,” Kampmann sternly replied. “I’ll finish Carlos Condit.”

On that note Kampmann was asked to comment on the judging, or lack thereof, in MMA. His past has been plagued with horrible judging and it has literally cost him two fights that most fans thoroughly feel that he won (Diego Sanchez and Jake Shields). Kampmann had lots to say about the inconsistency of judging in MMA:

“Sometimes when the fight goes to decision they seem to go with the poster-boy,” Kampmann honestly explained. “Diego, with the whole Ultimate Fighter thing going on, Jake Shields coming over from Strikeforce, so I think if they’re in doubt they go with the guy that supposed to win.”

“I think there’s been so much bad judging, just at this last event, you see judges that have it 30-27 for one guy and the other judge has it 30-27 for the other guy. It just goes to show, some of them don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. It’s too bad because they’re fucking with the lives of the fighters, you know? I think we need more judges that are former fighters or have past experiences in the cage because it’s obviously not working right now.”

“I think definitely the scoring system is not, you know, 10-9, they never seem to give anybody a 10-8 round. You almost have to kill the other guy. Even if you knock the other guy down or almost finish him, they don’t really score it 10-8 anyway. You pretty have to kill the guy, and they’ll make it to the next round before they’ll give it a 10-8 round.  So I think they need to use the 10-8 rounds more or they need to change it up. This scoring system was built for boxing where they have 12 rounds. When you have only three rounds you could be killing the guy one round and they you have two close rounds and then, you know, it just doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for 3 rounds. It might work for boxing, obviously it doesn’t work great for boxing either because we see a lot of weird decision there as well, but it definitely doesn’t work for MMA.”

“I think you should get rewarded for trying to get the finish.”

Martin, who is a top competitor in the UFC welterweight division, was also asked what he thought about last weekend’s UFC on FOX 8 co-main event between Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger.

“I thought it was boring,” he said. “Nothing really happened. Rory was content to just jab himself to victory.”

He continued, “Rory fought very smart because Jake does have a lot of power and he’s dangerous but it just made for a very boring fight.”

Kampmann then stated that he knows that he and Condit’s fight will not put the fans to sleep like MacDonald and Ellenberger did.

“I don’t think it’s a problem for me or Condit. We come to fight every time and we come for the finish every time.”

Kampmann has been at the top of the UFC competition his entire career but has yet to fight for a title. Each time he climbs through the rankings he seems to drop a loss to another top opponent, which slips him back down to the middle of the contention heap. He talked about how he felt about never receiving a title shot in the UFC and why that might be.

“I’ve had some opportunities where I’ve failed,” he explained, “and those are my own mistakes but every time I’ve failed it’s plain to see for me to succeed in the future I’m feeling ready to do well right now, I feel really well and focused and I’m going to show that when I come to fight in August. But, you know, some guys have some hype behind them and that helps but I’m taking the hard road, I think. I’ve fought a lot of tough guys in the UFC but I’ve beaten some tough guys too. I’ll get my shot too but I just have to work my way back up for it.”

Kampmann also commented on the threat that Johny Hendricks poses to current welterweight kingpin, GSP, in their upcoming November title fight.

“For sure he’s a threat. If you don’t think anybody is a threat then you’re probably going to have a bad night,” Kampmann explained. “He’s definitely got the power to hurt GSP but I think GSP is going to fight him smart from the outside.”

“I think [GSP] is going to fight him cautious and fight him smart but if he makes a mistake and Hendricks catches him with one of those bombs he can definitely hurt him.”

Another hot topic right night in the MMA circles is the pay, or lack thereof, that fighters receive for their performances. Kampmann was asked what his opinion on the matter was and he stated that he didn’t really have a lot to say about it other than, “When you perform you get paid.”

“I’m not complaining because fighting in the UFC gives me an opportunity to live. Fighting use to be a hobby of mine,” “Now I’m making a living doing my hobby.”

Kampman was then asked if he felt Condit was going to be a different fighter than the first time they met and if so, what he could expect.

 “I’m sure he’s gotten better. I’ve gotten a lot better since then and I’m sure he has too.”

“He’s good man,” Kampmann said of Condit.  “I enjoy watching him fight. He’s one of the guys I like to watch fight because there is no quit in him. He comes in there to fight and I like that, I like to watch that and that’s what’s going to make this a good fight.”

He was then asked if he felt a win over Condit on August 28th warranted him a title shot and what he felt he deserved if he topple the “Natural Born Killer”:

“I want to fight the top guys in the division. That’s why I wanted to fight Condit.”

“I would love to fight Hendricks again,” he continued. “Of course I would like to fight GSP as well because he’s considered one of the all-time greats in welterweight so I’d love to get a chance to fight GSP as well. But nothing is sweeter than revenge so that would be pretty nice to fight Hendricks again as well. But I’ll fight either one of those guys.”

To close the conversation the boys in shop asked Kampmann to give them his prediction for the upcoming main-event fight against Condit at the end of August. He replied, “I see me getting the finish and getting the win. That’s what I see, and it’s going to be a hell of a fight. I’m coming in to finish him.”

“August 28th we’re gonna come in there and scrap, but I’m going to walk away with the finish. I’m going to walk away as the winner.”

Kampmann will meet Carlos Condit in the main-event of UFC Fight Night 27 on August 28th in Indianapolis. We would like to thank Martin for taking the time out of his schedule to discuss his upcoming bout with all the fans here at BJPenn.com and we wish him the best of luck in his fight with Condit at the end of the month.

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