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July 10, 2013 1:03 pm by Jake Chastain


BJPenn.com’s Chase Raymond and Kinch, hosts of the weekly radio show Late Night Cage Side, invited Bellator Fight Master coach and former featherweight champion, Joe Warren, onto this week’s episode. Mr. Warren came onto the airwaves and shared some time and thoughts with all the fans here at BJPenn.com as he discussed the new Bellator reality show, the aftermath of UFC 162, and his upcoming fight on September 7th on the Fight Master Finale event. Here are some of the highlights from Warren’s interview with Late Night Cage Side Radio:

He was first asked if he was enjoying his role as a coach on the new Bellator reality show, Fight Master.

“It’s nice to get paid to not get punched,” he responded. “It was a lot of fun to do and I’m really comfortable behind the camera and I always assumed there was something there for me.”

Warren also talked about what it was like to work with the legendary trio of Randy Couture, Greg Jackson, and Frank Shamrock throughout the course of the show. Warren explained that he was enjoying the process and really felt that they were all working together very well.

“I think the chemistry was awesome and so far so good,” he explained. “You can’t say anything bad about those guys. I mean, their brains are like encyclopedias of knowledge for MMA. It was awesome to be up there with them I just believe all of our styles were different. I’m still a younger style.”

“Those guys were legends. I still believe I am one,” he continued. “I was able to maybe show the different kind of a mental style and the strategy that I have toward fighting instead of all the technical, you know? The technique comes.”

“Sometimes you need to be able to control your mind as much as your body,” he concluded.

He admitted that Bellator did do a fantastic job picking it’s coaches as he said, “The four of us together was just a good mix.”

Warren then admitted that, although he is still fighting in the sport of MMA, coaching athletes is nothing new to him and he believes it will be a big part of his life far after his fighting career has closed. He explained, “I’ve coached young kids and athletes my whole life so I believe that’s the next step in my career after this.”

Joe Warren talked about the process he went through in becoming a coach on the show and how Bellator approached him for the gig.

“I’ve been with Bellator since the first year,” he stated. “The only reason I got into fighting, the only reason, was so that I could maybe color commentate someday because they said I had no credibility from fighting.”

For only wanting to be a commentator for the sport Warren has done pretty well for himself in his fighting career. He continued talking about how Bellator offered him the Fight Master coaching job.

“Bjorn came to me and he said we got an opportunity and we’d love for you to be on there. We need a Bellator guy in there; a spokesman,” he explained. “So I was just honored to be the Bellator guy and the choice for that.”

He also talked about the difficult process of getting fighters to pick his fight team on the show. He stated,  “There is so much talent and these guys, remember, I’m sitting up there with three of the freakin best names in MMA, so believe me, I didn’t believe anyone was going to pick me or I knew I was going to have to sell the house on every single one to try to get a guy. So I was doing that.”

Warren ahas seemingly put together a pretty good team thus far but only time will tell how his team pans out. He was then asked to touch on this show is going to benefit these fighters. He explained, “Fight Master is like Bellator. You’re going to be able to choose your own destiny. We’re giving you a chance to fight in a tournament and go get that belt. You gotta go do it.”

He also pointed out, “It’s only four guys per camp, instead of a huge camp. So you get a lot of one on one work.”

It looks like it’s going to be very beneficially to all the fighters on the show in the long run. Warren also went in to detail on what he was looking for in the fighters that he wanted on his team. He explained, “I’m looking heart, someone that’s going to push, that doesn’t break, with conditioning. And someone, I believe I need a guy that can throw a hard right and be able to take a guy down. That was important for me because that’s my base. Taking guys down and beating on them.”

Warren, who has a very strong American wrestling base to back up his fighting style, also talked about how spontaneous the entire show was for the contestants and the coaches. “The cool thing about this is its real secretive,” he said. “A lot of the times I didn’t know what was happening most of the times until it happened.”

Being the first season of the show this was something that was expected walking into the filming, I’m sure. But Warren also touched on something else interesting. When talking about the show he said, “It’s not in order. They filmed for forty days and then they take this clump of footage and make a show out of it.”

Warren was also asked to tell the fas here at BJPenn.com what the main differences are between the UFC’s TUF and Bellator’s Fight Master. “It never changed. It was the same show, really,” he replied. “We’re focused on the training these guys are getting, the technique they’re learning, and how they’re going to win this fight.”

“I believe it’s a little more of an educated fight show,” he continued. “I believe you’re going to learn something.”

As the evolution of MMA continues to unfold at a rapid pace Bellator is definitely aiming for the right idea in trying to further educate the fan base. Warren stated, “You’re going to like this episode here on Wednesday.” This week’s episode will mark the final show of the entry fights and each coach will successfully fill their teams.

Warren then slightly shifted gears and talked about why he loves the sport of MMA so much. He stated, “I like this sport because it’s the most unpredictable sport in the world. You can be the best athlete in the world but you can lose with one punch very, very easily.”

On that topic Warren was asked to comment on the aftermath of UFC 162 were Anderson Silva was knocked-out by Chris Weidman to lose his longtime title.

“There’s not much you can say,” Warren replied. “You never know what’s going to happen.”

“It puts a lot of humbling into these champs that believe they’re unstoppable,” he continued. “But, I’ll tell you, it’s good for the sport, man; New champs.”

Warre was then asked how he felt about the new Bellator signings of Rampage Jackson and Kongo. “I’m jacked. I’m a Bellator guy and I believe Bellator is the cool place to be right now,” he enthusiastically explained. “For us to get that kind of talent, it’s very exciting.”

Before Mr. Warren was let go he was asked when his next fight was going to be. He explained that he is dropping down from featherweight, where he once held the Bellator strap, to bantamweight (135 lbs.) to make another title run.

“September 7th I fight on the finale show of Fight Master in Connecticut at the Mohegan Sun. I’ll fight Nick Kirk, first round of a 35 tournament. Make this run for a 35 belt,” he replied. “I believe I’m the best fighter, person, and in the best place I’ve been. So I’m excited to just throw one more shot at that and see. I think I can get the job done.”

And finally, Warren was asked if Bellator was planning on airing another season of Fight Master and if he’s coach on the show again.

“We’re definitely getting ready for another season,” he stated. “Probably several seasons to come.”

Warren said that he’s love to coach on the show again and is excited to watch the first season unfold each week on national TV. Fight Master airs every Wednesday on SPIKE TV. Check you local listings for times.

We would like to thank Mr. Warren for spending some time with our boys Chase and Kinch on Late Night Cage Side Radio and we wish him the best in his upcoming bout in September.

To listen to the entire interview on Late Night Cage Side Radio click here.

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