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April 5, 2013 10:37 am by Christopher Murphy

Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal talked with BJPenn.com Radio Wednesday night about a number of topics, ranging from his recent fights to his pro wrestling career.  But given all that has happened in the last few days, the conversation inevitably turned to the controversy being stirred up between Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre following UFC 158.

King Mo, who is no stranger to drama outside of the cage given his well-documented beef with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, offered an honest outsider perspective on the post-UFC 158 drama.

“I don’t really know,” he said, “I don’t really care, as far as MMA is concerned I don’t really keep up with the internet, there’s just so much going on.  But GSP’s been champion at 170 for so long, I really doubt that he’s cheated, but who knows?  He’s made 170 for years, so why cheat now?… At the same time… you never know!  If I were Diaz I’d do the same thing.  I think the way he’s doing it is right, if you feel you were wronged.  I can’t tell a man how to feel.  If that’s how he feels, he should go ahead and speak out instead of wait [until] 8 months later… If you can do it now, while it’s still fresh, go ahead and do it.  To me it’s not a scandal, a scandal is like if he weighed in at like 180, and he lied to the public that he weighed in at 170.  That’s a scandal to me.  But one decimal, I don’t know.  I’m pretty sure there’s more to it than what we’re seeing now.  But until then, I really don’t know what’s going.  I hope Nick gets what he wants, I hope GSP gets what he wants.  I know someone is going to be very unhappy with this, so it is what it is.”

When told about the video of a UFC official explaining an off-the-record weight allowance, Lawal did admit that something seemed afoul.  “Ok, that’s different,” he agree.  “At the same time, maybe it’s stadium rules.  I don’t really know.  That’s up to the UFC and everybody else to decide.  Really, why change the rules now?  Who knows?  Diaz and them are smart, they’re on top of their… Somebody’s wrong, and I don’t know who it is.”

On the topic of MMA drama and controversy, Lawal was asked what he thought about a potential fight with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, given the long-standing beef the two shared while they fought in separate organizations.  With Rampage soon to leave the UFC, he stands a good chance of signing with Bellator if he chooses to continue his MMA career.  Even though King Mo and Rampage did come to terms, the match-up could prove to be an exciting fight.

“I don’t know, he wanted it,” King Mo said, “but really it’s whatever, man.  Me and Rampage are cool, but if he wants to fight me and it makes sense, OK.  It’s whatever.  It’s like this, if we’re in a tournament or if you’re willing to fight me, I’ll fight you.  That’s how I see it.  I ain’t turning nobody down, regardless of who it is, because if they’re willing to fight me then they’re willing to sign up in the tournament.  I just want to see Rampage make his money and be happy.  If he wants to fight me, I’ll fight him.  If he don’t want to, hey, I’ll train with you.  To me, I like the dude, no problem with him.  He’s a vet, a pioneer for a lot of the black fighters as well.  He’s a good dude, we’re cool now.  He’s smart.”

On a final note about the UFC, Mo was asked what he thought about the popular bias toward the UFC.  In most MMA rankings, and indeed in public opinion worldwide, the consensus seems to be that the UFC champions are ranked at the very top of their respective weight-classes.  In typical King Mo style, however, he could care less about what the crowds think.

“No, it’s irrelevant… It’s like the entire United States believed at one point that black people weren’t smart.  You know what I’m saying?  Everyone can believe what they want to believe.  I know what’s true, I’ve competed at the highest level, I know that organization means nothing.  That’s like saying to be the WBO champ is more than being the WBC champ in boxing.  So it’s not about what organization you’re in, it’s about who you are and your style.  Styles make fights.  You can get a guy that’s not known, put him against a person that’s known, and he may have the right style to defeat that person.  So I know that the average fan will not know because they don’t compete, or they never did compete, they’re just listening to what Joe Rogan and everybody says.  Like, ‘Wow, this guy was a 2-time state champion in Maine or Mississippi, he’s a world-class wrestler.’  But guess what?  They believe that s***.  ‘Wow, he was a Gold Glove, he has high-level boxing, he was a Gold Glove champion in Delaware.’  Well he may be a Gold Glove champ in Delaware, but that doesn’t me he’s a high-level boxer.  It is what it is, it’s all marketing.  The world believes that the best fighters are there [the UFC], and that’s for them to think.  I don’t care what the world thinks, I just care what my family thinks and what I think.”

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